Nested Loops

Move Their Emotions - Lead Their Thinking

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Nested Loops

Move Their Emotions - Lead Their Thinking

Stories are fantastic.

Humans have been telling each other stories for tens of thousands of years.

The types of stories we tell each other are one of the best things about being human.

Greek tragedies, Shakespearean comedies, epically motivating and inspiring hero's journeys.

These are all based on a collection of human instincts.

Instincts to create and build real connections with metaphorical archetypes.

Instincts to use stories to dream about a much better life than we have.

Instincts to experience carefully calibrated agonizing emotions we can vicariously experience through stories.

So we'll be better suited to handle them in real life.

But there is another type of storytelling.

A kind invented by a bona fide super genius.

A super genius with an origin story too incredible to be true.

When he was a kid, he thought he was going to die.

He accepted his death, and said one last goodbye to the sunset.

But then he didn't die.

And what happens when you accept your death and don't die?

Most social fears vanish.

So this young kid, with a fresh appreciation for life and everything in it, decided to become an explorer.

An explorer of the human mind.

He became a doctor and a therapist and a hypnotist.

And because he wanted to heal people faster and better, he invented a new kind of hypnosis.

A new kind of storytelling.

One that could easily solve life long problems in minutes.

And lucky for us, this guy was just like the ancient Greeks.

The same inventors of catharsis and the tragedy.

The same people who took an historian with them everywhere, since they always had a suspicion they were about to do something extraordinary.

Similarly, this super genius cutting edge inventor of conversational hypnosis knew he was doing something extraordinary.

So he wrote down a lot of his techniques.

Took notes from all his conversations.

And lucky for us, using his basic storytelling structure socially is far, far, easier than getting an alcoholic to put down the bottle.

Far more fun than convincing a kid to stop wetting the bed.

Much more enjoyable than convincing a life long introvert to so fantastically change her life that her funeral was absolutely packed.

The structure you'll learn in this course is the famous nested loop structure.

The same structure super genius hypnotist Dr. Milton Erickson used to solve life long problems in a couple of hours.

The very same structure you can use to move minds and install desires.

To entertain, uplift and become a spectacularly entertaining social player.

You'll learn the storytelling structure.

How to fade their minds with the outer stories so you can deliver hypnotic genius in the middle.

The sentence level linguistic tricks to drop in the middle, so they think you are a literal wizard.

And just like the ancient Greeks, you'll get people to experience whatever emotions you want.

Right inside of that middle story.

Quotes patterns, slippery slope language, embedded commands and blurred realities to make the middle story a dream come true.

What kinds of emotions can you create in their happily tranced-out minds?

Whichever ones you want.

Curiosity followed by fascination followed by an irresistible romantic desire.

Anxiety followed by interest followed by deep need and an unstoppable buying desire.

Any chain of emotions you want.

From any negative emotion to any positive emotion.

All within a few minutes conversation.

Get strangers treating you like an old friend, or even an old lover

Turn the angriest people you can find into the goofiest laugh-out-loud party clowns you want.

Turn the shiest wallflowers into wild party heroes that everybody enjoys.

Combine ancient storytelling instincts with modern hypnotic magic and make everybody's brain come alive with fascination.

Turn your everyday speech into beautiful emotional music you can share with anybody, anywhere, any time.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions filled with everything you need to get started today speaking in nested loops.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program in the beliefs, social and conversational confidence to become a word wizard as quickly as possible.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about the powerful art of storytelling.

Why and how stories are the most elegant way to persuade, teach, and inspire anybody for any reason.

Why all the stories you need are already inside your mind.

Session Two is about the specific nested loop structure.

Why cliffhangers can significantly increase interest and how to use them.

How to create story amnesia so you can get away with the craziest stories and social behaviors that nobody will remember.

Session Three is about the sentence level techniques.

Pauses, embedded commands, slippery slope language, blurred realities and the famous quotes pattern.

How to borrow a personality so you'll always have complete plausible deniability, making you the most entertaining storyteller they've ever seen.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Elegant Language

Program in the deep beliefs that your language is magic.

That you can use your language to move any mind to any desire or action.

That your words are all you need to achieve any outcome.

Session Two - Social Magic

Program in the powerful belief that your social presence is a source of wonderful wizardry.

To create the frame of magic everybody will enjoy.

To behave in wonderful ways others can only dream of.

Session Three - Mind Control

Program in the belief that controlling their thinking and even their memories is not only easy, but enjoyable.

To easily move their emotions from bad to good, from good to better, and from better to a mouth watering fascination for you.

That moving moods, ideas, desires and intentions is an ideal hobby that you will enjoy practicing.

Get this now and master the ancient art of storytelling.

Get this now and spin minds in wonderful circles of love.

Get this now and eradicate every negative emotion within sight.

Get this now and become a recognized social master.

Get this now and create a vortex of bliss around your frame of word wizardry.

Get this now and become an absolute master of human communication.

Get this now and create any life you want with only your words.


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