Inner Frame

Get A Rock Solid Core Of An Outwardly Dominant Frame

Build Your Core Self

Inner Frame

Build Your Core Self

Inner Frame

Get A Rock Solid Core Of An Outwardly Dominant Frame

It's been said that most humans live lives of quiet desperation.

We want things, but we are too scared to go after them.

Not necessarily large and impressive things.

But little things.

Simple things.

Things that require we step up and ask for what we want.

A raise.

To be able to leave early.

A pretty girl or guy's phone number.

To express our opinion about a not so good sounding idea coming from a superior at work.

To express our own idea, that we know is better.

Why is this?

We all share a common fear.

A fear that pops up in many movies and books and stories.

Since it's in movies and books in stories, it's a more fully fleshed out expression of this common fear.

A common fear that lives in our subconscious.

One we rarely give words to.

One that says:

"If they find out who I really am, they'll reject me, and I'll be alone."

Alone again.

Alone forever.

So we counter this fear by making sure they NEVER find out who we really are.

We wear nice clothes, speak nice words and always deflect when things get too serious.

But like they say, no matter where you go, there you are.

No matter what happens on the outside, you are still you on the inside.

So, why not change that inner you?

So instead of fearing exposure, you welcome it.

You encourage it.

Knowing that when they see who you really are, they'll never want anything else.

How can this be possible?

The first reason is our opinions about our deep selves are structural.

Based on sequences of events that happened long before we became self aware.

Why or how isn't really important.

What is important is how to change our opinions of our inner selves.

And to regain our most precious source of power.

That can only come from our deepest, most truest inner self.

There are plenty of metaphors from plenty of stories about the relationship between the foundation and the structure that is built on that foundation.

The bottom line for us is that once you re-construct the foundational elements of your core inner self, you will be beautiful.

Your language, your presence, your outer frame that you show to the world.

Attractive, mesmerizing, powerful.

That is what you will learn in this course.

The first step is to free up precious brain space.

Using tons of energy subconsciously covering up your greatest fears is like having crippleware in your brain's operating system.

Freeing up this precious brain processing power will give you much more choice and flexibility in your day to day, moment to moment life.

You'll do this with a simple daily review process that will only take a few moments at the end of the day.

This is structured very similar to how you can learn to lucid dream.

During your waking time, you practice asking yourself, "am I dreaming."

Soon you'll be asking yourself this same question within your dreams.

Giving you control over your dreams.

In this course, you'll learn a simple question to ask yourself at the end of every day.

Soon this question will be resonating from within as you slide through the continuous unfolding of reality.

And similar to how you can learn to control your dreams, you'll learn a much, much more resourceful way to exist within the continuous unfolding of reality.

The second step includes developing a much longer range view.

So with your new resourceful mind state, you'll see things differently in real time and in future time.

And the more you do this, the more you'll be slowly building a memory of resourcefulness.

Allowing you to look into your past, and look into your future, all while referencing your powerful present.

The third step is an extremely simple yet powerful shift in your daily communication.

A way most others won't notice, at least consciously.

But they will soon see you in a much different light.

A very rare light that few people shine today.

But you will.

The light of leadership.

Real, genuine, lead from the front leadership.

The kind of natural leadership that others will gladly follow.

You'll radiate the kind of dominant yet effortless frame that others will beg to be included in.

And best of all, you'll see your self differently.

You'll develop a real, deep and trusting relationship with your most powerful inner self.

Your most genuine, resilient and loving inner self.

The one that cannot be described with words.

But one that will be shown through your actions, your language, your movements, your gestures, and everything else people notice about you.

Consciously and unconsciously.

What's Included

First is the coaching session.

Describing the exercises to build your most powerful inner frame possible.

A simple description of how to eradicate all self doubt, anxiety and fear about exposure.

To leave behind the quiet desperation of the past and to embrace your future as a powerful leader.

The second half is a two part hypnosis session.

The first half a guided visualization.

A trip through your ancient past, the present now, and your unlimited future where you will build a deep and powerful relationship with your best self.

One that has been with you.

One that will be with you.

Your once and future best inner self.

The second half is a much deeper hypnosis session.

To bridge conscious and unconscious.

Fantasy and reality.

Your inner world, and your outer world.

Your inner desires and power, and your outer expressions and profoundly attractive personality.

Your brain will learn to see things in slow motion, while everybody is clamoring to catch up.

No matter who you are talking to, or what they are saying, you will see their words, the spaces and emotions between them, in slow beats within the rhythm of time.

So you will know the precise words to say and the precise way to say them, to achieve the maximum result.

For you, for them, for everybody.

The sounds that carry your words will be pleasing to their ears and their minds.

Your decisions for your future and theirs will sound so ideal they'll be forever loyal.

You'll perceive the slow unfolding reality like an advanced grandmaster, seeing everything as it happens, while always contemplating several moves ahead.

Get this now and rebuild your core self to better serve you, your friends, and everybody close to you.

Get this now and leave social anxiety in the past where it belongs.

Get this now and experience the calm inner knowing that only true leaders experience.

Get this now and leave the world of uncertainty behind and begin building your empire.

Get this now and embrace your destiny.

Get this now and develop a deep and loving relationship with your inner core of truth, your cornerstone, upon which you will build your life.

Get this now and begin living your full potential, creating mutually beneficial positive relationships with anybody you want.

Build Your Core Self