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Ditch Doubt And Imposter Syndrome For Good

Deserving Mind

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Deserving Mind

Ditch Doubt And Imposter Syndrome For Good

There are three stages of life.

When you are a kid, and you are taken care of.

That middle part, when you're halfway in and halfway out of your childhood comfort zone.

The third part, where it's all about going after bigger and bigger achievements.

The hero's journey evolved to help young hunters make this transition.

That's why the hero's journey is in three stages.

The orphan stage, when the hero is stuck in their comfort zone.

The wandering stage, when they are forced out, but don't have much of a clue.

The warrior stage, where everybody knows there's a big fight coming.

For ancient humans, this big fight was to kill the big animals and feed everybody.

Each stage was simple.

Each transition was quick.

But today, most of us are stuck in no-man's land.

Where we still have these vague echoes in our heads.

Where we think we're on the path to success, but then we start to have doubts.

Doubts that create the debilitating and common Imposter Syndrome.

When you're doing pretty good, better than you think.

A bit too good.

You imagine some authority figure, or worse a huge crowd is going to show up and demand you explain yourself.

There you are, riding on top of the world, and then BAM!

You feel like you've got your hand in the cookie jar.

You feel like you're on shaky ground.

And it's only a matter of time before EVERYBODY knows you're a fraud!

How dare you play above your league!

From a structural standpoint, it's easy to see where this common fear comes from.

From doing things you weren't supposed to do as a kid.

And getting yelled at by some adult.

So today, when you are doing something for the first time, it feels good.

You're in the middle of a conversation that's going way better than expected.

Or in the middle of a job that's going way better than expected.

Or in the middle of a career that's going way better than expected.

But then that doubt creeps in.

That doubt that is responsible for self sabotage.

Where you mess up your own success.

In this program, you'll learn how to ditch doubt for good.

To vanish even the idea of imposter syndrome.

To vaporize even the question of whether or not you deserve that thing.

Once you forever cure yourself of this common doubt, everything you want will be mechanical.

Not easy.

Not magic.

Just believing you deserve a sack of money won't make the money fairy slip one under your pillow at night.

You've still got to get out into the world and do what it takes.

And it might take awhile.

But you won't be held back by false limitations that are remnants of an earlier part of your life.

Ancient humans didn't feel any kind of imposter syndrome.

They didn't have any goofy self sabotage or self doubt.

Once they were old enough, they were forced to get out and kill stuff.

Today, it's very easy to remain dependent on others for your entire life.

And wait around till those other people decide whether or not they think you deserve whatever it is you want.

Screw That!

You descended from warriors.

Ancient killers who made huge animals go extinct.

Humans plagued by self doubt and imposter syndrome couldn't eat all the woolly mammoths.

In this program you'll learn how to finish what you started.

To forever leave behind self doubt, self sabotage, and the imposter syndrome.

After all, there's you, there's the world, and everything you want.

And where are all those things you want?

Out in the world.

And right now, as you consider these words, they are out there for the taking.

Ditch all doubt and inhibition from your mind and get them.

Again, and again, and again.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions filled with insights and exercises designed to blast away all doubt, hesitations, and feelings of lack.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program your deep mind to wake up your ancient killer and absolutely conquer life in every way possible.

Coaching Sessions

Session One describes why we feel those echoes in our head telling us to slow down and not get in over our heads.

The structural reasons for imposter syndrome and how to get rid of it for good.

The surprising connection between the ancient structure of the Hero's Journey and the ideal template for the ideal life.

Session Two goes over the childhood reasons why we feel doubt and lack.

Practices to eliminate negative and inhibiting self talk and replace it with supportive motivation.

The slow and steady way to easily expand your comfort zone until everything you want is inside, rather than outside.

Session Three describes the basic mechanics of life beyond any imposter syndrome.

Why the idea of deserving or negative judgement or any doubt will be gone forever once in the adult world of mechanics.

Why your selfish desires are your best friend in the world of positive human interactivity.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Deserving Mind

Program your deep mind with an unshakeable belief that you deserve whatever you want.

Let this deep sense of deserving be the foundation of life and charge forward with abandon.

Truly feel that everything you want: 

Money, sex, love, recognition, fame, fortune, are all things you can easily create.

Session Two - Judgment Elimination

Eliminate all social fear and anxiety from a deep, core level of identity.

Develop the ability to simply release that which does not serve you.

Mentally sever all your baggage and move freely and courageously through the world.

Session Three - Life Mastery

Embrace the ease of life and all the wonderful things in it.

See the world as a gigantic playground where you can easily build any experience you like.

Be part of the wonderfully interactive, miraculously organic, emergent system of life, love and continuous creation.

Get this now and leave behind all doubt and fear.

Get this now and charge forward with abandon.

Get this now and be a shining example for others.

Get this now and deserve and create whatever you want.

Get this now and embrace your inner warrior hero.

Get this now and never need permission ever again.

Get this now and live life by your rules.

Deserving Mind