Hallucinating Mind

Dream Your Future Self True

Hallucinating Mind

Hallucinating Mind

Hallucinating Mind

Dream Your Future Self True

Thoughts become things.

Nothing was ever invented without first being imagined.

Everything that exists today was once an imagination in somebody's brain.

An imagination that when combined with ambition, persistence, belief and patience, became true.

And guess what?

Those who can turn dreams into things tend to get paid.

Better mousetraps that make millions must be dreamed of first.

Wicked conversations that seduce sexy ladies in between the sheets must first be imagined.

Ask any winner of a gold medal and they'll say the same thing.

Before it happened in the real world, it happened in mind.

Sometimes millions of times.

The art of turning imaginations into reality isn't really an art.

It's much more of a skill.

A skill that can be learned, practiced and enhanced.

Einstein himself said that imagination is everything.


His greatest discoveries came from imaginations.


Real dreams.

Not by breaking his conscious brain in the laboratory.

You have dreams and daydreams all the time.

You know you have a unique way of looking at the world.

A unique way of looking in between the words of otherwise boring conversations.

Of seeing things that exist and knowing you could have done that.

You could have created that.

You could have imagined that or written that.

So, why not get started?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been competing by dreams.

In the past, we couldn't help but do this.

With nothing to occupy our dreaming minds, we had to dream of a better world.

Dreaming of doing things better.

Today, for most people, our powerfully hallucinating brains are being held captive by external entities.

TV, social media, video games, endless complaints about this or that.

But what happens when you reclaim your hallucinating mind?

When you turn your dreaming mind inward?

To reclaim your creative genius?

To reclaim your conversational brilliance?

To reclaim your inventive mastery?

In this course you'll learn how.

How to fire up your hallucinating mind.

How to let loose your creative genius upon the world.

How to turn your never ending creativity into income streams.

Into love, fame and fortune.

To live your life the way you were meant to.

What's Inside

Full Manual - Packed With Exercises To Turbo Charge Your Brain

Rapid Learning System - Book To Brain Transfer

Soak Up All Information In Minutes

Listening Sessions

Guided Imaginations

Light level hypnotic instruction to wake up the most powerful part of your brain.

Session One is all about the unique brain that made humans dominate Earth.

The structure of thought, language and communication.

Why everything that happens in the world is first a thought in somebody's brain.

Session Two is all about something called a collective memory.

A metaphorical storehouse of information that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Why the collective memory of human kind is more powerful than any computer we'll ever invent.

Session Three is about your words.

Why your ideas will make you rich or famous or loved once you properly articulate them.

The specific daily exercise to do that will make you a natural leader among all people.

Subliminal Sessions

Drive deeply into your mind the necessary beliefs to become a true leader of thought and language.

One - Genius Mind

Skyrocket your intelligence.

Significantly expand your memory.

Gain full access to your ancient and miraculous brain.

Two - Genius Imaginations

Think way outside the box.

Ditch second hand ideas and come up with pure brilliance.

Use your brain for a creation rather than passive entertainment.

Three - Genius Communication

Understand the two sided nature of thoughts and words.

Transform elegant thoughts into elegant words and become a planetary leader.

The specific linguistic structures that will make you a walking wizard of thought.

Get this now and fire up your most precious asset.

Get this now and create the most magnificent life possible.

Get this now and stand head and shoulders above the entire world.

Get this now and move through life with excitement and ease.

Get this now and speak elegantly and gracefully.

Get this now and tap the most secret weapon ever created.

Get this now and master the most complex structure in the entire universe.

Hallucinating Mind