Public Speaking Hypnosis

Trance Your Way To Love And Riches

Public Speaking Hypnosis

Public Speaking Hypnosis

Public Speaking Hypnosis

Trance Your Way To Love And Riches

Some skills are very specific.

How to cook a bacon and cheese omelet.

How to juggle four bowling balls

Other skills are more meta.

Social skills.

Public speaking skills.

Intellectual skills.

And some skills you can combine in ways that will put you head and shoulders above everybody else.

If you can speak confidently and playfully in public, you'll have many more options.

If you can tell a decent story, you'll significantly accelerate how well you can sell from the stage.

But if you combine public speaking and storytelling with the fine art of conversational hypnosis?

You'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Somebody who can tell simple stories from the stage that will motivate people to action.

Any action you want.

While allowing your audience to believe it was their idea to take that action.

This is the power of covert hypnosis.

To talk people into doing pretty much anything you want.

To believe it was their idea all along.

What can you do with this skill socially?

To get anybody to do anything?

What do you want to do?

What can you do with these skills from the stage?

To get a large percentage of your audience to do anything?

And believe it was their idea?

Whatever you want.

Buy whatever you're selling.

Believe whatever you'd like them to.

Join whatever group or cult you'd like them to join.

Vote for whomever you want them to vote for.

Including you.

With these three skills you'll be able to write your own ticket.

Weave wonderful stories that get them looking at you like a word wizard.

This will leverage authority for you.

Social proof in the crowd.

And competition anxiety within the crowd for you.

What can you do with this skill?

Whatever you want.

What's Included

Complete Manual - Filled With Linguistic Structures

Rapid Learning System

Hypnotic Book To Brain Transfer In Minutes

Guided Imaginations

Low level hypnotic coaching to slide in the ideas and structures to hypnotically dominate from the stage.

Session One is all about public speaking.

How to ease from where you are into public speaking confidence.

How to ease from public speaking confidence to public speaking playfulness.

Session Two is all about the structure of hypnosis.

Why hypnosis is far more prevalent than most people realize.

How to use the most covert kinds of hypnosis in your speeches.

Session Three is how to slide ideas into their mind.

How to use stories to get them doing and thinking whatever you want.

How to tell stories so wonderful they'll beg to obey you.

Subliminal Programming

Brainwash yourself into becoming the most persuasive public speaker the world has ever seen.

One - Stage Game

Develop incredibly magnetic presence.

Feel comfort and confidence from any stage.

Speak eloquently from the heart in front of any crowd.

Two - Hypnotic Game

Master the most persuasive conversational style ever invented.

Slide any ideas into any brain.

Become a master of hypnosis from any stage or to any person.

Three - Storytelling Game

Become a master of words for any purpose.

Leverage the most ancient form of persuasion for any reason.

Create a happy ending in anybody's brain you want.

Get this now and turbo charge your career.

Get this now and be the hero of every party.

Get this now and earn an easy six figures from any stage.

Get this now and build your own love cult.

Get this now and leave them spellbound.

Get this now and get any audience eating out of the palm of your hand.

Get this now and make people desperate to hear your words.

Public Speaking Hypnosis