Ego Game

Master Male And Female Egos And Dominate Sexually

Ego Game

Ego Game

Ego Game

Master Male And Female Egos And Dominate Sexually

What is the ego?

What do women want?

Two mysteries, right?

The two unanswerable questions pondered by philosophers since the dawn of time.

That's one way to look at them.

In this program, you'll learn another way.

First, the male ego.

What it is.

Why it exists.

And more importantly, how to manage it.

Second, the female ego.

What it is.

Why it exists.

And more importantly, how to leverage it.

Stated simply, if you first learn how to manage your ego, and feed hers, she'll never want to leave you.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

Feed her ego?

Are you crazy?

Isn't this why women are so entitled today?

Every thirsty dude within earshot is complimenting the crap out of her hoping to get a smile?

Is this the kind of ego leveraging you are talking about?

No, we are not.

Let's look at this through a sales model.

Two extremes.

One is a telemarketer.

He calls people unannounced, and spits his pitch at them as quickly as he can.

He hopes that he hits enough hot buttons to get a sale.

If not, his telemarketing machine dials up the next number for him.

Why does this model fail?

Because this sales model doesn't care what the customers actually want.

The goal telemarketing is pure numbers.

Call a hundred people per evening.

Chances are, at least a couple of them have needs and desires that just happen to match the telemarketers pitch.

But, as you well know, most people hate telemarketers.

This is the type of ego flattery most dudes use.

The telemarketing model.

To tell her things they think or hope she'll like.

This creates the same numbers game.

This creates the same hatred from the ladies of telemarketing seducers trying to shower her with compliments and other spray and pray ego flattery.

What's a different approach?

For sales, it's getting to know your customer.

Take as much time as you need to carefully elicit their criteria.

Build up their criteria as much as you can.

Make it big.

Make it compelling.

Make it as tantalizing as possible.

Then show them your product through this frame.

This is a completely conscious and deliberate process.

Which is OK.

Since they know they are a potential buyer.

And you are the potential seller.

But what about the ladies?

Do you just stroll up and ask:

So, strange but gorgeous lady, what kinds of things are you looking for in a smash and dash?

No, this would not work.

But you don't need to find out what she wants.

Because in this program, you'll understand what women want.

The specific things that will feed her ego.

And when you feed her ego, something magnificent will happen.

This will wake up her child-minded dreamer.

The one that fantasizes about things in only the way that ladies do.

And because this is a deep, deep instinct that exists in all women, this technique will work on all women.

Sure, you might need to spend a lot of time on rapport to get past any external protective shields, but it's there.

This two-step process will skyrocket you to the top of any sexual marketplace.

Step one is to understand and manage your ego.

To turn it off, temporarily and come in under the radar.

A stealth frame of deep attraction building.

She won't suspect a thing.

Step two is to slowly tilt the conversation toward ego-friendly topics.

Things that will wake up her ancient ego.

The ego she probably doesn't even know she has, since these days most ladies are trying their best to act like dudes.

To copy dude ego thinking and behaving.

But when you wake up her female ego, she will feel a sense of pleasure, happiness and passion she's maybe never felt before.

All because of you.

Step three is how to apply this easy process in a long game strategy.

This goes way beyond short term techniques to get one girl.

Short term techniques that get short term flings with any particular girl is like trading time for money.

So long as you put in the time, you get the money.

But once the time stops, the money stops.

What you'll be learning in this program is how to create a romantic version of passive income.

To put in some time on the front end, and create a social network that will bear fruit as long as you like.

A passive income of lovely ladies always ready to go.

You'll be socially proofed and vetted.

Your confidence will soar.

Walking into any bar or club and making a beeline for the hottest lady will be your favorite hobby.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions with the ideas and strategies of the easiest persuasion and seduction system you'll ever learn.

Three subliminal themes to program in the ideal confidence to make you an absolute natural in the quickest time possible.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about the male ego.

Where it comes from, what it is and how it presents itself.

But more importantly, how to deliberately manage it for maximum success.

Session Two is all about the female ego.

How it's structured, it's ancient origins, and why understanding the female ego will help you understand what women truly want.

But more importantly, how to feed her ancient ego not superficially, like most guys do, but deeply and very, very pleasingly.

Session Three is all about the long game.

How to master the seduction long game.

How to put in the effort on the front end, so natural romance happens as a naturally occurring and consistent outcome on the back end.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Undercover Frame

How to turn down your ego and easily slide under all her defenses.

To be a secret agent operator within every conversation.

To forget about the short game and gain long game conversational dominance.

Two - Stealth Attraction

Build her attraction without her knowing you are building her attraction.

Leave it up to her to choose why she's feeling so attracted to you.

Ask her the right questions in the right order to make her feel better than she ever has.

Three - Chosen One

Leverage the long game to be the guy all girls crave.

Build in a real and experiential belief that all girls want you.

Create a social circle that supports and recommends you, getting them to do all the work to seduce you.

Get this now and dominate socially.

Get this now and eradicate social anxiety.

Get this now and never hope for positive results again.

Get this now and become a hero to all women.

Get this now and become socially proofed everywhere you go.

Get this now and build confidence not felt by common men.

Get this now and be the guy all the girls want and all the guys want to be like.

Ego Game