Seven Laws

How To Use The Embedded Triggers In Their Mind For Easy Influence

Irresistible Persuasion

Seven Laws

Subliminal Sessions

Irresistible Persuasion

Seven Laws

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Irresistible Persuasion

Seven Laws of Power

How To Use The Embedded Triggers In Their Mind For Easy Influence

Most people aren't logical.      

Deep in our minds are very simple programs that cause to do the things we do.      

And like a fish doesn't notice the water it desperately needs for its survival, very few of us humans know what these laws are.      

Even fewer know how to leverage them.     

Top Secret Advertising Weapons

Advertisers have known about these for decades.      

To use them to trick parents into buying twice as many toys at Christmastime.      

They use these to gently push fashion trends where they want.      

The sneak these ideas in the middle of your favorite TV shows and get you to want to buy things.     

Romance Movies

Some of these ideas have made their way into common dating language, even being common sense suggestions told from one character to another in romance movies.      

You probably even know the names of these ancient triggers.     

Storytelling Magic

Once upon a time, there was an outside the box thinking hypnotist.      

One of the reasons he was so "out there" was that he really wanted to help people.      

Not talk to them forever about how they feel about how they feel so he could keep giving them drugs and charging them money.      

He wanted to fix them, and fix them quickly.     

Milton Model

This guy was Dr. Milton Erickson, and he invented a whole new form of hypnosis.      

The kind where nobody knows they are being hypnotized, until their life-long problem has been forever vaporized.      

His technique was reverse engineered and today it's commonly referred to as the Milton Model, a collection of the most powerful language patters you'll ever come across.     

What About Those Triggers?

Advertisers had to use sneaky techniques and convoluted advertising ideas to leverage ideas like Scarcity, Social Proof, and Commitment and Consistency.      

They've spent a lot of money to set these ad scams up.      

Very much like your favorite movies about grifters.      

These ad cons have a lot of moving parts.     


For example, ad men sell the crap out of toys the months before Christmas.      

But then when the shopping season rolls around, those same toys are nowhere to be found.      

Think this doesn't work in a world of online retail? 

Think again! 

Next time you go shopping on Amazon, see how many places you can find phrases like, "Only two left in stock! Better buy now!" 

Social Proof

This is something that everybody knows.      

You go somewhere alone, nobody wants anything to do with you.      

But you show up with a crew of good looking guys and girls? 

Everybody wants to be on your team and your junk.      

Going downtown to find a place to knock back a few, and chance are you'll steer clear of empty buildings.      

We all want to go where the action is.      

Nobody wants to go where nobody wants to go!


Four out of five dentists recommend it! 

I'm King George, and I approve of this message! 

Get a famous person to promote your product, and sit back and watch the money roll in.    

Be the guy everybody wants, and you can get any girl in town.     

Ancient Secrets of Ad Men

Like I said, advertisers have leveraged these ideas for decades.      

But they are costly to set up.      

The old Christmas Scam cost a ton on TV ads, and a lot of planning.      

Social proof is equally expensive.      

It takes a while to build, and you've got to be careful or it will evaporate faster than a puff of smoke in a hurricane.     

Uncle Milton To The Rescue

But what happens when you combine these advertising secrets with some of the most powerful language patterns ever created? 

You can covertly imply all of these conversationally, that's what.      

Implied Authority

Take the idea of hypnotic language patterns and wrap them around the idea of authority, and you can covertly persuade your target that any idea of yours is backed by the most powerful authority figure they can imagine.     

Hypnotic Social Proof

Talking to a potential client or a cutie in a club? 

Speak hypnotically and within seconds they'll believe you are the most socially proofed human on Earth! 

Even if there's nobody else in sight, these powerful language patterns will infuse their brains with the truth of your social proof.     

Telepathic Scarcity

Because scarcity is ever present, it's the easiest to imply with these language patterns.      

And when something is scarce, we want it more than ever.      

We have to get this! 

All you need is wrap your words around these ideas and deliver them the right way and your target will jump on whatever you've got before it's gone.     

Seven Laws Of Influence

Each law will be discussed in detail so you understand it inside and out (which is more than most people, who only know their names!) 

You'll know how they work, and you'll know why they work.      

You'll learn how to find them everywhere, and then reverse engineer them so you can use them on whatever ideas you want.     

Hypnotic Delivery System

Each law will be run through the ringer of the Milton Model so you'll know how to start speaking the hypnotic language patterns of natural influence.      

How to drop authority, social proof and any other law you want conversationally.     

Instant Influence

An idea you come up with can be instantly socially proofed.      

Any thing you want your target to believe will be gone if they don't act quickly.      

Any suggestion you conjure up will have massive authority behind it, making your target desperate to take action.      

Any action you want.     

Who Can Use These?

If you've ever found yourself in a situation where you want to make suggestions that will be acted upon, you can use these ideas.      

Think about the people you interact with now.      

Think about taking whatever ideas you'd like them to agree to.      

Now imagine speaking to them for a minute or two, and getting them to be desperate to follow your suggestions.     

If you sell things, you'll make a lot more money.      

If you like meeting people, you'll make a lot more friends.      

If you ever go places socially, you can call the shots with a lot more effectiveness.      

If you ever need to talk to your boss, he or she will only be able to nod their head.     

Anywhere Conversation Is Used

Any time you open your mouth and talk, you can leverage whatever you're saying with these techniques.      

The best part? 

They won't even need to participate.      

You talk, they listen.      

This means if you're in any position to sell from the stage (or give any kind of persuasive speech) whatever you're suggesting will sell like hot cakes.     

You Talk - They Obey

Whatever you want them to do, just start talking, and they'll do it.      

Very little participation is required on their part.     

Once you've got the conversation going, drop these patterns in and they're brain will be yours.     

It Goes Without Saying

But I gotta say it anyway.      

These are tools.      

Very powerful tools.      

They can be used to make people feel absolutely fantastic whenever they are around you.      

They can also be used to con old ladies out of their pensions.      

How you use these tools is up to you.      

But I'm gonna guess that since you've watched this far, you aren't looking to con anybody.     

What's Inside?

Conscious Training

Dozens of coaching sessions, free from fluff.      

Each law will be described in detail.      

Once you understand how and why it works, you'll be given plenty of Milton Model Language Patterns specifically designed for that particular law.      

But Wait! 

There's More!

Not only will you get a bunch of Milton Model language patterns for each and every law, but each law comes with two fully written nested loops.      

These are perfect for speeches, or if you're having a heart to heart with a friend or lover, these will spin their brains in circles, and skyrocket that particular law.      

For example, tell the nested loop stories on authority and they will be hypnotized to think you are the King of Earth!

Several Patterns - Two Nested Loops

Each law has several patterns and two full nested loop stories.      

Each nested loop has four individual stories in the perfect hypnotic order.      

All the command and spatial anchors are marked.      

Just like you're the actor and these are your scripts.      

Fourteen full stories in all, over five hundred words each.     

Conscious Training Description


Understand the secrets of authority.      

Realize why even pretend authority can drive people to commit murderous acts.      

Learn to leverage this ancient human law that makes most people turn off their brains and become instantly obedient whenever an authority figure shows up.     

What Authority Is

Why Authority Works

How To Fake Authority

How To Imply Authority

How To Create Authority They Are Obedient To

Hypnotic Language Patterns To Implant Authority

Short Sentences That Attach Authority To Any Idea

How To Leverage Undefined Authority

Nested Loop Stories To Magnify Authority

Powerful Anchoring Techniques

Hypnotic Authority Commands

Social Proof

Learn why social proof works.      

Why there really is safety in numbers.      

How nearly every marketer and advertiser since the dawn of time has leveraged social proof to make money.      

How even the Beatles used fake social proof before they became famous.      

Why it works and how to use it.     

Social Proof Secrets

How To See It Everywhere

How To Reverse Engineer It

Piggyback On Others' Social Proof

Hypnotically Imply Social Proof

Powerful Language Patterns For Social Proof

Subtle Social Proof Anchoring

Nested Loop Social Proof Stories

Social Proof Idea Implanting

Become Immune To The Effects of Social Proof

Use Social Proof To Master Their Minds


We want what we can't have.      

How one small sentence changed a company from zero sales to massive profits.      

Why everything on Earth is scarce, and how this can make the idea the most powerful.      

How to leverage the natural and deep human fear of lack.      

Why decreasing products always create increasing buying desire.      

How to imply scarcity within every conversation.     

Scarcity Secrets

How To Leverage The Abundance of Scarcity

How To Selectively Point Out Scarcity

Hypnotically Leverage Their Fear Of Missing Out

Easy Conversational Scarcity Highlighting Techniques

Nested Loops For Scarcity

Maximize Buying Desire

Create A Frenzy Of Need For Anything

Powerful Anchoring Techniques

Tons Of Useful Language Patterns

Deep Implied Impending Scarcity

Comparison and Contrast

This little known law helped retailers make a killing simply by rearranging their product shelves.      

Why things look much better when we selectively compare them to something else.      

How to take anything and make it look better by comparison.      

How and why this law works.      

How a real estate company easily sold houses way out of their buyers' stated ranges.     

Always Look Better By Comparison

How To Structure Your Offer

How To Structure Your Suggestion

Easy Appointment Setting Secrets

Make First Dates A Snap To Agree To

Deep Loops With Double Anchors

Nested Loops With Comparison Anchors

Hypnotic Patterns for Easy Choices

Your Idea Will Always Be The Easiest Choice

Train Yourself To Always Use Comparison Anchors

Leverage Their Pre-Set Preferences

Commitment and Consistency

Learn why we nearly always choose the familiar and comfortable over the new and uncertain.      

How to structure your suggestions and offers so they 

are consistent with your targets' previous decisions, purchases, and dating habits.      

How to make going home with you seem natural and familiar even if you've only known him or her for a couple of hours.      

Why this is the proven technique behind every sales funnel you've slid through.     

How To Set Up Your Offers

How To Mine Their Mind For Similarity

Hypnotically Embedded Familiarity

The Magic of Assigning Them A Positive Label

Give Them A Compliment They'll Work To Keep

Hypnotically Install Steps To Your Choice

Deep Hypnotic Loops To Install Comfort

Nested Loops To Generate Familiarity

How To Anchor Previous Decisions

Use Those Anchors For Future Suggestions

Leverage The Power of Pseudo Logic


Understand the magic of The Godfather Principle.      

Why doing favors will subconsciously compel them to pay you back.      

How to work simple and free favors into your behavior to naturally create an army of supporters.      

How to imply previous favors they'll want to repay.      

Secret techniques of waiters to get tons of tips.     

The Magic Of Favors

Why The Repayments Are Always More

How to Hypnotically Imply Previous Favors

Powerful Language Patterns To Generate Reciprocity

Deep Loops of Back and Forth

Hypnotically Install Long Histories of Back and Forth

Make New Friends Feel They Owe You

Nested Stories To Generate Deep Obligation In Your Targets

Anchoring Techniques To Resonate Back and Forth Feelings

Pseudo Logic Language Patterns

Get Them To Forget To Keep Score


The famous Halo Effect.      

Why gorgeous people have it easier than the rest of us.      

Why we believe people just because we like them.      

Why we obey people just because we like them.      

Why there are no ugly newscasters.      

(hint: we believe beautiful people!) 

How to leverage the Halo Effect even if you aren't a super model.      

Sneaky tricks to skyrocket how much they like you, and will subsequently obey and follow you, no matter where you are on the beauty scale.     

How To Radiate Attraction and Desire

Subconscious Secrets of Automatic Liking

Why Body Language Rapport is Always Essential

Easy Rapport Techniques

Hypnotic Commands To Make Them Like You

Hypnotic Stories To Create Deep Connections

Powerful Anchors To Accelerate Attraction

Create Deep Connections Within Minutes

Nested Loops and Brain Bomb Attraction Tricks

Pseudo Logic Of Natural Liking

Back and Forth Anchors of Love Glue

Get this now and become the most persuasive human on Earth.

Get this now and slip any idea into any mind.

Get this now dominate all social situations.

Get this now turbo charge your communication.

Get this now become a master of influence.

Irresistible Persuasion

Seven Laws

Subliminal Programming

The techniques in the coaching sessions will teach you the skills and patterns to turn you into a conversational hypnotic powerhouse of influence.      

But the subliminal sessions will do something completely different.      

They will program your deep subconscious so you radiate these seven laws on a deep and instinctive level.      

Just by showing up, your presence will radiate the deep power of every single one of these laws.      

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.      

Higher mind, where you know what's happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.      

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.      

Listen to these sessions when in any social situation and feel social concerns evaporate.      

Use these when actually out and observing others.      

These Gamma Sessions will give you an immediate boost, raising your consciousness while bathing your brain with the relentlessly positive subliminal messages.      

Also perfect for journaling.      

Four voices will be speaking at once, two male, two female, all using both first and third person.      

Each session has over 400 statements that will add to a profound shift in beliefs and abilities.      

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds.      

Theta is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.      

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.      

Create a visualizing and hold on to that image right at the border between dreams and sleep while your conscious and unconscious are simultaneously reprogrammed.      

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.      

A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about the new persuasive power you are learning to harness.      

Create the visualization, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blends of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be reprogrammed on a deep level.      

Session Descriptions


Radiate authority from your very presence.      

Infuse all your ideas and suggestions with pre-approval.      

Prime people to automatically accept and follow your advice before you speak.      

Create a powerful sphere of influence that radiates pure domination.      

Naturally Powerful Posture

Deep Command of Language

Slow and Steady Movements

Speak With Massive Confidence

Automatically Outframe Anybody

Extreme Believability

Subconscious Command Energy

Never Need Any References

Alpha In Every Situation

Generate Immediate Obedience

Pre-Approval Everywhere

Social Proof

Send out subconscious signals that tell other people you are socially proofed in the very best way.      

Get them imagining that you have a crowd of supporters ready to follow you anywhere.      

Even if you're alone, radiate that rare energy that indicates you are social magic.      

Immense Popularity

Automatic Social Circle

Instant and Powerful Charisma

Automatic Belief In Your Ideas

Set Trends

Attract Followers

Create A Party Wherever You Are

Easily Outshine Anybody

Always Well Known

Personal Energy of Prominence

Everybody Eager To Get Into Your Social Circle


Generate that deep anxiety that you are about to bounce, so people had better take advantage of your presence while they can.      

Maximize your perceived value by leveraging the internal law of supply and demand.      

Since your valuable presence will always be scarce, you will be in infinite demand.      

Always Be Pertinent

Generate Separation Anxiety In Others

Consistent Increase in Value

People Desperate To Keep You

Always Have an Advantage

Radiate A Willingness To Walk

They'll Always Want The Deal More

Deep Appreciation of Your Own Value

Make Them Value Every Second Of Your Time

Become A Walking One Time Offer

Be Excellent - Be Gone

Comparison and Contrast

Leverage the natural law that makes you look good compared to anybody.      

Always seem smarter, more natural, more valuable and more attractive.      

Radiate the energy that screams to them that choosing between you and anybody else, you are always the obvious choice.      

Always Look Better By Comparison

Always Look More Valuable By Comparison

Always Look More Attractive By Comparison

Win Every Social Contest

Shine in Every Job Interview

They'll Never Want To Be With Anybody Else

Make Deciding You Easy

Always Be On The Best Side

Become The One They Always Want

Become The One They Always Choose

Always Leverage Your Strengths

Commitment and Consistency

People tend to do what's comfortable and familiar.      

Radiate the subconscious energy that makes you comfortable and familiar, even if they just met you.      

Get people to go home with you after just a few minutes because you radiate the energy of comfort and familiarity.      

Get people to buy anything or take any recommendation from you since you seem so familiar and comfortable to them.      

Always Be Familiar

Make New Ideas Comfortable

Make It Easy On Them To Choose You

Be Their Subconscious Decision

Your Ideas Always Easy To Accept

They'll Imagine They've Known You For Years

Your Ideas Are Always Their Next Step

Following You Is What They've Always Done

Leverage Their Previous Actions in Your Favor

Line Up Their Former Thoughts To Support You

Whatever You Want Is Their Next Easy Step


Leverage this powerful law which creates a deep subconscious urge in others to reciprocate any favors you've done.      

Radiate the powerful energy that makes you very presence a gift.      

One they will feel compelled to reciprocate by doing anything you suggest.      

They'll Always Feel Obliged To You

Everybody Feels Like They Owe You

They'll Be Driven to Give Back To You

Create Unconscious Favors

Generate Unconscious Obligation

Eager Agreement To Any Idea

Natural Acquiescence To Any Suggestion

Elicit Powerful Obedience in Others

They'll Repay You Again and Again

They'll Always Be Eager To Please

Always Be Able To Collect


We believe and follow people we like and admire.      

Leverage this by radiating pure attraction.      

Generate that deep desire in them that will have them hanging on your every word.      

Elicit an affection that will make you the most attractive person in the room on a subconscious level, increasing their compulsion to follow your suggestions.      

Ultimate Automatic Attraction

Deep Feeling of Genuine Rapport

Maximize The Halo Effect

Significantly Increase Your Physical Appeal

Significantly Increase Your Social Appeal

Significantly Increase Your Emotional Appeal

Instant Best Friends With Anybody

Deep and Powerful Connections

They'll Share Their Deepest Secrets

Generate Powerful Relationships

Instant Feeling of Lifelong Companionship

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your sex energy or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once.      

Use to resonate your persuasion energy throughout your entire being, both physical and spiritual.      

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Powerful Subconscious Influence

Slow Growth In All Areas

Resonate All Triggers

Never Be Rejected Again

This course will transform the way you view communication.      

Learn how to skyrocket your persuasion success.      

Make people desperate to agree with you.      

Shape your communication and suggestions so they'll love doing what you want.      

Get this now and never look back.      

Become A Mover And Shaker

Stop watching other people have all the fun.      

Become the person everybody listens to.      

Become the authority of every situation.      

Significantly increase your social proof in all areas.      

Get this now and take your life to the next level.      

Make A Ton Of Money

Even if you never want to sell anything to anybody, you'll make your ideas so compelling people will pay you a ton of money just for you to offer them advice.      

Get hired for any job, get any idea accepted at work, and always be the go-to source of decision making power.      

Get this now kiss your old life goodbye.      

Skyrocket Your Social Life

Make more friends, meet more lovers, get more obedience from existing relationships.      

Shape your suggestions so they will be followed.      

Become their dream come true.      

Get this now and get what you want.  

Get this now and become irresistibly persuasive.

Get this now and become a walking word wizard.

Get this now and slide any idea into any brain.


Irresistible Persuasion