Ideal Self Generator

Discover, Maximize and Live Your Purpose

Ideal Self Generator

Ideal Self Generator

Ideal Self Generator

Discover, Maximize and Live Your Purpose

What is your purpose?

This is, potentially, the most important question you will ever ponder.

Mark Twain famously said there are two important days in your life.

The day you were born.

And the day you discover why.

And when it comes to finding out why, there are two potential sources.

You, and everybody else.

This can lead to a dangerous conclusion.

That your purpose is to do whatever those people tell you.

The preachers, the politicians, the scammers, the pretenders.

But what about you?

What do you think?

Right now, as you consider this question, what is your purpose?

This might not be the best question.

So, let's consider another question.

Consider all your skills.

The unique things about you that you might offer to the world.

The world of other people, who, just like you, are humans with never ending needs and desires.

How about another question.

A metaphorical question about your potential dream future.

If you could learn a few skills, real skills, not super hero movie skills, what would they be?

If you could deliver these skills to the world, in the most enjoyable way possible, what would you like to receive in exchange for these skills?



World wide respect?


Or the peace of mind knowing that in a hundred years, or perhaps a thousand years, people will remember your name.

People will hear your name and think:

Yeah, I remember them.

I hope to be like that some day.

Consider this to help you point yourself toward your purpose.

To focus on the never ending exchange between humans.

To maximize what you provide to the world.

To maximize what you receive in exchange.

You, happily giving and receiving.

The world, happily giving and receiving.

Now, what is your purpose?

Perhaps your purpose is to keep enhancing this happy and ancient exchange.

Two sides, within and without, giving and receiving in the best way possible.

Given this model, what kinds of skills would you like to build?

Intellectual skills?

Invention skills?

Creative skills?

Artistic skills?

Scientific skills?

Motivational skills?

Persuasion skills?

Seduction skills?

Romantic skills?

All within your reach.

You just need to know how to get started.

To open yourself to the natural feedback loop.

That natural feed back loop that exists inside your brain, inside your DNA, and hopefully in your future.

The more you give, the more you receive.

The more you receive, the more you'll be compelled to give.

Ever increasing skills in one direction.

From you, to the world.

Greater, more valuable and more happily given rewards in the other.

From the world, to you.

This is what you'll learn in this course.

Naturally, the skills, your path, these are all up to you.

To discover, and to continue to discover for the rest of your life.

To continue on better and better roads to better and better destinations.

But whatever you discover for your purpose, there are some very, very basic ideas that will make it much easier.

These are the ideas and strategies you'll learn in this course.

The bare bones way the world works.

The basics of human nature to clear out the nonsense of what we all really want, and have wanted, and will want.

How to look out into the world, see what's missing, fill in the gaps and get paid.

Or to become famous.

Or to remain anonymous, if that's your wish.

To understand the basics of human nature, human societies, economically, financially, interpersonally.

And to open to the wonderful feedback loop that makes everything possible.

To get started, and never stop.

To keep improving, and never stop.

To keep giving, and receiving, and never stop.

To get rid of all the ideas about what other people think you should do.

To reach inside your mind, your heart, your soul, to find out what you MUST do.

Your purpose.

Your destiny.

The reason why you were born.

The reason why you have those dreams and ambitions.

The reason why you look out into the world and think there is something missing out there.

And that you have an obligation to provide it.

Something that you must do.

This course will help you find out what that is.

What's Included

Three highly calibrated coaching sessions to strip away all the nonsense and misconceptions about modern life.

You'll understand the structure of society, the structure of your instincts, and the necessary feedback loop. 

Giving you all the intellectual understandings you need to build your ideal self.

Each coaching session is connected to three, one hour subliminal sessions on the same theme.

One for your higher mind, to accelerate conscious understanding.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

And one for your deep mind, to program in the beliefs and skills at the deepest possible level.

Descriptions - Coaching

Session One teaches you everything to know about human nature.

How it is based on ancient instincts, which cause so much confusion and wasted behavior in the modern world.

How to recalibrate the ambition of ancient humans to your own custom built ambition, and how to maximize it within your own custom built feedback loop.

Session Two explains and details all the inner mental and intellectual skills you need to get you going.

The creativity building, intellectual enhancing and economic insights you'll need to maximize your success in the modern world.

How to calibrate your vision to uncover your own custom purpose.

Session Three lays out the most potent interpersonal skills you need to prosper.

Why teams are much better than rolling solo, and how to choose the best team and build their loyalty so strong they'll follow you everywhere.

Why the qualifying process is much, much easier than most people will ever discover.

Descriptions - Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Miracle Future

Program in the deep belief that your future will always be better than now.

To fire up your ancient ambition so incredibly strong you will be the most driven human anybody will ever meet.

To see a future filled with powerful opportunities that only somebody like you is capable of seeing.

Session Two - Mental Authority

Program your mind to be a calibrator of success.

To build in the mental skills needed to turn your life into a magnificent work of art.

To dominate mentally in every way, in every situation, in every conversation.

Session Three - Interpersonal Hero

Program in the subconsciously radiated energy of a dominant leader that everybody will want to follow.

Speak so passionately and magnetically that people will share their deepest dreams and secrets.

Understand and amplify the best of everybody to not only create deep attraction, but to more easily qualify them.

Get this now and leave behind a life of mediocrity.

Get this now and build a magnificent future regardless of status, education, or age.

Get this now and prosper in any economy.

Get this now and wake up your ancient ambition and dominate.

Get this now, live your true purpose and be a beacon of hope to everybody.

Get this now and understand the reason you are here.

Get this now and turn every single day into your heroic journey toward your absolute ideal self.

Ideal Self Generator