Outcome Independence

The Most Elegantly Persuasive Frame

Outcome Independence

Outcome Independence

Outcome Independence

The Most Elegantly Persuasive Frame

The biggest problem in sales, seduction, public speaking of any kind is losing that "now" feeling.

When you're flowing in the now, everything's easy.

But as soon as you start worrying about what might happen, everything falls apart.

It's one thing to hit center target every time when shooting on the range.

Everything seems to flow perfectly in your head.

Or when you're standing in front of the mirror rehearsing.

But when there's a real live person watching you?

This is what Mike Tyson meant when he said:

Everybody's got a plan.

But then you get punched in the mouth.

How you roll with these unexpected punches determines how easily you'll get your outcome.

But as you likely know, as soon as you start worrying about your outcome, it crashes your game.

You've had plenty of experiences like this.

You've just found yourself in a conversation with an interesting person.

You didn't have enough time to blow yourself out with analysis paralysis.

The conversation started and flowed like water.

A natural back and forth.

The back and forth that is easy with friends.

Easy with friends because there IS no outcome.

The ONLY outcome is to enjoy the conversation.

The goal of this program is to see all conversations like this.

To re-train your brain to see the only outcome as the friendly conversational back and forth flow.

Like all those friendly conversations in the past, once they flow naturally, mutual magnetism will emerge.

It won't be an outcome you need to worry about.

Because it will happen on it's own.

You'll remember what it was like to talk to people from this childhood mindset.

When kids play on the playground, they don't need a ton of game strategies and openers or worries about frame tests.

They just play.

Unfortunately, while the idea of outcome independence is pretty ubiquitous, the advice is pretty lame.

It's hard to just "be" outcome independent.

That would be like just "not" being hungry.

Or just "not" paying attention to your neighbors thumping bass when you're trying to study algebra.

Our mind-body systems don't have any ignore features.

We have all kinds of things that compete for our focus.

Which is the solution.

To instead of thinking in terms of "outcome independence," which isn't even accurate anyway.

And instead practice controlling your focus.

It's not automatic and it will take a bit of time.

But with practice, you'll find a TON of things to focus on INSTEAD of what might or might not happen.

And the less you focus on what might or might not happen, the more likely VERY GOOD things will happen.

This is another little known about paradox.

Attraction is not based on the words.

Attraction is based on underlying congruence.

And when we say attraction, we mean basic, human to human attraction.

The kind that happens between colleagues, friends, engaging speakers and successful job interviewers.

Words are not really that necessary.

And when you go through the simple exercises in this program, you'll find plenty of other things to focus on.

That you'll enjoy focusing on once you learn to release the concern for the words.

Their smile.

How their eyes light up.

The way their lips and eyes create a wonderful symphony of inter-conversational bliss.

This natural back and forth you USED TO be a master of before you grew up.

Getting back to this natural state will be easy.

Getting back to enjoying the conversation without being worried about the outcome will be easy.

Approaching and talking with attractive and interesting people will seem normal.

And when you do normal things, there's no reason to worry about outcome.

Talking to interesting people will seem as normal and automatic as making a peanut butter sandwich.

Giving a rousing speech straight from the heart will feel as normal as singing along with your favorite songs in the car.

Demonstrating that you are the absolute best candidate for any job will be as natural and enjoyable as giving a hungry person directions to the best burger place in town.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions filled with the philosophical underpinnings and structural exercises so you can become outcome independent as soon as possible.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind with the necessary beliefs to achieve outcome independence.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is the idea of outcome independence from a structural level.

Why simply being outcome independent is really a misdirection.

How and what to focus on to push all unhelpful ideas out of your brain.

Session Two is all about the internal description of outcome independence.

The internal thinking mechanics to achieve the irresistibly attractive interpersonal flow state.

What to focus on to make that deep and ancient attraction happen as naturally as possible.

Session Three is the simple daily exercises that you can do anywhere any time to significantly enhance and strengthen your flow state muscle.

How to make the conversational flow state with anybody as easy and enjoyable as two kids playing catch.

The secret of outcome independence that can happen every single moment of consciousness.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Musical Language

Ditch the idea of words being important.

Learn to feel your words are floating up on top of a stream interpersonal emotional resonance.

Retrain your mind that social conversations can be beautifully orchestrated symphonies between you and anybody you choose.

Two - Interpersonal Flow State

Train yourself to trust the enjoyable, blissful back and forth conversational flow states you feel with close friends.

To resonate with anybody on all levels without worrying about anything.

To release fear and anxiety and maximize conversational pleasure.

Three - Social Grace

See social situations not as filled with anxiety and frustration but as wonderful potentials for love and self expression.

Become an enjoyer of humanity and float through life with emotional bliss.

Walk, speak, and emotionally resonate the deep feelings of openness and shine like a beautiful beacon of human pleasure.

Get this now and resonate with everybody.

Get this now and enjoy every single conversation.

Get this now and leverage ancient wisdom with modern human pleasure.

Get this now and become insanely attractive to anybody.

Get this now and see each and every conversation as a unique journey into human enjoyment.

Get this now and forever release social anxiety and tension.

Get this now and inject the gift of yourself into every conversation you find.

Outcome Independence