Social Anxiety Killer

Become A Natural Extrovert

Social Anxiety Killer

Social Anxiety Killer

Social Anxiety Killer

Become A Natural Extrovert

Calibration is essential.

If you are cooking a pork roast and your thermometer is off, you'll be in trouble.

If your thermometer says it's done but it's really not, you'll have some explaining to do.

Mis-calibration is also a reason for getting flaked on.

You think she's into you, but she's just being polite.

So you'll go away!

But a much more insidious mis-calibration happens on a deeper level.

A subconscious level.

This is the origin story of social anxiety.

The assumptions your subconscious is making about strangers.

These wrong, mis-calibrated assumptions are based on old stories.

Old stories that are still running in your brain.

From way back when you were a kid, and you had some beliefs programmed in.

False beliefs about the world.

False beliefs about yourself.

Beliefs that are not true.

Unfortunately, unless you eject those old beliefs and put in new ones, you'll feel stuck.

Stuck like most people feel stuck.

The truth is that everybody feels the same way.

Everybody has some social anxiety.

Only nobody likes to admit it.

Everybody pretends this isn't true.

Which can give you a huge advantage.

Believe it or not, the solution to this seemingly modern problem has been around for thousands of years.

And that solution is simple.

To simply act the way you wish others would act.

You want that cute person to approach you?

Imagine how you'd like it to happen, and then approach them the same way.

The results will be fantastic.

Now, this isn't as easy as it seems.

You still have that social anxiety keeping you stuck.

Even if you had a guaranteed opener that would make anybody fall in love, it won't do squat if you are too nervous to deliver it congruently.

But after you see all social anxiety for what it really is, a bunch of false ideas, you'll become a social operator.

You'll discover just how simple it is to get people smiling and feeling good.

Because of you.

What will you be able to do once you eject social anxiety?

What kinds of people will you be able to start conversations with?

How can you playfully experiment with your language and other game elements without social anxiety holding you back?

What kind of responses can you get from people once you let loose and jump into the conversational playground?

That's the cool part about being an outgoing social experimenter.

It doesn't really matter what happens.

Only that you have a ton of fun playing and learning.

In this course, you'll learn how to put social anxiety forever in your past.

What's Included

Full Manual - Tons Of Specific Social Anxiety Killing Strategies

Rapid Learning System - Accelerated Book To Brain Data Transfer

Transfer all information from the book to your brain in minutes.

Three Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax, listen and let all past social anxieties slowly drift away into clouds of forgotten amnesia.

Session One is how to simply let go all false programing from the past.

To leave behind all ancient and false memories of anxiety.

Easily transform how you see yourself with respect to the rest of the world.

Session Two is an easy switch into the adult mindset.

To see yourself as the deliverer of value and pleasure to others.

To ditch any worries of rejection and be the qualifier of life.

Session Three is to program in what social situations really represent.

A magnificent raw resource you can use to transform into heavenly bliss.

To become an operator of love upon life and everything in it.

Subliminal Programming

Install the necessary beliefs of unstoppable social confidence on a deep subconscious level.

One - Negative History Killer

Eliminate all false conclusions based on childhood experiences.

Leave those erroneous ideas about yourself in the past where they belong.

Take ownership of your own memories and conclusions for easy social interactions.

Two - Value Generator

Become the deliverer of pleasure to others.

Become the sorter, the qualifier, the one who chooses.

Feel your presence as a net positive addition to any person or population.

Three - Social Domination

Never again hope for approval.

Look into any crowd of any people and feel a deep burning desire to dominate.

See the endless sea of humanity as your raw materials for your magnificent life.

Get this now and never feel anxiety again.

Get this now and turbo charge your social life.

Get this now and be the party everybody wants to join.

Get this now and be the sorter of bliss.

Get this now and get people lining up to please you.

Get this now and become a love operator.

Get this now and radiate charisma unseen by common men and women.

Social Anxiety Killer