Zero Fear Game

Ditch Anxiety, Jack up Attraction and Get Girls As Easily As Picking Up Money Off The Street

Zero Fear Game

Zero Fear Game

Subliminal Sessions

Zero Fear Game

Zero Fear Game

Zero Fear Game

Ditch Anxiety, Jack up Attraction and Get Girls As Easily As Picking Up Money Off The Street

You're not getting the sex you want.     

You're not getting the sex you need.     

You're not getting the sex you deserve.     


The reason is simple.     

But in order to fix the problem, so you can get all the sex you want and deserve, we've got be honest.     

Brutally honest.     

The biggest thing keeping you from getting the sexual and romantic success you want with women is fear.     

Most guys will never admit this, but it's there.     

Ask yourself this question: 

If you walked into a club, and saw a smoking hottie on one side, and your best friend on the other, who would be the easiest to approach?

Don't worry, nobody's watching.     

Nobody's listening to your thoughts.     

Most normal humans would feel much more comfortable walking over to their buddy, rather than walking all the way across the club to that gorgeous sex bomb who every other dude is salivating over.     

But it shouldn't be that way.     

There is no logical reason why it is that way.     

She's not going to spin kick you in the side of the head.     

She's not going to pull a Glock 19 out of her g-string and blast you in the face.     

So why is it so hard?

Well, the reasons aren't important.     

It has something with our ancient hunter-gatherer brains and how we over-perceive danger in social situations.     

But once you go through these step-by-step listening sessions, you will blast all social fears away.     

Most Women Problems Will Vanish

Every single problem guys have with girls is based on scarcity.     

We put up with female crap because we think we have to.     

We think that if she gets mad and leaves, starting over will be a huge pain.     

A disaster.     

We put up with her nonsense when in reality, we'd be much better off ejecting.     

Never Again

But when you ditch every ounce of anxiety and worry about meeting women, two very powerful things will happen.     

No More Scarcity

The first thing is that you will feel, on a deep level, that you live in a world filled with hot available women.     

Not hot, out of reach women, which is what most guys perceive.     

When you lose all your fear of approaching, having conversations with, and seducing these hot women, you'll never need to worry again.     

If any girl gives you grief, you eject.     


This will be easy because they'll be everywhere.     

No More Worry

And this will create the wonderful second effect.     

Because you will see the world through a more realistic frame (rather than a false frame based on scarcity based on false fears) you'll become way more attractive.     


Because you will become the sorter.     

The qualifier.     

The one who chooses.     

Normal Guys

This is how normal guys see girls.     

They see a cute girl across the room, and they have to work up their courage to approach.     

Because they are living through horribly common sexual scarcity, they believe a lot hinges on the outcome.     

They don't know anything about that girl, but they commonly think things like:

I hope I impress her!

I hope she doesn't reject me!

I hope I get her number!

I hope she doesn't shoot me down in front of everybody!

This puts her at an advantage.     

It's like they're approaching the queen and hoping she doesn't chop off their heads.     

Is this attractive to most women? 


The Future You

Because you will have zero fear of women (unless maybe they do pull out a Glock!) you will be thinking completely different thoughts.     

Thoughts like these:

She's cute, but is she interesting?

I wonder what kind of personality she has...     

I wonder if she's the psycho-stalker type...     

I wonder if she's any good in the sack...

What will this do to how she feels about you? 

She'll notice something much different about you.     

You won't seem to care if you impress her or not.     

In fact, they way you are looking at her is like you aren't even sure if you like her yet! 

This will make her nervous! 

This will make her suddenly realize she has to pass your tests!

Girls Qualify Themselves To You

This changes everything! 

You won't need any game, you won't need to even worry about what to say! 

Just ask her a few simple questions, and see how she responds.     

If she's not a total psycho or a complete idiot, maybe she'll get lucky and you'll ask for her number!

Absolute Mind Shift

Ridding yourself of social anxiety (that all guys have but are too terrified to even admit to themselves) will make you much more attractive.     

You'll radiate a much different energy.     

Looks Don't Matter

Ever wonder why you see the hottest girls with some of the goofiest looking dudes? 

Because they have that one quality that makes girls wetter than Niagara Falls.     

That deep confidence that radiates the most irresistible male sexual energy on Earth.     

That deep inner knowing that says:

The World Is Filled Hot Girls And I Can Take My Pick!

This energy triggers social proof, scarcity, authority, automatically.     

While other guys are busily trying to fake their way into their pants, you'll just show up and your energy will do it for you.     

How Is This Possible?

This will be possible by a powerful new method of transforming how you interact with your reality.     

The three step system that allows you to start from wherever you are, and rapidly advance to zero fear natural game.     

Automatic Comfort Zone Expansion

By going through this system, taking the way you interact with the world around you today.     

You will never have to fake it until you make it. 

By leveraging and combining three powerful techniques, you will explode your comfort zone from the inside out.     

Build It In Your Mind

All you need to do is act like you normally do.     

Then follow the instructions (involving some journaling and easy listening) your comfort zone will automatically get bigger.     

Easy Steps - Massive Success

By increasing your comfort zone from the inside out, you will never have to face your fears. 

You'll never need to do anything that isn't easy.     

And since you'll be expanding it from the inside, using a clever combination of journaling, visualizing and subliminal programming, it will always be easy.     

What's On The Other Side?

Once you see how dead simple it is to walk up, talk to girls, and get them interested in you simply because you have the attractive sexual male energy, (natural because you will be socially fearless), everything else will be easy.     

The World Opens Up

Once you get this handled, everything else (that involves interacting with other humans) will be simple.     

Talking your way into any job? 


Pitching the new idea to your boss?  

Piece of cake! 

Pitching your startup idea to a roomful of hungry Venture Capitalists? 

Easy as telling a joke to grandpa!

What's Inside

Powerful coaching sessions with zero fluff, just the basics so you can hit the ground running.    

Deep visualizations linked to the subliminal sessions.  

Easy Quick Start Guide

How To Get Started Now

How To Use Existing Experiences

The Secret To Rapid Skill Development

The Fastest Way To Expand Your Comfort Zone

The Paradox of Personal Growth

The Lie That Keeps Men Stuck

The Truth That Sets You Free

The One Ingredient To Rapid Success

No Need For More Money

No Need For Better Clothes

No Need For A Better Job

The Key To Rapid Attraction Acceleration

Augmented Reality Visualization

How To Correctly Re-Program Your Experiences

Obliterate All Need For Willpower

Why Willpower Methods Always Fail

How To Generate Easy, Consistent Improvement

Unstoppable Approach Confidence

Ditch All Silly Mental Tricks

Approach Without Thinking

Easy As Picking Up Money From The Street

Conversation Confidence

Never Worry About What To Say

Always Maintain Conversational Control

Quickly Get Her Qualifying To You

Easy Escalation Confidence

Easily Move The Conversation Forward

Get Her Hoping You'll Close Her

Comfortably Talk About Blatantly Sexual Topics

Talk To Groups of Girls Without Fear

Closing Confidence

Every Number Close Easy and Natural

Only Get High Quality Numbers

Never Be Flaked On Again

She'll Eagerly Wait For Your Call

Ditch Silly Texting Worries

Getting Physical

Make Her Body Tingle with Kino

Touch Her With Confidence

Never Fear Kiss Closes

Enjoy Every First Time

Strategic Flexibility

Generate Your Own Techniques

Secrets Of True Natural Game

Think and Operate Playfully

Leverage Every Possible Situation In Your Favor

Never Fear Any Response

Iron Frame Control

True Secrets of Alpha Males

Become Truly Dominant

Never Fear Tests

Use Tests To Skyrocket Your Attraction

Massive Comfort Zone Expansion

Enjoy The World of Women

Always Be The Guy She Wants

Leave Mediocrity Behind Forever

Get this now and easily seduce your dream girl  

Get this now and become a natural player

Get this now and be a hero to your friends

Get this now and seduce the world

Get this now and dominate the sexual marketplace

Zero Fear Game

Zero Fear Game

Subliminal Sessions

In addition to the three strategies that will synergistically work to rid you of all social fear, the powerful subliminal programming sessions come in three levels as well.    

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.     

Listen to these session when in any social situation and watch social fears vanish.     

Practice flirting, approaching, even conversations with zero fear.     

These Gamma Sessions will give you an immediate boost, raising your consciousness while bathing your brain with the relentlessly positive subliminal messages.     

Also perfect for journaling.     

Four voices will be speaking at once, two male, two female, all using both first and second person.     

Each session has over 400 statements that will add to the profound shift in beliefs and abilities.    

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds.     

Theta is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.     

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.     

Create a visualizing (based on the journaling and the reality augmentation process) and hold on to that image right at the border between dreams and sleep while your conscious and unconscious are simultaneously reprogrammed.    

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.     

A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about the new reality you are creating.     

Create the visualization based on the instructions in the coaching sessions, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blend of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be reprogrammed on a deep level.    

Session Descriptions

Approach Confidence

Learn to walk up to any girl without fear.     

No matter how gorgeous she is, no matter how many guys have already crashed and burned, no matter how many other pretty girls she's surrounded by.     

Walk up to her as easily as you'd walk up to a barista waiting for your order.    

Approach Any Girl With Ease

Approach Without Thinking

Become Playful and Carefree

Approach With A Qualifier Mindset

Automatically Talk To Any Female

Never Fear Rejection

Obliterate The Possibility Of Rejection

Get Her Hoping To Pass Your Tests

Cultivate The Chooser Frame

Automatic Comfort Zone Expansion

Zero Need For Willpower

Conversation Confidence

Open up the playground of your mind and have fun.     

Fearlessly ask any question with playful confidence.     

Never worry about what to say.     

Find out anything about her, and feel her desperation to satisfy your criteria.    

Feel Comfortable Talking About Any Topic

Talk To Her Like Your Best Friend

Ask Her Penetrating Questions

Make Her Qualify Herself To You

Find Out If She's Interesting Enough

Become Conversationally Playful

Ask Her Questions She's Dying To Hear

Ask Her Questions She's Never Heard Before

Become Unforgettable In Her Mind

Easily Find Out Her Passions

Ask Questions Other Guys Are Terrified Of

Escalation Confidence

Let her know without question why you are there.     

Talk about blatantly sexual topics with ease, so she knows you're not messing around.     

Leave no doubt in her mind that you are there to find out if she is qualified to have sex with you.    

Push The Conversation In Any Direction

Ask Blatantly Sexual Questions

Maintain The Conversational Lead

Become Conversationally Dominant

Allow Her To Feel Conversationally Submissive

Fear No Conversational Topic

Ask Emotionally Penetrating Questions

Get Her Thinking Erotic Thoughts

Get Her Begging To Be Closed

Project Sexual Confidence and Domination

Allow Her Femininity To Flourish

Closing Confidence

Be completely out of your head so you can read her body language perfectly.     

Know the best time to get her number.     

Make her feel like giving you her number is natural as drinking ice water on a hot day.    

Know Exactly When To Close

Knowing When To Eject

Never Be Flaked On Again

Get Her Begging To See You Again

Enjoy Asking For The Number

Get Her To Blow Up Your Phone

She'll Always Be On Time

How To Know When She Wants You To Close

How To Collect Quality Numbers from Quality Girls

She'll Be Her Best For You

Only Close When She Passes Your Tests

Physical Confidence

Never fear physical escalation again.     

Enjoy going in slowly for the kiss, while you feel her heart hammering excitedly in her chest.     

Touch her expertly and send shivers up her spine.     

Enjoy her body like a virtuoso enjoys as Stradivarius.     

Playfully, elegantly, carefully, delectably.    

Touch Her With Confidence

Know Exactly When To Kiss Her

Enjoy The First Kiss

Be Purposeful In Your Actions

Understand How She Wants To Be Touched

How To Make Her Beg For More

Obliterate All Performance Anxiety

Become Her Best Lover Ever

Never Wonder Again

Handle All Girls With Confidence

Slow, Conscious, Powerful Movements

Flexibility Confidence

Never feel stuck again.     

Say and do things to her no other guy would dream.     

Take anything that happens and fold it right back into another effortless seduction.     

Open up your mind and hers to all the possibilities you possess.    

Be Playful

Be Spontaneous

Enjoy Conversational Gaps

Invent Your Own Techniques

Never Rely On Memorized Tricks Again

The Secrets of True Naturals

Make The World Your Sexual Playground

Find Willing Women Everywhere

Do Things Other Guys Are Terrified Of

Make Her Feel Like A Little Girl

Frame Domination

Always control the flow of the conversation and relationship.     

Understand what most men will never do: 

That women secretly crave a dominantly framed man they can follow to the ends of the earth.     

Become that man and have your pick from all the gorgeous girls you see.    

Always Maintain Control

What Frame Tests Really Mean

How To Pass Any Test

Radiate Massive Confidence

Understand The True Secrets Of Female Desire

Become The Man All Women Crave

Eject All Thoughts of Worry and Doubt

Women Will Naturally Follow You

Become A Rare Man Among Men

Control Her Every Thought

Make Her Desperate To Stay With You

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your game or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once.     

Use to build in a deep base of confidence or as the icing on the cake.     

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Slow Growth In All Areas

Develop Subconscious Beast Mode

Ditch Fear And Get The Girls You Want

Train your brain to see reality the way it really is, rather than through the frame of false fears and the scarcity they generate.     

Become the men women crave.     

Get this course and get started today.    

Explode Your Comfort Zone From The Inside Out

Use these listening and visualization sessions to grow your comfort zone from the inside out.     

Grow it large enough to encompass the entire Earth, and everything in it.     

Obliterate all false fears and take what's yours.    

Don't Face Your Fears - Vaporize Them

Let others guys approach a hundred girls before it becomes comfortable.     

Leverage the power of your imagination combined with powerful subliminal reprogramming.     

Disable all of your anxieties from the inside out.     

Appreciate your new playground filled with hot girls desperate for a truly confident man.    

Get this now and easily seduce your dream girl  

Get this now and become a natural player

Get this now and be a hero to your friends

Get this now and seduce the world

Get this now and dominate the sexual marketplace

Zero Fear Game