Modeling Mastery

Soak Up Any Skill Or Behavior At Will

Modeling Mastery

Modeling Mastery

Modeling Mastery

Soak Up Any Skill Or Behavior At Will

Learning is hard, right?

Long nights with boring textbooks.

Long, boring trial and error.

Most guys would love to jam like crazy up on stage.

Do that and you'll never worry about the ladies again.

Many ladies would love a beautiful voice they could confidently deliver without any stage fright.

Or have the massive confidence to demonstrate your skills to be chosen out of thousands.

Acting skills, dancing skills, singing skills, athletic skills, job interview skills, interpersonal persuasion and seduction skills.

These are skills, which means they need to be practiced, right?

Well, that's how we currently think of skills.

Either long and boring practice, when we'd rather be doing other things.

Or long and terrifying practice, where every mistake feels like the epic failure of a lifetime.

But it didn't used to be this way.

Learning has always been important.


But why is it so hard?

Two reasons.

One is we've only had our modern educational system for a few hundred years.

Not nearly long enough for our natural learner, based on an ancient learning instinct, to catch up.

And two is it is devoid of role models.

Not role model in the general sense.

But role models in the specific sense.

Who would be easier to learn from, a teacher who absolutely LOVED what they were teaching?

Or a teacher who became a teacher because that was their best career option.

See, human modeling is NOT something you can just turn on or off.

We are ALWAYS modeling others.

This is how you learned to walk and talk.

This is how you picked up those, uh, "bad habits" that made your mom angry.

And this is how you COULD pick up mad math skills, but ONLY IF your teacher had the qualities of a genuine role model.

A proper demonstration for the skill, and the deeper love and enjoyment of demonstrating this skill.

Modeling both the skill and the underlying energy is required to REALLY get the skill.

This is precisely how and why you pick up those bad behaviors.

This is exactly WHY your parents didn't want you hanging around those bad people.

Because if you genuinely admire any of those so-called bad people, you will automatically, and unconsciously soak up that bad behavior.

This is why things like playing the guitar is something we'd all like to do, but don't have the motivation to actually practice long enough to be able to do.

We love the idea of having the skill.

But without a genuine role model to guide us, we've only got that vague desire.

But there is a way to re-calibrate this ancient skill to be more congruent with our modern world.

And that is what you will learn in this course.

When our ancient modeling instinct was first calibrated, it was only kids and adults.

A small group of people, all living together their entire lives, with one small collection of goals.

Get food, don't get eaten, become a better hunter, become a better leader, and get the rewards.

All the adults wanted those things.

All the adults were trying to get better at those things.

And everybody, kids and adults, were instinctively, subconsciously and automatically copying the few who were the BEST at those things.

Not just their outwardly expressed behaviors, but how much they loved to get better at those things.

In a very real way, our ancient modeling or learning instinct was created to model the outer game and the inner game of those who were the BEST at what they did.

Today, the problem is two-fold.

One, there are WAY more things we can learn today.

Two, it's WAY harder to find a model.

This is EXACTLY why they say that if you want to be successful, hang out with successful people.

If you wanted to be financially successful, and you hung out with financially successful people, this would best replicate our ancient learning environment.

But what if you don't have a handy group of financially (or any other type) of successful people that will let you hang out with them?

In this program, you'll learn how to find the best models.

You'll learn an accelerated modeling system, custom built for the modern age.

Because once you learn this method, you won't have that two fold problem.

You will flip both of those problems into solutions, so you can get the best of both worlds.

A modern version of your ancient, natural learner.

The literal abundance of not only skills to learn but people to model.

And your super genius imagination that you can use to significantly accelerate this process.

Who Will You Model?

People on YouTube.

Fictional characters in movies.

Fictional characters in books.

Even custom built characters in your imagination.

Combined with a form of self-training hypnosis, you can learn from everybody.

And build up this modeling skill strong enough, and you can model people you see in real time.

You'll also learn why we have such a powerful storytelling instinct.

That the entire reason we have this storytelling instinct was specifically so that we could learn from powerful archetypes.

Not only that, you'll learn to modernize this deeper modeling and create a custom built army of supporters that will be with you everywhere.

This may sound a bit crazy, but if you build them up in mind strong enough, you will literally feel them with you every step of the way.

Feel like talking to that cutie across the room?

Bring with you a couple of world class seducers to not only give you confidence, but tell you what to say to her.

How to respond to any unexpected tests.

Got an athletic competition?

Bring along some ancient Greek Olympians or a couple Spartan warriors to give you the power to plow through the competition.

Got an important presentation at work?

Bring along a couple the greatest business minds of all time, real or custom built, that will be with you and guide you to greatness.

What's Included

This course contains three coaching sessions.

Session One explains why modeling works and why it is the best way to learn.

Session Two details the steps to choose a skill and model from anybody, real, historical, fictional, and imaginary, and how to accelerate your skill development.

Session Three explains how to create your own custom army to bring with you anywhere, using our ancient storytelling, archetype support system.

Each session comes with three subliminal sessions, plus a master mix, giving you twelve hours of deep programming.

One for your higher mind, one for the boundary between conscious and unconscious, and one for your deep mind, where your ancient learning instinct lives.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Natural Learner

Reawaken your deep instinctive learner.

Easily shatter all limitations to rapid learning.

Build in powerful beliefs that you can learn anything you choose, easily, naturally and pleasantly.

Session Two - Skill Replicator

Destroy any false ideas that learning skills needs to be slow and boring.

Obliterate false modern notions so you can soak up skills like a sponge.

Re-calibrate your filters to soak up any large or micro skill you see within others on a daily basis.

Session Three - Ideal Self Generator

Calibrate your mind to always feel supported by a team of experts.

Understand your deep truth and obliterate any obstacle standing between who you are now, and who you want to be.

Leverage your imagination to have your greatest heroes from history, fiction, or your imagination to always motivate you to become better at anything you choose.

Get this now and accelerate your learning.

Get this now and always feel supported.

Get this now and turn YouTube into your own army of private tutors.

Get this now and never consume fiction purely for entertainment again.

Get this now and demonstrate a powerfully attractive ambition not seen in modern times.

Get this now and quickly learn any skill to get any outcome.

Get this now and dominate all competition in all areas.

Modeling Mastery