Party Hero

Become A Covert Generator of Bliss

Party Hero

Party Hero

Party Hero

Become A Covert Generator of Bliss

Being the life of the party is a happy place to be.

People look at you with eyes of excitement and appreciation.

Everybody competes to be in your social circle.

Everybody wants to be around you.

Everybody wants to be with you.

When you walk into any party, any club, any gathering, all brains are on you.

All brains want you.

This is a wonderful idea.

A fantastic fantasy.

But it is out of reach for most people, right?

To be the party hero, you need super extroverted party personality, right?

This kind of reciprocal love generation is out of reach for those not maxed out on the extrovert side of the scale, right?

At least from a superficial standpoint.

But this is only one way.

Certainly not the only way.

Certainly not the easiest way.

In fact, if you are somewhat of an introvert, you have an advantage.

To become the long game party hero.

To build your party hero reputation, one conversation at a time.

To be the covert deliverer of pleasure.

To be the silent seducer of all the pretty people.

To be the secret agent of love to anybody you choose.

All it takes is a couple of re-calibrations.

A couple of new understandings.

And some patience.

To speak to people, in a way, so they'll remember you.

To speak to people, in a way, so they'll enjoy you.

Not because of anything about you.

But how you make them feel.

So they'll see you as both attractive and mysterious.

And when you slowly build up your covert party personality, it will grow.

Like a slowly growing one-itis.

That everybody will have, for you.

So everybody will slowly begin to notice that everybody feels that way about you.

Which will kick off a lot of other covert psychological effects.

Competition, scarcity, social proof and authority.

All without revealing very much about who you are.

They'll only know that everybody wants you.

Giving you the natural vibe of being the most compelling and seductive party superhero they've ever seen.

And there's only two simple but kind of boring exercises you'll need to do to build up your party personality.

Two simple ideas you'll learn in this course.

What's Inside

Full Manual Full Of Party Hero Strategies

Rapid Learning System - Accelerated Book To Brain Transfer

Three Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax and let the party hero beliefs and ideas slide right in.

Session One is all about how to build their bliss from the inside out.

How to open and engage even the shiest wallflowers.

The easy way to practice party skills everywhere.

Session Two is about long game party skills.

Why you never need to leave your comfort zone.

How to get others to do all the work to make you a party hero.

Session Three is about why they'll be competing for your attention.

Why you'll be much more coveted than even the most charismatic extroverts.

Why the longer you slide under the radar, the more you'll slide into the fantasy section of their brains.

Subliminal Programs

Blast your deep mind with party love ideas, beliefs and behaviors.

One - Covert Extrovert

Be remembered as the most seductive player without ever leaving your comfort zone.

How to turn anybody into a party partner.

Why starting from the inside is much, much more playful.

Two - Contagious Pleasure

Play the long game party strategy.

Build up your army of party lovers, one by one.

Leverage social proof and authority for long term party bliss.

Three - Love Magnet

Build your party critical mass of party love.

Everybody will notice that everybody is noticing you.

Once this happens, everybody will compete to seduce you.

Get this now and be a covert party player.

Get this now and build your party army.

Get this now and practice party skills everywhere.

Get this now and get on everybody's A-list.

Get this now and fill your social calendar with future excitement.

Get this now and make friends everywhere.

Get this now and find eager lovers anywhere.

Party Hero