One Trait To Rule Them All




One Trait To Rule Them All

Imagine if you were an alien scientist.

Your job was to study interpersonal human behavior.

Sexual interpersonal human behavior.

And your job would be to figure out the main driving forces that make us silly humans get together.

The things guys have that make them attractive to women.

The things women have that make them attractive to guys.

If you came during the middle ages, you would conclude that family, social status, wealth and connections mean everything.

If you came today, you would think human relationships were based on absolutely randomly generated nonsense.

But that would be because you don't see the one trait to rule them all.

The one trait that because so few people have this today, you wouldn't suspect this exists.

What trait is this?

Well, you've already guessed that this trait is congruence.

What does this mean?

Imagine two different sounds, if you will.

One, a three year old laughing hysterically while banging on the piano.

The other, a well rehearsed and beautifully played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

The kid, even if it was your kid, would be enjoyable, but not for long.

Pretty soon it would rattle your nerves.

You'd start shopping around for locking piano covers.

But the Moonlight Sonata? 

Absolutely beautiful.

This is the difference between a normal person today, and one with gorgeous congruence.

Congruence simply means you accept yourself completely.

You accept your weaknesses and strengths, and you do not fear sharing them.

If you suck at something, you admit you suck at something.

If you are fantastic at something, you admit you're fantastic at something.

If something makes you uneasy, you admit it without shame.

If something makes you excited, emotional, nervous, you admit it without shame.

This is what you'll learn in this course.

How to build true congruence on two levels.

The first level is who you are.

You like yourself, you accept yourself and you hold zero shame about any part of you.

You don't hide certain parts and make up other parts.

You know that every single human, including you, has weaknesses and strengths.

You have such a rock solid belief in your own value, when you look at somebody and smile, they cannot help but feel attraction.

This is the attractive power of being wholly congruent.

To radiate such a powerful and unshakeable belief in yourself.

Not made up beliefs, built in by alcohol or screaming affirmations until you can fake it long enough to get a couple of numbers.

But a deep, genuine congruence that is so rare but so desperately desired in modern times.

This is the first level.

The second level of congruence you'll build in is a similarly deep belief in where you are going.

Make no mistake, with only the first level of congruence, you'll just need to show up, say hey, and pick who you want.

But with the second level, they'll not only admire, appreciate and feel a deep sense of attraction, but they'll want to go with you.

Wherever you are going.

Who, specifically, are they?

Anybody you want.

Friends, lovers, colleagues, business associates, hiring managers, anybody you want for any reason.

The more congruence you build, the less you'll need to worry about what to say in any conversation.

Non-congruent types are worried about the image they project.

So they worry about how to respond to questions, tests or confusing reframes.

Not you.

Whatever they say, whoever they are, the answers will be right there in your mind.

Because expressing your true, ideal self is the same regardless of who you are speaking to and what they say or ask.

Just showing up, smiling and being your congruent self will put you in a naturally outwardly focused frame.

Where you'll notice all their small signs of nervousness.

Indicating that they are so into you they are the ones desperate for your approval.

You'll learn to glide through life and easily attract whoever you want, for whatever reasons.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions giving you all the necessary intellectual ideas, drills and exercises to get you on the fast track to irresistible subconscious attraction.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program your deep mind with the necessary unconscious inner game beliefs that will drive your magnetic congruence.

Coaching Sessions

Session One explains in biological, scientific detail why congruence is not only the most attractive trait any human can develop, but the common beliefs that stop nearly everybody from being as congruent as they can.

Why developing just a tiny bit of congruence will make you stand out like a hero in a crowd of pretenders.

The missing ingredients keeping you from being your natural, most attractive self.

Session Two goes through all the inner game structures that keep most people stuck.

The reason most people cut themselves off from even themselves, and how accepting even the negative parts of your personality will give you a huge edge.

Some very, very powerful exercises that will rapidly accelerate your subconscious magnetism.

Session Three talks about your future.

How to build it, how to express it and how to become a natural leader nearly everybody will want to follow.

The linguistic structure to build in that will make you a magnet for naturally positive people.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Ideal Self

Build your ideal self from the inside out.

Accept and embrace everything about you, good and bad, weak and strong.

Point your mind and deep beliefs toward continuously open expressions of your true self.

Session Two - Self Love Generator

Absolutely destroy the common belief that you need to hide who you really are.

Understand the paradoxical truth of interpersonal communication - that if you truly love yourself, so will everybody else.

Learn to systematically go through and embrace every single part of you as being absolutely necessary for your success.

Session Three - Ambitious Future

Build in the deep belief that you are here for a very important reason.

Set yourself on a mission to pursue your purpose with relentless drive.

Share just a glimpse of your powerful ambition with others and dazzle them with your life.

Get this now and never worry about what to say again.

Get this now and embrace and express your true, best self.

Get this now and notice everybody around you is eager to qualify themselves to you.

Get this now and break hearts simply by smiling in their direction.

Get this now and feel driven by the passion of your purpose.

Get this now and extract every possible ounce of pleasure out of every single day.

Get this now and be the one they all crave.