Long Game

The One Skill To Outframe Them All

Long Game

Long Game

Long Game

The One Skill To Outframe Them All

If you wanted to be a good social operator, you'd need a collection of skills.

Confidence, being able to handle frame tests.

The ability to laugh at yourself.

The ability to reframe negative ideas into positive ones.

The ability to handle several different conversational threads at once.

Confident closing skills.

If you wanted to be a good salesperson, you'd find plenty of overlap.

You'd have to be good at building rapport.

To create a feeling of comfort in your customers.

So they would share what it is they want.

You'd need some decent language skills to convince them to see what they want in what you have.

If you wanted to be a stage god with any instrument, you'd similarly need a certain collection of skills.

To feel confident in front of others.

To feel outgoing and extroverted in front of others.

And of course, the actual skills to play the instrument.

Everything you want in life, that you do not have, will require taking action.

And unless those things are easy to get, you will need some skills.

Social skills.

Conversational skills.

Flexible thinking skills.

But every single one of these skills can be seen within two different categories.

Two different time frames.

Short term.

And long term.

Generally speaking, long term frame is more difficult to manage than short term frame.

If you're selling single items for cheap, that would be pretty easy.

If you're looking to play the hit it and quit it game with low quality people, that would be pretty easy.

If you only wanted to live life day by day, take things as they come, that would be pretty easy.

There was a time when that was possible.

When everything's getting better, everybody's getting richer, new companies and enterprises are popping up everywhere.

But those days are long gone.

If you want to survive in our modern train wreck world, you'll need to embrace two very critical skills.

One is you need to look out into the world, read the situation and decide for yourself what's going on and what you need to do.

It's very easy to copy ideas from authority figures and spit them out like they are your own.

It's very easy to soak up ideas from within the safety of the pack and pretend like they are your own conclusions.

Everybody can do that.

But to really thrive in today's clown show dumpster fire, you cannot afford to do that.

You need to take control of your own brain, your own thinking, and your own conclusions.

You need to embrace full responsibility for your life.

That's the first skill.

The second skill is to learn the play the long game.

The Chinese have a saying that if you wait by the riverside long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies floating by.

This is true.

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is necessary.

Directed patience will get you far.

But you need to combine general patience with your long game strategies.

To be able to develop some independent thinking with some strategic planning.

To not only be able to read the situation, or read the room, but to read the future.

To get an idea of how things will play out.

Tomorrow, next week, next year.

The longer of a game you can play, the more success you will build.

The longer of a game you can play, the more wealth and power you can accumulate.

But as they say in the dismal science, everything costs something.

Playing and winning the long game means you need to give up short game, easy thinking.

Playing and winning the long game means you need to give up being led by your short term feelings and emotions.

Thinking strategically is not easy.

Following the crowd is.

So easy everybody can do it.

Patiently and deliberately building a worthy life isn't easy.

Which is why so few people can do this.

But there is one thing you will understand once you start to play the long game.

Once you are on the path, nothing feels better.

This is a truth few will ever consider, let alone experience.

But once you wake up your long game, strategically thinking ambition, you'll feel a sense of purpose that doesn't even exist in the movies any more.

Once you decide to forget about short term pleasure and boldly look into a bright future that is too blinding for most, you will radiate a true purpose.

Your true purpose.

A true purpose, an ancient purpose, that feels a thousand times better than any short term YOLO nonsense.

In this program, you will learn how to ditch the short game pretending and wake up your ambition.

The ambition that will drive your long game conqueror.

The ambition that will power your long game ruthless dominator.

The ambition that will drive you forward to relentlessly build your empire.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions with all the technical details you'll need to start playing the long game to win.

Three subliminal categories to blast your mind with the beliefs to drive you to long game domination.

Coaching Sessions

Session One covers the strategic and instinctive reasons behind our modern day train wreck.

Why unless you take correct action, you'll be stuck with everybody else inside the short game wishing con.

Why nearly everything today is filtered through short game magic trick thinking and how to escape this common trap.

Session Two is the fundamental principles by which your long game strength can be accurately measured.

Why building a long game is just as important, and requires just as much persistent determination, as building a healthy body and mind.

The surprising economic and monetary principles behind both long game and short game thinking.

Session Three is all about how to escape the modern trap of wishing.

The dual view of time and how to build in a deep feeling for the future.

Why smaller, easier and persistent shifts in your behaviors will have profound implications in your destiny.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Deliberate Life

Leave wishing and hoping behind and build every moment.

Master the art of proactive thinking and responsible living.

Embrace the way forward through the never ending feedback loop.

Two - Unbreakable Will

Feel the truth of willpower and motivation.

Find the power within and never rely on external sources for motivation again.

Build an intention so strong it will crush everything in your path.

Three - Long Game Killer

Unleash your ambition and create and live your purpose.

Build an ambition so strong you will easily dominate everything in your path forward.

Wake up your ruthless driver of success and obliterate all obstacles.

Get this now and wake up your passion.

Get this now and be driven by your ancient ambition.

Get this now and escape short term traps.

Get this now and leave behind false guru promises and snake oil salesman.

Get this now and build your purpose brick by brick, day by day.

Get this now and activate your success momentum.

Get this now and be remembered forever.

Long Game