Emotional Intelligence

Read, Pace and Lead Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Read, Pace and Lead Emotions

Having intelligence is fantastic.


But if you're going to be a successful social operator, intelligence can get in the way.

Calculating the perfect angle to approach based on the hypotenuse theory of social engagement might not be the best way.

Trying to figure out the deeper meaning behind every comment somebody makes so you can reframe it with intellectual domination won't make you any friends.

What will?

Forget for a moment about what most people call intelligence.

And get in touch with your emotional intelligence.

The art of reading people.

To read between the lines.

Or as the Japanese say, read the air.

Reading and interpreting body language will give you an advantage.

More deeply calibrating their emotions will help you understand them much better than they understand themselves.

Once you can lead their emotions, you're halfway home.

We humans love to have our emotions led.

That's why we love movies, books, video games, and music.

When you master the art of emotional intelligence, you'll master the art of leading their emotions to better places.

More enjoyable places.

More memorable places.

The more you shift from seeing people as rational operators, and start to see them as emotional resonators, social situations are much more enjoyable.

You'll quickly take the temperature of the room and see who's approachable and who isn't.

You'll feel exactly when to stop talking and ask for the sale to maximize your profits.

You'll be able to truly understand what people really mean even if their words don't make much sense.

Emotional Intelligence isn't something you need to learn.

It's something you need to remember.

A pre built-in human skill that has been hammered down by the chaotic complexity of modern society.

Remember your Emotional Intelligence and making friends will be natural and organic.

Qualifying people after only a few minutes' conversation will be second nature.

Knowing when people are hiding something and when they're not will be as easy as knowing the difference between night and day.

Emotional Intelligence may be the one piece of the puzzle that's been missing.

Between who you are, and who you want to be.

Between what kind of life you have, and the kind of life you want to have.

Between now and your future life filled with romantic and financial prosperity and abundance.

What's Included

Full manual with over 150 pages of Emotional Intelligence.

Understand human nature and human communication.

Rapid subconscious input system to transmit data from the manual to your brain in minutes.

Three low level hypnotic sessions to slide Emotional Intelligence basics into your brain.

Three subliminal themes to program in the beliefs and attitudes to become an emotional super genius.

Guided Imagination

Session One slides in the importance of reading body language.

How reading body language is a natural function and how to rediscover it.

How to take advantage of the massive amount of emotional information that is always flowing.

Session Two is about further calibrating their complex emotional state.

How to use basic conversation skills along with body language skills to understand their true self.

How to release all worry and outcome and resonate with their true selves.

Session Three is about how to easily lead their emotions.

Start from wherever they are and lead them to where you'd like them to be.

How to make everybody feel better because of you.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Body Language Genius

Read body language like a pro.

Determine the most open person to start a conversation with.

Eject all social anxiety and only engage with those who want to engage with you.

Two - Emotional Calibration

Get deeper and deeper into their mind within any simple conversation.

Understand their deep states better than they understand themselves.

Give them the gift of understanding and respect for who they really are.

Three - Emotional Management

Shift their emotional state to better and better places.

Understand exactly which direction to take them.

Give them an experience of you that is more profound and uplifting than their favorite work of fiction.

Get this now and easily vibe with anybody.

Get this now and make social situations fun and exciting.

Get this now and dominate all parties and gatherings.

Get this now and actively seek out interesting people to talk to.

Get this now and get in the social game.

Get this now and fill your social network with the ideal people.

Get this now and create the deepest and most rewarding relationships possible.

Emotional Intelligence