Long Game

Let Loose Your Ambition

Long Game II

Long Game II

Long Game

Let Loose Your Ambition

There are two ways to look at the world.

Through the lens of the short game.

And through the lens of the long game.

Short game is easy.

Short game feels good.

Do what feels good now, and hope for the best.

Do what works now, and hope for the best.

But as you likely know, focusing only on short term strategies and pleasures can ruin your life in the long term.

It feels good to eat plenty of delicious food.

But if you only eat food based on taste, it will wreck your health.

It feels good to make easy, short game money.

But if that's all the money you make, your long term wealth might never be built.

It feels good to create short term romantic pleasure.

Hit it and quit it, smash and dash.

But if that's all you do, your long term emotions will be destroyed.

Long game is hard.

Long game is boring.

Long game is frustrating.

At least that's the general consensus.

But this is only from a short game mind set.

What happens when you easily slide into the long game?

You still gotta live every day.

You still gotta do stuff every day.

This is when you discover, in your own way, what short game players will never know.

That the daily grind within a long game structure feels good.

An acquired taste.

When all you eat are cheeseburgers, that feels good.

Within a short game context, a cheeseburger vs. a boiled chicken breast and a side of broccoli is a no-brainer.

But what about an acquired taste?

What happens when you associate the taste of boiled chicken breast with the looks of lust from gorgeous ladies when they get a glimpse of your six pack?

No More Cheeseburgers!

This is the long game secret.

That it is built one day at a time.

And when the daily, short game grind merges with the long game success?

That's when you know you're going places.

That's when you know that whatever life throws at you, you've got options.

That's when dreams and fantasies turn into plans.

And plans turn into outcomes.

Outcomes that keep getting better and better.

That's when the long game becomes one with life.

One with your purpose.

When you can see your future years ahead.

In this course you'll learn everything you need to shift whatever kind of life you've got now to one of relentless ambition and consistent success.

How to slide from short game thinking into long game thinking in the easiest way possible.

How to leave an average life of mediocrity behind and charge into relentless conquest.

What's Included

Full Manual Of Long Game Strategies

Rapid Learning System - Accelerated Book To Brain Transfer

Three Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax and slide your natural thinking into the long game.

Session One is all about your natural feedback loop learning system.

Why long game is a natural outcome of slow and consistent practice.

How to play the long game one day at a time.

Session Two is the power of your ambition.

That the strength of your ambition and the strength of your long game are two sides of the same coin.

Why the length of your future is equal to the length of your past.

Session Three is all about options.

Why the more options you have the easier you'll crush every obstacle.

Why options and your genius creativity are manifestations of the same long game brain.

Subliminal Sessions

Drive deep the beliefs ideas and behaviors of long game domination.

One - Super Human Intention

The secret of an infinitely strong frame.

How to build a rock solid, never ending intention.

How to accept everything that happens and leverage it to your benefit.

Two - Exponential Futures

How to see all the different possible futures at once.

Why every learning experience will explode all future options.

How to feel every step as a path forward toward a better future.

Three - Infinite Options

Never feel stuck again.

Talk your way into or out of any situation.

Always have a growing collection of backup plans.

Get this now and explode your creativity.

Get this now and never be at a loss again.

Get this now and always have more career options.

Get this now and feel your ambition with every breath.

Get this now and dominate your life.

Get this now and become a master planner of your happiness.

Get this now and leave doubt and anxiety forever behind.

Long Game II