Embedded Commands

Master The Most Powerful Linguistic Driver Of Persuasion and Seduction

Dominate Minds

Dominate Minds

Embedded Commands

Master The Most Powerful Linguistic Driver Of Persuasion and Seduction

Everybody wants something.

Money, sex, love, respect, admiration, the perfect burrito.

And everything we want, comes from other people.

You want money?

You need to figure out what other people want so they'll pay you.

You want sex?

You need to convince somebody to want to have sex with you.

You want love?

You need to show them that your personality is more attractive and mutually supportive than all their other options.

You want respect and admiration? 

You need to behave in a way that creates that response.

All of these, even getting the ideal burrito, requires communication.

Of taking the ideas inside your head, and explaining them in compelling ways to others.

Not just compelling ways, but so irresistibly compelling that they'll LOVE to take action based on those ideas.

This is the tricky part.

This is where persuasion and influence come in.

Of explaining how and why your ideas are so compelling.

This is why those who can communicate persuasively make way more money than those who can't.

Those who can convince others of the value of their ideas get paid.

Even among ancient humans, those ancient cavemen who could convince others of the value of their hunting plans were the leaders.

The alphas.

If you can convince somebody to buy something, you can make a lot of money.

If you can convince somebody to hire you, you can get any job you want.

If you can convince a guy or girl to go out with you, you've got it made.

And what is the core component of persuasion?

The embedded command.

Now, don't get me wrong.

Embedded commands aren't magic.

All effective persuasion contains embedded commands.

But not all embedded commands add up to persuasive communication.

Embedded commands are more elegant art form than technical strategy.

But within an otherwise elegant message, a few correctly placed embedded commands here and there can do wonders for your message.

And let's be brutally honest.

A few embedded commands won't make anybody drop down to their knees and beg to obey you.

But they will tilt things in your favor.

They will, all else equal, give you an advantage over those who just toss their ideas out there and say:

Well, here's my idea, whatta ya think?

But if you can learn to use embedded commands correctly, they will change your communication.

Not just persuasive communication, but social communication.

One common model of communication is that everything is persuasion.

Even a bunch of people standing around talking about random stuff is persuasion.

As soon as you open your mouth and begin to speak, you have an intention.

That your message will be received positively.

Every single person wants positive responses to their message.

Not a kick in the nuts!

And with embedded commands, you'll have an advantage.


Because when you learn how to practice embedded commands, you'll be practicing much more than these powerful yet misunderstood phrases.

Simply by practicing embedded commands the way you'll learn in this course, you'll be also developing a much stronger intuition about human nature.

You'll be able to read the emotional states of others.

And when you read the emotional states of others, you'll be in a much better place to use the ideal commands to move them wherever you want.

This doesn't mean you need to get everybody to join your cult or MLM.

Just move them from neutral, to pleasant.

Or from pleasant, to really pleasant.

Or from somewhat interested in you, to absolutely fixated on you.

Commands are much more complex and versatile than for selling things.

The more you practice commands, the more you'll see all the nearly infinite levels of social complexity within normal conversations.

This will make it much more enjoyable to practice embedded commands with friends, strangers and potential lovers.

This will make it much more enjoyable to use embedded commands within regular conversations.

In this short training program, you'll learn three very powerful ways to use embedded commands to significantly skyrocket your social charisma.

Even if you never want to sell anything to anybody.

Even if you never want to persuade or seduce anybody.

You'll learn some basic techniques to use embedded commands to tell people exactly what they want to do.

You say them, they listen, and you can enjoy watching their eyes and face light up while they nod in agreement.

You can think of this like embedded commands training wheels.

Because once you see how simple it is to use them this way, you'll naturally be interested in other ways.

To create chains of commands.

Series of covert suggestions they'll happily nod to all the way down.

Even if you just want to be a popular social player, you'll learn a few techniques to give commands within a borrowed personality.

But if you really want to take your skills to the next level, you'll learn some of the absolute BEST language patterns to surround your commands with.

To create wonderfully slippery slope chains of hidden directives they'll eagerly follow.

All the way down, wherever you decide that is.

What's Included

This course contains three coaching sessions.

The first, the basic grammatical structure of commands.

How to use them, how to practice them.

And most of all, how to jump start your command mastery.

The second coaching session contains advanced ideas of commands and relative social hierarchies.

So you'll know exactly when, and how, and with whom to use them.

You'll also learn a few secret techniques to get away with saying the craziest and funniest things within a borrowed personality.

The third session is how to use commands with a few other slippery slope language patterns.

To start from where they are, and create a wonderful slippery slope to wherever you want them to go.

How to practice and how to combine all these techniques so nobody knows what you're doing except for you.

Each coaching session comes with three, one-hour versions of powerful subliminal programming to build in the ideas from the coaching session on a deep level.

Four voice gamma, for wide awake listening.

Four voice theta, to target the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

And 256 voice theta, to target your deep unconscious.

Each comes with a short recommended visualization, to get the most out of your programming.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Authoritative Voice

Turn your voice into a commanding powerhouse of obedience.

Build in the deep beliefs that when you speak, every brain stops and turns obediently to your authoritative information.

Combined with the practice recommendations from the first coaching session, you'll speak with God-like authority in no time.

Session Two - Social Dominator

Become the hero of every party.

Build in the beliefs that you are the player they've been looking for.

Combined with the playful command ideas in the second coaching session, you'll be better than any comedian they've ever seen before.

Session Three - Hypnotic Mind Control

Build in the deep belief that you can start a conversation with anybody, pace wherever they are and take them anywhere you want.

Move their minds, move their actions, move their lives.

Combined with the practice exercises from the third coaching session, and you'll become a walking wizard, capable of easily convincing anybody to do anything.

Get this now and learn the secrets of the most persuasive and seductive language patterns ever created.

Get this now and express your ideas so they'll be appreciated, idolized, and acted upon.

Get this now and speak like a natural leader, and dominate any conversation.

Get this now and make all your communication much more compelling, enjoyable and authoritative.

Get this now and eradicate all doubt from your voice, your message and your life.

Get this now and speak like a boss that creates happy obedience from everybody within ear shot.

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