Financial Brilliance

Understand The Three Critical Models Of Money And Build Your Fortune

Turn Thoughts Into Money

Turn Thoughts Into Money

Financial Brilliance

Understand The Three Critical Models Of Money And Build Your Fortune

Money is, at the same time, the best invention ever, and the most frustrating thing in life.

Without money, nobody would create anything.

We'd all be stuck with barter.

We'd still live in the wild, trading bear skins for buckets of fish.

Luckily, we don't have to live like that.

We've got houses, electricity, Netflix, freezers filled with frozen pizzas, and everything else money can buy.

But why is money so frustrating?

Maybe because when we were kids, every time the adults talked about money they did so with negative energy.

If you've ever held a kid, you know they can sense shifts in energy.

If you're happy, their happy.

But if you get angry, they can sense it and start crying.

Something's wrong.

So even before we know what money is, all the money related vocabulary gets into our brain with very negative energy.

Scarcity energy.

So we go to school, and all our young friends are the same.

Nobody's got any money, and nobody knows how to get some.

For most, the cycle repeats.

But for others, they end up rich.

Some are rags to riches.

Some are born into families that have money, so they never soak up that negative money energy.

Even some of the greatest cultures and religions have propagated the idea that money is bad.

Perhaps not money itself, but a love of money.

Is that true?

As you will learn in this course, absolutely not.

As we mentioned before, money is a fantastic invention.

Money is really just a placeholder for barter.

If you have some bearskins and you really do want a bucket of fish, that's fantastic.

But what if you don't want a bucket of fish?

Enter Money

You can trade whatever you have for money.

And then trade some of that money for whatever you want.

Once we monkey people figured this out, the kinds of stuff we were capable of making EXPLODED.

This is one of the money mindsets you'll learn in this course.

Of course, if you have plenty of money, you never want any more, this one session out of three will be plenty interesting.

Most people have no clue what money is or where it comes from.

But it turns out, as you'll learn in the first session, that money rests on top of much more ancient instincts.

That we humans have been trading with each other since long before large cities or agriculture was invented.

And once you understand this deeply ancient trading instinct, you'll see this everywhere.

But far beyond just a mere understanding of this money instinct, you will appreciate it.

Embrace it.

Learn to really, really love this natural and organic human process.

But remember, we're only on the first session.

I'm guessing you'd like some more money.

I'm guessing beyond just a philosophical, historical and economic understanding of money, you want some.

Don't be shy, admit it.

You want money.

Not just a little bit, but a lot.

In fact, study after study shows that EVERYBODY, rich or poor, all want the same thing.

More Money

And you'll learn in this course why this is not a bad thing.

So long as the money is honestly earned, and what this really means, you'll see how wanting more money is the most wonderful desire to have.

Because as we alluded to before, honestly earned money means somebody else VOLUNTARILY paid you for something.

So you absolutely CANNOT desire more money without also desiring, even if you don't know it, making or doing something that somebody ELSE wants.

Believe it or not, you'll learn in this course why wanting more money, so long as you want to earn it honestly, is the most SELFLESS thing you can do.

But that's just the first session.

That's the first mindset to understand.

To truly get, on a deep level, how absolutely wonderful money is.

How absolutely wonderful it is to want more money.

How wonderful it is to not only want more money today, but to want more money every single day for the rest of your life.

The other mindsets are really two sides of the same coin.

You've heard of inner game, and outer game, right?

With respect to sales, seduction and social skills?

Inner game ideas are things like confidence, self esteem, outcome independence, etc.

Outer game ideas are things like communication strategies, escalation, etc.

It's no secret that the stronger your inner game is, the less your outer game matters.

If you have TONS of memories of sales and sexual success with happy partners and clients, all you need to do is stroll up and say, "Hey," and you're good.

Similarly, if you've never even kissed a girl or sold a thing to anybody, even the best outer game might not over come that.

Lucky for us, money works the same way.

There is inner money game.

There is outer money game.

And just like everything else, the stronger your inner game is, the less you need to worry about outer game.

And since inner money game is based on an instinct, all you really need to do is wake it up.

Just because you are paying attention to these words, you are descended from a long line of humans who have absolutely MASTERED this inner money game.

The first half of this inner money game is your money creativity.

The money creativity that will propel you forward to learn any skills or ideas you need to make some happy money trades with as many people as possible.

Once you eradicate all false money beliefs, this creativity will absolutely inspire you to LOVE the idea of creatively figuring out how to make more money.

The second half of this inner game is wealth building.

Making money is the first step.

But if you don't know how to save money, you'll always be chasing.

In this course, you'll learn to cultivate a wealth building mindset, so making money will be a means to an end.

The end of having a bigger and bigger reserve of money.

Holy Grail Of Personal Finance

Understand this next idea is an ideal.

Not the result of a magic trick or any secret technique.

This is an ideal worthy of pursuing for as long as it takes.

One you will be pursuing much, much more awake and effectively once you internalize the ideas and practice sessions in this course.

The Ideal?

To have enough saved money, or wealth, that is working for you that creates MORE MONEY for you, on it's own, than you need to live comfortably.

So that just moving forward in time, comfortably enjoying life, your wealth will be increasing.

Once more, this is an ideal.

One that will need to be pursued.

But this is the goal that when pursued, will you feel your purpose.

In fact, you may even say this is THE purpose of life.

By making money honestly, by serving as many of your fellow humans in the process, by providing them things they happily pay for, you will be living your purpose.

What's Included

This course contains three in depth coaching sessions.

Each coaching session is associated with three, one hour subliminal sessions.

One for your higher mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

And one for your deep mind, where all your ancient money instincts live.

Coaching Sessions

Money Appreciation

Understand the simplicity of money.

The power of money beyond any false ideas based on false teachings or scarcity minded ideas you may have inadvertently soaked up.

Understand precisely why and how money and trade exist, not only within humans, but many, many other species.

Inner Money Game

How to wake up and unleash your ancient money maker.

Several creative exercises to build your deep and subconsciously driven desire to make happy money trades.

The one thing you must do to leave the world of trading time for money behind and tap into trillions in the global marketplace.

Wealth Builder

Why building wealth is saving energy.

Both physical, metaphorical and a bit metaphysical.

How to master the emotional balance to shift from feeling pleasure from spending money, to feel MORE pleasure from saving money.

How to train your mind to get more pleasure from saved money than any thing you don't need to purchase.

Subliminal Descriptions

Session One - Money Appreciation

Obliterate all negative money ideas.

Embrace the flow of money around the world and within your life.

Feel absolutely positive, honest and outgoingly selfless whenever you say, "I love money."

Session Two - Inner Money Game

Make the connection between natural and organic human interactivity and happy money exchanges.

Learn to intuitively see the infinite desires within every human, and turn those desires into happy streams of cash.

Understand the secrets of scale and how it can be used to find eager customers all over the world.

Session Three - Wealth Builder

Learn to see the natural pleasure that saved money truly represents.

Combine your money creativity with your consistently strengthening wealth muscle to make your money work for you.

Create the virtuous and holy cycle of providing for others, streams of money and increasing wealth and create a self-sustaining financial empire.

Get this now and leave all money worries forever behind.

Get this now get out of debt and never look back.

Get this now find your true purpose and leave a lasting positive impression on the global community.

Get this now and get out of bed every morning feeling true purpose and motivation.

Get this now and turn your genius brain into a money making machine.

Get this now and maximize your skills for the good of humanity and get paid like crazy.

Get this now and prosper in any economy and happily build your wealthy future.

Turn Thoughts Into Money