Hypnotic Power

Leverage This Natural Mind State For Interpersonal Bliss

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Hypnotic Power

Leverage This Natural Mind State For Interpersonal Bliss

What is hypnosis?




Jumping up and down on stage whenever somebody says banana?

Getting a girl or guy to be your obedient love slave?

Driving on the highway and mysteriously showing up at your destination without any memory?

That mindset where you simply turn off your conscious mind.

The more you study hypnosis, the more you realize that hypnosis is a common mind state.

And the more you study hypnosis, the more you'll realize all the different ways you can create hypnosis in others.

For example, consider stage hypnosis.

The kind where you go up on stage, eat a lemon and swear it tasted just like a bacon cheeseburger.

Is this hypnosis?

Or is this something else?

Here's a weird question.

Suppose you wanted to do some research.

You wanted to learn hypnosis.

You wanted to learn hypnosis so you could create the state of hypnosis in others.

So you could make them feel really good.

So you could make them feel really happy.

So you could make them want to buy whatever you are selling.

So they would look at your product and tell themselves:

You really need to get this.

You really need to buy this.

You really need to understand this.

You really need to enjoy this.

Or perhaps you didn't want to study hypnosis so you could sell things.

Only to get people to look at you with those kind of tranced out, softly gazing eyes of sexual desire.

So you went to see a stage show.

And you watched the hypnotist get people to go up on stage and get people to eat lemons while imagining their favorite food.

And suppose you secretly recorded everything.

And you memorized the words of the hypnotist.

And you wanted to test them out.

So you hit the streets, armed with the words of the magical lemon hypnotist and a sack of lemons.

And you walked up to strangers, said the magic words, and handed them a lemon.

How many strangers do you think you'd turn into eager lemon eaters?

Not that many.

Which would lead you to suspect that hypnosis is not really about the words.

That there is something going on here, that is much deeper than the words.

That the art and skill and power of hypnosis lies much deeper than words.

Deeper and higher than the words.

And that with the right practice, and the right mindset, you would walk up to anybody and get them to feel the wonderful trance of connection.

Where the two of you talk for hours, enjoy each other for hours, and nobody needs to remember what words were actually said.

We humans do this all the time.

We slip into trance, we kind of fade our minds and enjoy this.

Whatever this happens to be.

A relaxing drive with some decent tunes.

A fantastic movie that takes your mind and emotions on a wonderful journey.

A fantastic season ending TV show you've been waiting for weeks to see.

In fact, this kind of thing, waiting for the season ending TV show, involves a couple layers of hypnosis.

You are priming your brain, through a kind of self hypnosis.

The kind of self hypnosis that helps you get ready to enjoy this.

To imagine how wonderful this will be.

To imagine how fantastic this will be.

So when the TV show starts, your brain is programmed by self hypnosis to enjoy this as much as you possibly can.

So much that hour long TV show goes by within a few moments of brain time.

This is the kind of thing you'll be able to do with the Hypnotic Power you'll learn in this course.

To create that wonderful feeling.

The one that you and they will enjoy so much.

A two way self hypnosis.

A two way other than self hypnosis.

That will create wonderful feelings in them and in you.

The three layers of hypnosis that are so, so easy to access.

With whatever words you happen to feel like using sandwiched in the middle.

The deeper layer of subconscious emotional connection that everybody craves.

That ancient upper level, maybe real, maybe metaphysical, maybe metaphorical.

Some call it the collective conscious, or super conscious, or the reservoir of all human knowledge.

Not only will this upper layer, even if only imaginary, give you massive charisma, but it will be much, much easier to approach anybody.

Like you've discovered something wonderful, up in this ancient layer of all that exists in human memory.

This three layers of knowledge, words and feelings that has existed as far back as tribes of talking humans.

The wonderful three layered structure of interpersonal connection that humans are absolutely desperate for today.

Build up your Hypnotic Power strong enough and create the deep feelings of bliss in anybody you like.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions filled with reframes, illustrations and exercises to build your hypnotic power as quickly as possible.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program your mind on a deep level to awaken your hypnotic powers of interpersonal brilliance.

Coaching Sessions

Session One details the various kinds of hypnosis.

Why hypnosis is really a mindset and all the different ways you can not only create hypnosis in others, but easily create hypnosis in yourself.

And the deeper truth that our entire existence is so incredibly complex it can only be experienced through various states of hypnosis.

Session Two describes how the very first form of hypnosis was created, tens of thousands of years.

How to create and leverage deep levels of rapport with ancient archetypes.

Why interpersonal hypnosis is the best way to move emotions of anybody you like without even needing to worry about what to talk about.

Session Three describes the three levels of human understanding.

The deep emotional level, the conscious idea level and the collective memory level.

How speaking to anybody for any reason from all three of these levels at once will create the most enjoyable blissful state they've ever experienced.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Hypnotic Imagination

Unlock the nearly infinite creativity of your mind.

Why the richness of your creativity drives the richness of thought and the richness of your language.

Tap the vast resource of your inner mind for much more power and influence.

Session Two - Hypnotic Presence

Go far beyond simple communication and lead with your presence.

Actualize the three levels of ancient hypnotic storytelling to hypnotize anybody.

Leverage the wonderful power of hypnotic eye contact and lead with pure intention of love and pleasure.

Session Three - Hypnotic Power

Let the three layers of hypnotic mind lead the conversation.

Create a wonderfully organic emergent system of hypnotic conversations that last for hour after wonderful hour.

Connect with others within the ancient three layers of truth and give them an experience they will never forget.

Get this now and catapult your communication to higher levels of bliss.

Get this now and move their emotions to the most wonderful places.

Get this now and enjoy your reality from the best of all trances.

Get this now and become a master of thought, a leader of emotions, and a wizard of words.

Get this now and find treasure within the simplest of conversations.

Get this now and become a master of feelings craved by everybody.

Get this now and become a maestro of interpersonal communication.

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