Demon Destruction

Eliminate All Enemies Of Your Ideal Life

Demon Destruction

Demon Destruction

Demon Destruction

Eliminate All Enemies Of Your Ideal Life

Demons are everywhere.

Inside and outside.

Not real demons.

Metaphorical demons.

But whether they are real or not isn't the issue.

The issue is that they are keeping you from what you deserve.

Your birthright.

You were put here to create and enjoy.

An ideal life filled with ideal relationships and ideal accomplishments.

Everybody is born with a collection of skills.

Skills to make friends.

Skills to create romantic relationships.

Skills to take smaller things and put them together to make bigger things.

Skills and deep instincts of trade, commerce, money making and wealth building.

But demons are blocking you from living the good life.

Yes, these demons are metaphorical.

But they are keeping you from living a good life.

A life that promotes the mutual benefit of everybody.

This is one way to describe evil.

The opposite of good.

The opposite of a good life where everybody keeps getting a bigger piece of a continuously growing pie.

Evil is the opposite.

Some folks gaining at the expense of others.

Zero sum.

For every winner, there is a loser.

Everything good created in the history of mankind was not a zero sum endeavor.

It was a mutually achieved goal that benefited everybody.

Even if few people realized it.

In nature, there are two similarities.


Two completely different species cooperating in mutually beneficial ways.

Bees and flowers.

Humans and dogs.

And yes, humans and humans.

But then there is the evil opposite.

The parasites.

Those that take but do not give back.

Now here's the bad news.

The harsh news.

And that is there are demons living inside your head.

You may refer to these as self sabotage, or some other psychological label.

Collections about false ideas about yourself and the world.

False ideas, beliefs and thought patterns keeping you from your best self.

From the good life.

The kind you were put here to create.

Even worse, is these demons inside your head are corroborated by demons outside.

Demons that live the life of zero sum.

They think they can only win if you lose.

But all these demons are only as real as you believe in them.

In this program, you'll learn how to go on a search and destroy mission.

To destroy the demons in your head.

To destroy the demons in the world.

And leave forever behind the parasitic world of zero sum living.

And go on a heavenly search for as many mutually beneficial relationships as you can.

You work for a company and they pay you money.

They pay you money because you help them make money.

Everybody wins.

You create a romantic relationship with a sexy person.

They make you happy.

You make them happy.

Everybody wins.

You recalibrate your social circle so your presence enhances everybody.

And each one of their presence enhances everybody.

Everybody wins.

Once you understand the core idea of the demon destruction strategy, you'll leave behind the world of evil and embrace the world of good.

What is this core idea?

Every negative thing you believe about you was given to you by other people.

Things they've said to you.

Ways they've acted around you.

All the demons you see in your day to day life that put you down.

Or cut you off.

Or stab you in the back, sell you out, throw you under the bus.

None of your interactions with these demons were about you.

It always was, and always will be, about them.

Their fear and frustration externalized onto you.

Go deep into your mind, deep into your past and go on a demon killing spree.

Eradicate all the false demon beliefs inadvertently set as traps in your mind.

Do this and set your self free.

Free to create the financial and romantic life you deserve.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions that explain how to find and eradicate all demons, within and without.

Three subliminal themes designed to make your inner mind a fertile ground for angelic ideas that foster the good life.

Coaching Sessions

Session One goes over how and why the idea of inner demons has been around since the dawn of time.

The idea of killing your inner demons being a necessary part of the ancient hero's journey.

Why your purpose as a human is to build the most rewarding good life you can possibly imagine.

Session Two is about the mental structure of inner demons.

How they were formed by a combination of two unfortunately structural issues.

The daily exercises you can do to become a terrifying hunter and destroyer of the demons that wreak havoc in your life.

Session Three is about the opposite structure to cultivate.

The simple shifts you'll need to make to free yourself from demonic activity inside and outside.

The reverse polarity understanding that will give you much more agency and power to create your ideal life.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Force Of Good

Train your deep subconscious to be a seeker and promoter of life.

To find and enhance all that will help you on your path to greatness.

To separate truth from lies and thrive, no matter how hopeless life may now seem.

Two - Demon Hunter

Train your deep mind to see and destroy demon structures.

Rid yourself of demonic thoughts and actions before they become issues.

See past the fakery and manipulation that plagues modern society and become a defender of truth.

Three - Angelic Life

Embrace the ancient driver of life that pre-existed humans.

Seek the best relationships that serve to enhance life in a way that benefits everybody particularly yourself in your own way.

Learn and live the meaning of overlapping selfishness that has been a driving force of life on Earth for billions of years.

Get this now and jettison life limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Get this now and go on a search and destroy mission inside your brain.

Get this now and make the two necessary shifts for a positive life.

Get this now and never be bothered again by demonic entities.

Get this now and re-calibrate your history to create a wonderful future.

Get this now and be impervious to modern demons walking in broad daylight.

Get this now and become a builder of truth, love, and prosperity.

Demon Destruction