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Harem Generator

Fill Life With Sexual Abundance

A harem is the ideal outcome for many men.

A harem filled with gorgeous ladies who want to be in your harem.

Gorgeous ladies who'd rather share you than have a beta all to themselves.

This is not only the secret dream of most men today, but since the dawn of time.

Anthropologists tell us we are mostly monogamous, but polygamous when possible.

History bears this out.

Whenever one dude could get more than one lady, he did.

Some psychologists have suggested that this is the main reason for female sexual fluidity.

Within a harem filled with a few lovely ladies and one super alpha, the ladies can still get their needs met.

However, getting a harem isn't a magic outcome.

It takes effort, it takes patience, and it takes a lot of management.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape the basic laws of economics.

And the most basic law of economics is that everything costs something.

To get yourself a happy harem, you're going to need some harem building skills.

You'll need to have a harem frame.

You'll have to build up harem levels of confidence, communication skills, and intelligence.

But here's the good news.

The really good news.

Once you develop harem skills, a harem frame, and harem status, everything you want in life will be easy.

Because, let's be honest.

Managing a harem requires a lot of skills.

You need to make sure all your ladies are getting their needs met.

This takes work.

This takes effort.

This takes time.

Which means most harems of history are not really natural harems.

They are more or less created and maintained under some kind of coercion.

Like being a cult leader of sexy ladies.

But the harem you'll be building will be a natural harem.

Where all the ladies in your harem will always choose to be in your harem.

Like every other normal woman, they'll always be comparing you to all the other options.

But since you'll be a natural harem builder, they will always prefer you to all their other options.

They'll prefer sharing you with other lovely ladies to having one dude all to herself.

Even if that guy is rich and famous.

This goes far beyond modern ideas of wealth and status.

This taps into her deeper instincts.

Her unique female ego.

Her ancient desires.

Learn to satisfy these, and you'll always be her preferred choice.

You'll be everybody's preferred choice.

But as we mentioned earlier, managing a harem is a lot of work.

So on the way to building your ideal harem, you may meet one special lady who makes you so happy you'll forget about building a harem.

But you'll always have the option.

And that is precisely what you'll learn in this course.

How to build real status.

The specific things you need to do to absolutely own every room.

So all the guys know and all the ladies know.

How to talk to her just long enough to set the hook.

How to always leave her wanting more so she'll be glad to see you again.

How to give any lucky lady the sexual thrill of a lifetime.

How to use sex hypnosis to slide her into the idea of threesomes and foursomes.

How to make joining your harem her idea.

How to get her to help you add more ladies to your roster.

How to become the most attractive man, with the most attractive confidence and communication skills any lady's ever seen.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions that explain why not only building a harem is based on natural instincts, but also the step by step process to build your own.

Three subliminal themes to build in the deep harem building frame so you can live the harem lifestyle.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about how harems have existed since the dawn of time.

The things that must be present for a harem to be a natural outcome.

Why women would rather share a sufficiently powerful alpha than have a beta all to herself.

Session Two is how to build the harem frame.

The step by step exercises you'll need to easily own any room and make her want you above all else.

How to speak to her in those first few moments that will solidify your value in her mind.

Session Three is how to qualify harem potential in any lady.

How to move her from first conversations to bedroom adventures, further qualifying her at every step.

Advanced harem management strategies to make sure she would rather stay in your harem than take her chances elsewhere.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Masculine Domination

Awaken your ancient masculinity for natural domination.

Radiate true leadership to all men and all women in all situations.

Believe in your natural birthright to own your space, own the room, and own everything that happens to you in your life.

Two - Bliss Giver

Give her far more pleasure than she can get anywhere else.

Speak to her in a way that highlights her deepest desires and fantasies.

Give her so such sexual pleasure she'll never dare glance at another man.

Three - Harem Generator

Leverage all human love biases to make you the obvious choice of everybody.

Radiate such subconscious attraction she'll eagerly share you with her friends.

Speak, move and behave in a way that screams unstoppable love potential.

Get this now and live the dream.

Get this now and make life a sex party.

Get this now and skyrocket confidence and win every frame test.

Get this now and drive every woman crazy with desire.

Get this now and become a legend.

Get this now and build a sexual empire.

Get this now and join the most exclusive club on Earth.

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