Natural Lover

Be Everybody's Dream Come True

Natural Lover

Natural Lover

Natural Lover

Be Everybody's Dream Come True

The world of modern romance is a trainwreck.

An unmitigated dumpster fire.

It wasn't always this way.

Back in the old days, it was easy.

Show up to life.

Go through school.

Get a girlfriend or boyfriend in high school or college.

Get a job, get a spouse, raise some kids.

And everybody lives happily ever after.

But, as you well know, that world doesn't exist any more.

This doesn't mean that was good and this is bad.

Or that, that was bad and this is good.

Every situation has good things and bad things.

Every change involves costs and benefits.

If you try to cling to the old way of thinking, you're going to get destroyed.

Obliterated financially and emotionally, perhaps never able to recover.

But as the Buddha once taught, the source of all pain is expecting the world to be like it's not.

If you wander into the vegetable shop with your mind set on chocolate donuts, you're going to be upset.

If you wander into the dating market hoping for a set and forget relationship like back in the old days, you are not going to have a happy ending.

This doesn't mean you need to suffer.

All you need to do is understand the way the world of modern love and romance works, and you'll find yourself with a never ending happy ending.

How so?

First, by understanding human nature.

Why the same human nature created the old school set and forget romance strategies.

Why this same human nature is creating a much, much different world of love and romance.

Update your strategies, get in the game, and have some fun.

With the mindset of the natural lover, everything will be simple.

With the expectations of the natural lover, rejection will be a thing of the past.

With the conversations skills of the natural lover, happy smiling faces with eyes of affection pointed directly at you will be common.

With the subtle and subconscious qualifying skills of the natural lover, you'll never chase anybody again.

You'll stand out in every crowd.

You'll be the one they chase.

The one they pursue.

The one they fantasize and dream about.

The one they are desperate, but most likely unable, to keep.

Because as a natural lover, your world will be filled with sexual abundance.

Not pretend, law of attraction, pretend on the Internet sexual abundance, but real memories of real sexual encounters.

Real memories of pretty ladies desperate to be with you.

And a real positive expectation of a sexually abundant future.

With these real memories and realistic expectations powering your natural lover mindset, everybody will know who you are.

And everybody will be on their best behavior.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions with ideas and exercises to take you from where you are now to become a natural lover operating fearlessly in a world of pleasure.

Three subliminal themes to program in the natural lover beliefs, attitudes and fearlessness into your deep mind.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is the archetypical description of the ideal natural lover.

The kinds of mindsets to cultivate.

The expectations of the modern world to keep you free from negativity.

Session Two is about how to slide from appreciation to desire to rapid attraction building.

How to clear your mind of any insecurities when openly enjoying the beauty of a gorgeous lady.

How to remove all outcome from your brain so no matter what happens, you'll benefit.

Session Three is how to cultivate the natural qualifier.

To radiate the deeply attractive mindset of, "so far, so good."

How to eliminate every last shred of neediness from your mind and be the prize they've been looking for.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Organic Relationships

Create relationships naturally, automatically, and spontaneously.

Develop such conversational attraction that everybody you speak to will want to see you again.

Build a real life of abundance based on experience and eject all expectations and outcomes.

Two - Transparent Desires

Learn the secret that the more you clearly state your natural desires, the more attractive you'll be.

Let the natural feelings and emotions of appreciation show on your face and win her heart.

Be the most charismatic person they've ever seen.

Three - Natural Lover

Openly appreciate the beauty you can find in everybody.

Let them be the one that works to keep you.

Be the open lover of all who qualify, and squeeze the most pleasure out of life that you possibly can.

Get this now and leave social anxiety forever behind.

Get this now and never worry about getting caught again.

Get this now and give every lady the gift of open appreciation.

Get this now and become the natural qualifier.

Get this now and maximize your romantic and sexual pleasure.

Get this now and navigate the modern dating dumpster fire with grace and social magic.

Get this now and be the guy every girl dreams of.

Natural Lover