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Ditch False Myths And Ease Into Your Perfect Body

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Ideal Health

Ditch False Myths And Ease Into Your Perfect Body

I'm George Hutton with Mind Persuasion

Without question, better health is the most maddening goal.

Year after year, about half of the top ten New Year's resolutions are health related.

Drink less.

Eat less.

Exercise more.

Sleep better.

And, the most popular, yet unrealized goal in modern history, lose weight.

Weight loss is a billion dollar a year industry.

But why do we spend so much money on something that is seemingly impossible for most people?

A clue is the tight correlation between GDP per capita and obesity per capita.

Even a visiting alien could easily conclude the obvious.

As a whole, the richer we get, the fatter we get.

Why is this?

One clue is another industry we spend billions per year on, but spin our wheels in similar ways.

What industry is this?

The self help industry.

These two desires have a lot of overlap, but not in the way you'd think.

Not in the way that will help.

Both are areas we want to improve ourselves.

Both are areas we spend tons of money learning to improve ourselves.

Both are areas we try and repeatedly fail.

The things that always populate the top ten New Year's resolutions.

The things we want, but have no idea how to get.

We want something, and we spend money learning how to get it.

We spend money, and try, and then give up.

There are two things any visiting alien would conclude from the endless cycle of self sabotage.

One is, we really DON'T know how.

That can't be true.

Because many people DO manage to lose weight and keep it off.

Many people DO manage to get better jobs, make more money and significantly improve themselves.

So those aliens would conclude one thing about those who AREN'T successful.

And this is we are doing it wrong.

What is the wrong way?

This is another overlap between weight loss and self help that WILL give us a clue.

A clue about what specifically we are doing wrong, so we can fix it, and do it better.

What ONE THING do weight loss and self help have in common?

Here's a piece of evidence.

Every January, and a bit into February, the gyms are PACKED with newcomers.

But by the end of February, it's back to the regulars.

What drives those people to the gym in January, but doesn't have the staying power to keep them past valentines day?


You'll find this also the key component of self help.

But motivation is only a short term strategy.

Motivation only lasts so long.

If motivation is the only thing pushing you toward success, you won't succeed.

Because it is artificial.

It's based on a few artificial estimates that once proven wrong, will destroy the motivation they drive.

What's a better way?

The way you'll learn in this program.

You'll learn why motivation and it's close cousin willpower are two of the WORST things you can use to achieve ANY goal.

Motivation and willpower IMPLY that what you are doing is NOT in itself, compelling enough.

Kind of like having a car that's not strong enough to go up a hill, so you have to get out and push.

Imagine shopping for something like a car.

And you look at the car, and it doesn't really do it for you.

But the pushy salesperson just won't shut up.

They're telling you how AWESOME it is.

How popular this ugly car is.

How much action you'll get in this car.

He's relentless!

We all HATE salespeople because of this stereotype.

But guess what?

Every time you try and use willpower or motivation to do something you don't really want to do?

You're doing this to yourself!

Part of you is the pushy salesperson telling yourself how AWESOME this is going to be!

Part of you is the person who doesn't want to do it, but gives in.

But you do it, whatever it is, and realize it really is as crappy as you'd imagined, and you give up.

Willpower and motivation are NOT enough to keep you going.

They are ONLY enough to get you started.

And unless you have a reason to keep going OTHER than motivation and willpower, you WILL give up.

Luckily there is an easier way.

A much better way.

A much more comfortable way.

No more willpower

No more motivation.

No more sticky notes and reminders posted all over your house trying to keep you motivated, but only making you look like a weirdo when friends come over.

You'll learn in this program a very subtle, but very powerful shift.

First, it starts with the language we use to describe goals like weight loss and better health.

Then you'll understand why the ONLY way to become healthier is by a slow, steady, gradual, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLE change of habits.

That's the secret.

Let those other goofs try and hurry up and lose twenty pounds in two weeks only to gain it back.

Let those other goofs try and create unsustainable gains only to give up and beat themselves up about it.

You, on the other hand, will learn the truth.

That creating sustainable healthy habits takes time.

That creating sustainable health requires you look at all your choices, absolutely devoid from willpower and motivation, and make them EASY.

That by understanding we silly humans will only do something if we BELIEVE, not pretend by shouting at ourselves in the mirror, that we WILL BE better off.

This requires slow, steady changes.

Think of it this way.

Suppose you took one year, yes a whole year, to achieve your ideal body.

And you enjoyed the year.

You only did things because they were slow and easy.

The habits you were slowly building were ENJOYABLE.

So you started doing them NOT because of what they would get you, but because you ENJOYED THEM while doing them.

This year would be an investment.

A slow investment of time.

Of slowly shifting your habits to become healthier and healthier.

What would this initial investment of one year get you?

One year of slow, steady and sustainable changes to your daily behavior?

What would this get you?

Many, many more years added on to your life.

Years of continuous increases in self confidence, self esteem and true love of self.

You won't be shouting at yourself in the mirror.

You won't need to.

You'll just look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

Because you will genuinely LOVE the person looking back at you.

Actions speak louder than words.

Show don't tell.

These two overused metaphors will be WHY you will be slowly INCREASING your true self love from now, every single day into the future.

Everybody can motivate themselves to spend a couple months in the gym.

Or jump up and down screaming like a lunatic in a guru seminar.

But you?

You will prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make REAL, lasting and profound changes to your life.

What's Included

First you'll have a coaching session that describes the human decision making process.

What needs to be true, in your mind so you can make healthy choices without willpower or motivation.

How to look into the future and feel, not pretend to believe, but FEEL that it is going to be better than today.

How to slowly build the vital momentum that will keep you going.

The simple daily journaling exercises that will take seconds per day but propel you far, far into the future way more than any motivational guru could ever hope.

You'll also have a powerful hypnosis session.

A hypnosis session that comes in two parts.

The first part is a guided visualization.

To connect your breathing to the idea of consistently improving your health.

So it will happen naturally, automatically and enjoyably.

The second half is much deeper.

Much more profound.

To program your deeper mind to develop such a deep love and respect for your mind body system that taking good care of it will be much, much easier, enjoyable and meaningful.

Get this now and once and for all put your health and well being at the top of your list where it belongs.

Get this now and turn every day of slow gradual change into two days you can enjoy in your long and healthy future.

Get this now and develop a deep appreciation for the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Get this now and discover the massive increases in self confidence, charisma, and personal magnetism that comes as a natural outcome to creating a healthier and healthier body.

Get this now put your continuously improving health on auto pilot, and free up critical brain space to think about more creative endeavors.

Get this now and leave willpower and motivation behind, and embrace your ideal health, your ideal body and your ideal future.

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