God Consciousness

Merge With Eternal Truth

Merge With God

Merge With God

God Consciousness

Merge With Eternal Truth

Being impressed is easy.

Appreciate a gorgeous lady.

See an entertaining speaker.

Watch a whale leap out of the water.

Being impressed by things happening outside you is easy.

This is natural, automatic, instinctive.

But there is much, much more beneath the surface.

More than most will ever realize.

Hidden in plain sight.

Outside of you.

Inside of you.

This requires effort, practice and patience.

But the beauty on the other side is infinite.

The mystery of life.

Of self awareness.

Of how 100 billion neurons create the mystical emergence of self awareness.

One single neuron on its own is a simple cell.

That responds to external stimuli.

A biological robot.

But hook up a hundred billion?

You get self awareness.

The power of inner contemplation.

To simply consider the unsolvable mysteries.

The same mysteries our ancestors contemplated.

Before science.

Before writing.

When all we had was our imaginations.

In this program, you'll re-connect with this ancient part of you.

This ancient part of you that is billions of years old.

To simply find peace in the presence of the unanswerable.

To ponder the meaning of everything.

To ponder the author of life, the creator of the laws of physics.

Call this what you want.

A real, infinite being.

A metaphor to help fill in the gaps of human thinking.

An ancient archetype to help you achieve your dreams.

In this program you'll learn two very powerful orientations.

To merge with the God Consciousness within your own mind.

To merge with the God Consciousness within others.

Now, the word "God," is highly subjective.

Metaphor, hallucination, physical and literal truth.

These are for you to answer.

But you'll discover that in seeking these answers, you'll find much more.

Deep peace.

An inner connection with the ancient.

A true feeling of oneness with all there is.

This is just inside your mind.

Through a very esoteric meditation you'll learn in this program.

But you can also approach this through other people.

To feel, see and experience God Consciousness through them.

What will they think of you as you do this?

How will they be impressed with you as you feel this?

In how many ways will they be subconsciously motivated to seek truth through you?

These are the things you can expect to discover through this program.

Now, this isn't a weird reframe through which to see the world.

This is a practice.

A daily exercise, a meditation.

And the more you do this meditation, the more you'll find a feeling of peace that is otherwise inaccessible.

Within your own self awareness.

Within your experiences with others.

Fear will vanish and be replaced by love.

Separateness will vanish and be replaced by a deep drive to connect.

To connect with others through the common life force we all share.

A life force that has been driving life on Earth for three billion years.

From single celled organisms to large and complex societies.

Feel this life force flowing through you.

Experience the God Consciousness within you.

See the absolute beauty of human connections all around you.

Leave behind the struggles of modern life and become a beacon of hope and love to all you encounter.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions designed to help you find your own custom built God Consciousness inside your mind and through other people.

Three subliminal themes to awaken your deep inner spiritual self for a much more profound experience of daily life.

Coaching Sessions

One - God Consciousness - Theory

The origin story of gods and archetypes.

Why gods and archetypes, real or imagined, are absolutely critical to a successful life.

The connection between the mysterious life force, the oral tradition, and emergent systems of tribal narratives.

Two - God Consciousness - Inner Self

How to find infinite mystery inside your mind.

A daily meditation to create unbelievable peace and inner appreciation.

How to view yourself as an ancient entity in harmony with all that exists.

Three - God Consciousness - Outer World

How to find God Consciousness in others.

How to share this mysterious gift with others through simple eye contact.

The God Consciousness meditation of lovers that will create life long connections in minutes.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Inner Peace

Become one with your infinite self.

Eliminate the need to chase unsatisfying external objects.

Truly feel your ancient self as all you need.

Two - Truth Seeker

See beyond the veil to the beautiful truth on the other side.

Feel the deep truth within others even if they can't feel it themselves.

Understand human nature, universal mind, and infinite peace.

Three - God Consciousness

Open a connection between your inner mind and the infinite.

Feel the life force pulsing through your veins.

Feel the ancient driver of emergent complexity driving you closer to others.

Get this now and feel your purpose.

Get this now and release all fear.

Get this now and share peace with others.

Get this now and remember who you are.

Get this now and ride the wave of life.

Get this now and find God within yourself.

Get this now and understand the blueprint of life.

Merge With God