Dream Chaser

Tap The Power Of Your Under Utilized Brain

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

Tap The Power Of Your Under Utilized Brain

People like movies.

We like stories.

We like books, dramas, stand up comedians, graphic novels and video games.

And let's face it.

Some of these are pretty good.

Pretty compelling.

Emotionally pleasing.

But most of them aren't.

Most of it is just good enough to keep us from being bored.

Is that why we have such magnificent brains?

Are we somehow driven to find entertainment just good enough?

Is it our purpose to find something barely interesting enough to keep our poor brains from being bored?


That cannot be our purpose.

Once upon a time, all we HAD were our brains.

Our brains and the human spirit.

A common complaint about many movies, particularly romantic movies is they aren't realistic.

That life doesn't work like this.

But consider this idea.

Movies aren't SUPPOSED to be realistic.

Imagine a bunch of kids sitting around an ancient campfire.

Some old weathered, grizzly voiced cave grandpa just finished telling a story.

A magnificent story about a young hunter.

Who found himself all alone.

Then found some friends.

Found some enemies.

And discovered his purpose.

The purpose to kill the evilest monster ever and protect the people he loved.

Would all the kids complain that it wasn't realistic?


Because even kids all the way back then knew stories weren't realistic.

Stories were meant to be inspirational.

Stories were meant to encourage us to be our very best.

Ancient man driven only by his imagination created everything you see today.

Everything you use today, was a thing that did not exist except in the mind of the inventor.

Today, we can sort of copy things we see around us.

Make a better toaster.

Make a better video game.

This is progress.

Back then? 

All those guys had was dirt, rocks and sticks.

So they made up the rest.

They made up dreams of heroes and archetypes filled with courage and passion.

I got some bad news for you.

If you are using your miraculous dreaming mind as a boredom defense mechanism, you're using it wrong.

Your mind was built to dream of things that do not exist, and make them real.

Excess Capacity

Consider that most brains today have way more capacity than we are using.

Our brains were maxed out back when we needed all our wits to stay safe and not starve to death.

To understand way more about interpersonal behavior than we do now.

The ratio of any primates' neo cortex to the rest of the brain has a positive correlation to that primates' group size.

The more people in our tribe, the more brain you need to keep track of everybody.

Human brains are 76% neo cortex.

What does this mean?

This means that 76% of your brain is for keeping track of people.

Friends, enemies, lovers, potential lovers, supporters.

And which people do most of us use our super genius brain to keep track of?

Movie characters.

Video game characters.

All the pretend friends on Facebook.

Even most of our thinking capacity is outsourced.

Our brains, YOUR brain are being significantly underutilized.

In this program you'll learn how to fire up your ancient dreaming mind.

And create such a powerful compulsion to make your dreams come true, you will pursue those dreams above all else.

Let everybody else waste their brain on TV and games and keeping up with their favorite influencers.

Use your brain that way it was meant to be used.

To create big dreams.

To chase big dreams.

To carry with you a crew of real people who will be desperate to help you succeed.

Chase your dreams and live your purpose.

Chase your dreams and find your truth.

Chase your dreams and feel alive.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions with ancient and modern reasons why your brain is much more powerful than most will ever realize and how to maximize it for the best life ever.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind so you can chase your dreams with unrelenting purpose and furious ambition.

Coaching Sessions

Session One

Is all about your brain.

The exceptional computational power and miracle of imagination that is under utilized by people today.

Why and how our worlds were created by the biggest dreamers of the past, and how you can shape your future the very same way.

Session Two

The step by step exercises to do so you can recalibrate and strengthen your brain.

How to escape traps of groupthink and the common tendency of outsourcing your thinking.

The specific brain exercises to use daily to create a magnificent engine of creative genius right between your ears.

Session Three

The one shift you'll need to make that is absolutely critical.

Why this one shift, on it's own, without any brain exercises is enough to put you head and shoulders above everybody.

But when you combine this shift with the ideas and exercises in the rest of the program, your brain will be a splendid force of nature.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Vivid Mind

Develop exceptionally vivid skills of imagination.

Train your deep mind to speak to you through visual images.

Turn your brain into your own secret laboratory to test ideas on the inside before building them on the outside.

Two - Dream Motivation

Learn to leverage your creative mind the way it was meant to.

Create such amazingly compelling dreams and fantasies for your future that your burning desire to achieve them will crush all obstacles.

Leave silly concerns about your comfort zone or any remnants of social anxiety behind as your dream motivation builds within you an ambition not felt among common men.

Three - Thoughts Into Things

Learn the real reason for the human domination of Earth.

Build ideas in mind and make them real in the world.

Turn your passive day dreaming brain into a creative engine of empire building.

Get this now and claim back your genius brain.

Get this now and stop wasting all your brain power as an anti boredom device.

Get this now and wake your powers of thinking and creativity.

Get this now and start building your brain stronger than anybody else.

Get this now and be led, motivated and inspired by your powerful dreams.

Get this now and become best friends with your dreaming mind.

Get this now turn and your own fantasies into your secret weapon of global domination.

Dream Chaser