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Understand The Structure Of Love And Leverage It, Create It At Will and Maintain It In Anybody You Like

Love Hypnosis

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Love Hypnosis

Love Hypnosis

Understand The Structure Of Love And Leverage It, Create It At Will and Maintain It In Anybody You Like

Create Love At Will In Anybody

Let's cut right to the chase.      

Love is the most wonderful feeling anybody will ever feel.      

Even the hint of love, true love that comes with emotional and sexual intimacy has driven men to build empires, create spellbinding works of art, and undergo horrific punishment, with only the memory of love to sustain them.

What Is Love?

From the inside, love is the stuff of legends, philosophy, epic tales of adventure and destruction.      

But from the outside?

Love is a collection of biological, emotional, and hormonal impulses.      

A cohesive force of attraction between man and woman necessary to ensure the survival of the species.

Love Calibration

Love, as well as our other instincts, were calibrated during the long period of pre-history.      

When day to day survival was far from guaranteed.      

When food, safety and shelter were hard to get.

Baby Humans Take Time

Humans are not like other mammals.      

We've got big brains, thinking brains, planning brains.      

And these brains take much longer to develop that our animal friends.      

Even our primate cousins don't have brains nearly as powerful as ours.

Outside The Womb

We are the only creatures on this Earth that are born before we are done.      

We need tons of development time outside the womb.      

This means children, from a purely scientific standpoint, are resource intensive.      

Extremely resource intensive.      

You don't have to have kids to know this.


This means that before ancient men and women got together to make babies, they had to be sure.      

Since junior was going to be so resource intensive, only those that had the strongest of bonds before baby came along actually got together.      

This emotional bonding force, that made ancient lovers never want to be apart, that made men kill giant creatures to feed his family, is what ensured our human survival.

Outside In

Knowing this gives us an extraordinary opportunity.      

This means we can reverse engineer those conditions under which love was first created.      

The way love was supposed to happen way back in the day when all we had was our wits to survive, and nothing else.

Way More Than Sex

This is far deeper than just those feelings that lead to sexual encounters.      

What we are talking about are those deep ancient feelings of connection between man and woman that made them hate to be apart and never want to be with anybody else.

From The Inside

Within a loving relationship, love is wonderfully complicated.      

Rich with indescribable meaning.      

Small shifts in facial expressions can create a cascade of emotions powerful enough to make men weep.

From The Outside

Love is simple.      

Easy to understand.      

And straightforward to re-create.      

The feelings themselves are infinitely complicated.      

But the situation under which those feelings arise are surprisingly simple.

Reverse Engineered Connections

When we understand the structure of our ancient lifestyle and combine that with the advanced language patterns in this course, you will be able to create love in anybody you get to sit across the table from you.

Intra-Conversational Love Bombs

Most people have conversations like the way they live life.      

They do whatever comes to their mind, and hope for the best.      

But you know there is much more than that.      

You know that words can be used to elicit wonderful feelings of emotions.      

Powerful feelings of desire and attraction.      

Unstoppable yearnings for deeper connections.

Inside Out

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the understanding of love is that it happens in the mind of the lover.      

It is not something that is put into their mind, it is something that grows there over time.      

Love is an inside game.      

This is why, up to now, it was thought that you couldn't "make somebody" fall in love with you.

Love Seeds

But you can plant the seeds of love.      

If you wait for a rose to grow naturally, you may be waiting a long time.      

But if you plant the right seeds, in the right soil, and tend it properly, the rose is a biological and scientific certainty.

Conversational Seeds Of Love

This course will teach you how to plant the seeds of love within a normal conversation.      

How to find out what's already important to them, for their own reasons, and expand those ideas.      

Magnify them.      

Explode their levels of pleasure.      

And then covertly connect those feelings of desire to you.

All Seeds Need Time To Grow

Once the seeds of love are planted in their mind, you'll know how to slowly infuse the other two necessary ingredients.      

The two ingredients that few people ever have the pleasure of experiencing today.      

But without these two vital ingredients, love will never sprout, love will never grow.      

You'll know precisely why so many seek love, yet never find it.

All From Scratch

You'll learn how to start a conversation with somebody you've just met, and carefully plant the small seeds of love.      

You'll know exactly how to use your language to plant further seeds in further conversations.      

And most importantly, you'll learn how to let those seeds grow into a garden of mutual pleasure.

Re-Invent The Feeling

If you're in a relationship, and the spark is gone, you will know exactly how to bring it back.      

Exactly what to say and do when you're with your partner to get them feeling those same clumsy feelings of uncertain desire like when you first met.      

These will work if you're eighteen or eighty.

Powerful Sexual Anchoring

You'll learn a simple technique to use in those wonderful afterglow moments, when you are lying silently next to each other, that will create so much pleasure in their mind, they'll never, ever want to leave you.      

It will work if it's your first time together or your millionth.      

This easy-to-learn technique will make them reorganize their entire life and their priorities around you, if that's what you want.

Extremely Dangerous

Needless to say, these powers will make you a very dangerous person.      

Being able to create undying love and affection in nearly anybody you meet can be misused.      

This course is not meant to be taken lightly.      

Love is a very wonderful feeling, the most wonderful of all.      

But purposely creating this feeling in others for your own purposes is extremely dangerous.      

Be warned.

But I'm Already In Love!


Even if you have an existing relationship, this course will help you understand what part of it works, but more importantly, why it works, so you can do more.      

You'll also know what doesn't work (and why) so you can do less.      

Surprise your partner with you new powers of love.      

Take an already good relationship and explode it with orgasmic pleasure.

Who Is This For?

This for both men and women to use to create love in whomever they want.      

Built into this course are the most powerful conversational and covert skills of persuasion you will ever need, for any purpose.      

Even if you have enough love in your life, you can use these techniques to sell anything to anybody.

Wait, Make Money?

Making money is easier than creating love.      

To create love, you take the time to elicit their most cherished feelings, and then carefully connect those feelings to you.      

Selling things is way easier.      

The same process is used, but on a much lighter and quicker level.

What Went Wrong?

If you have an ex, you'll exactly what went wrong, and how to repair your broken relationship.      

Understand that this is not always possible.      

If there has been serious harm done, if trust has been broken, it may be beyond repair.      

But if you relationship is at all salvageable, this will teach you how.

All Components

This course was created from the standpoint of pure objectivity.      

From an outsider looking in.      

You'll understand everything there is to know about what love is, why it exists, and most importantly, how to create it and maintain it.

Love Skills

Even if you are in a relationship that is perfect, these skills are handy to know, just in case.      

Think of these as your back pocket emergency skills in case a friend comes to you, or your own children find themselves unexpectedly in love without a clue.      

You'll be able to calmly sit them down, and explain to them exactly what they need to do, and in what order.

Master Of Love

Even if you are perfectly content being alone, you'll understand how love works.      

You'll be the expert everybody seeks in matters of the heart.      

Your advice will strike home and resonate with all who are lucky enough to receive it.

Become A Love Expert

Knowing all about love and how it works will make you a social authority.      

People will come to you as their local love expert, and want to know exactly how they can catch the person of their dreams.      

And if you feel they are worthy, you can bless them with your knowledge.

What's Included

Conscious Training

Over thirty coaching sessions with all the conscious training you need.      

The scientific backgrounds, the theoretical understandings.      

The daily activities you can start today to begin building your love skills.      

This coaching sessions will shed the light on all your past relationships.      

You'll know what worked and why, and what didn't work and why not.

Unlimited Applications

Never Worry About Love Again

Create Relationships of Any Depth

Getting Strangers To Fall In Love

Re-Kindling Lost Love

Turbo Charging Existing Relationships

Mechanics Of Love

Objective Description

Objective Understanding

Reverse Engineered Emotions

Structure Of Learning

Unnatural To Unconscious Competence

Natural To Conscious Competence

Conscious Competence To Unconscious Competence

Layers Of Learning

Advertising - Manipulated Emotions

Music - Manipulated Emotions

Movies - Manipulated Emotions

True Love - The Final Frontier

Engineering What's Natural

Targeted Love Building

Organic Love Building

Love Re-Building

Recapturing Lost Love

The Meaning Of Love

Love - Instinctive Necessity

Love - Survival Value

Love - Easily Engineered Emotion

Non Verbal Creation of Love

The Necessary Ingredient

Why It Is So Rare Today

Why It Is Easy To Create

Love - A Much Better Description

Love As An Inside Game

Love Ingredients - Ancient Tribe

Love Ingredients - Modern Society

How To Recalibrate Necessary Ingredients

How To Magnify Necessary Ingredients

Objective - Subjective Spectrum

How To Switch Back And Forth

How To Switch In The Moment

Incentive Management

How To Live By Your Own Rules

How To Replicate External Incentives

How To Resonate External Incentives

Easy Social Skills

Eliminate Fear of Rejection

How To Build Criteria

How To Expand Criteria

The Power Of Disqualification

Why Disqualification Increases Attraction

Proper Mindset For Creating Love

Common Mindset For Falling In Love

The "Falling" Metaphor

Other Useful Love Metaphors

The Love Garden Metaphor

Love Creation Questions

Love Creation Follow Up Questions

Bring Out Existing Desires

Expand Pre-Existing Emotional Treasures

Leverage Pre-Existing Love Feelings

Easy Practice Techniques

Non Judgmental Rapport

Essential Following Rapport

How To Practice Push-Pull Rapport

Leading Conversational Topics

The Secret Killer of Love

How To Shut It Off

Advanced Language Tricks

Covert Love Anchoring

Magnified Love Anchoring

Elicit Any Sexual Fantasy

Amplify Any Sexual Fantasy

Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Touch

Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Voice

Anchor Sexual Fantasies To Your Body

Create A Lifetime Of Lust

Super Sneaky Love Tricks 

Sneakier Tricks For Everybody

Train Your Lover To Obey

Elicit and Magnify

The Most Potent Covert Anchor

What Push Pull Really Means

The Infinite Levels of Push Pull

Mastering The Push-Pull Dance

The Ancient Reasons For Push Pull

Daily Practices To Enhance Conversation Skills

Daily Journaling Habits To Accelerate Learning

Daily Criteria Digging Habits

How To Approach First and Qualify Later

Never Fear Crowds Again

Why Love Creation Is The Ultimate Survival Skill

How To Use Love Creation Skills To Build Financial Empires

How To Use Love Creation Skills To Land Any Job

Why Love Creation Skills Are Essential

Get this now and never be lonely again.

Get this now and create your dream relationship.

Get this now and become a social magician.

Get this now and master the greatest truths of human nature.

Get this now and never been heartbroken again.

Get this now and generate the most wonderful feelings in anybody you like.

Get this now and create your fantasy relationship from scratch.

Love Hypnosis

Love Hypnosis

Understand The Structure Of Love And Leverage It, Create It At Will and Maintain It In Anybody You Like

Unconscious Programming

The coaching sessions will give the theoretical and practical understandings to get started right away.      

You'll understand the reasons behind the wonderful feelings of love.      

You'll understand exactly what to do to start building your love generating skills.      

This alone is far more than most will ever do, but this is just the beginning.      

The coaching sessions give you the ideas behind the seeds, but the subliminal listening sessions will transform your mind on a deep level so you can build your love building skills as fast as you possibly can.

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.      

Higher mind, where you know what's happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.      

Listen to these session when in any social situation and feel social concerns evaporate.      

These are perfect when you are on your way to any social situation where you'll be meeting people, or before a date.      

This will put your mind in the perfect place for turning on your love powers.

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by theta brainwave inducing sounds.      

Theta is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.      

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.      

Choose an appropriate visualizing and let the sounds do the rest.

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.      

A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about the new love power you are learning to harness.      

Create the visualization based on the instructions in the listening guide, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blends of voices and sounds put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be resonated on a deep level.

Session Descriptions

Emotional Magnifier

Use your conversational power to get them feeling wonderful and covertly attach those feelings to you.      

Get them talking about deep desires in ways they never have before.      

Open up their ideas about the future in magnificent ways.

Magnify Their Dreams

Amplify Their Happiness

Expand Their Pleasure

Heighten Their Hopes

Enhance Their Feelings

Maximize Their Smile

Accelerate Their Joy

Boost Their Delight

Broaden What's Possible

Extend Their Affections

Leverage Their Sympathies

Internal Ruler

Set and respond only to your own chosen incentives.      

Free yourself from external pressures.      

Choose your thinking and behavior based on your self-chosen desires.      

Free yourself completely from outside influences.      

Be a creator of love, not a slave to it.

Rock Solid Boundaries

Choose Your Thoughts

Decide On Your Actions

Stick To Your Game Plan

Absolute Emotional Control

Effortless Frame Domination

Manage Every Conversation

Easily Steer Their Emotions

Always Act - Never React

Easily Obey Your Own Limits

Infinite Internal Integrity


Always stay grounded in logic and rational thought.      

Flip in and out of subjectivity with ease.      

Step outside of yourself in the moment and easily choose the best course of action from a purely objective standpoint.

Rational Based Behavior

Always Plan - Never Wish

Know Exactly What To Do

Understand Precisely What To Say

Plan For Every Contingency

Compute Detailed Strategies

Determine Price Plans

Consider Every Option

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Maximize Their Love Response

Use Scarcity Effectively

Prize Mind

With the right mindset, you can easily sweep anybody off their feet.      

Understand your true value and project that to others through your powerful frame.      

Under how your words will resonate the worth of your presence.

Understand What You Truly Offer

Positive Self Belief

Continually Increasing Value

Give The Gift Of Yourself

Others Will Qualify Themselves To You

Radiate Infinite Self Respect

Undeniable Self Appreciation

Irrefutable Self Confidence

Unstoppable Self Esteem

Unconscious Magnetism

Approachable Attraction


Be the one who chooses.      

Develop a solid set of criteria you sort the through the world to choose your ideal romantic partner.      

Others will be desperate to pass your tests.

Subtle Questions of Dominance

Radiate True Exclusivity

Never Settle Again

Others Compete For Your Attention

They Come To You

Be The Product Everybody Wants

Endless Choice

Perpetual Preference

Continuous Options

Never Ending Candidates

Only Settle Down When Ready

Scarcity Generator

Leverage the most powerful trigger of desire.      

Give them the gift of your absence.      

Let them create the perfect image of you in mind while they wait desperately to see you again.

Be The Spaces Between The Notes

Let Them Wait For You

Give Them Just Enough

Be Confident On Your Own

Let Love Build In Their Mind Naturally

Accelerate Their Affection

Get Them Dying To See You

Your Texts Will Be Heavenly

Your Calls Will Be Orgasmic

Your Presence Will Be Cherished

Know Precisely How To Space Yourself

Treasure Hunter

Turn random conversations into bliss generating memories.      

Find the pleasure in everybody.      

Turn small talk into unexpected love bombs.

Dig For Golden Nuggets

Find Their Hidden Treasure

Uncover Their Deepest Desires

Magnify Their Secret Wishes

Anchor Their Passions

Expand Their Future Dreams

Leave Them Happier Than You Found Them

Always Leave A Good Impression

Become Socially In Demand

Turbo Charge Existing Relationships

Memorable Conversations In Seconds

Master Mix

Use to balance your love powers or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once.      

Use to resonate your inner love generator throughout your entire being.      

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Pre-Game Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Reprogramming

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Steady Growth In All Areas

Resonate With Love Energy

Get this now and never be lonely again.

Get this now and create your dream relationship.

Get this now and become a social magician.

Get this now and master the greatest truths of human nature.

Get this now and never been heartbroken again.

Get this now and generate the most wonderful feelings in anybody you like.

Get this now and create your fantasy relationship from scratch.

Love Hypnosis