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Skyrocket Popularity

Social Proof Generator

Create and Radiate On Demand Attraction Anywhere

Social proof is one of the biggest human motivators.

Marketers have known for decades that popularity of a product is the easiest driver of sales.

You walk into a bar with a couple cute girls and every lady in the place will be checking you out.

You walk into the same bar with a couple buddies and they might notice you, but not much else.

Walk into the same place all by your lonesome?

Don't even bother, right?

Social proof is one of those things where success breeds success.

The more social proof you have, the easier it is to get more.

The more ladies you show up with to any event the more names and numbers will end up in your phone list.

The more names in your phone list, the more people you can bring.

Social proof is an ancient aspect of modern humans.

Long before modern society was ever invented.

Any go-it-alone types didn't last very long in our ancient environment.

The ones who did were the ones who clung to the safety of numbers.

Yet today, we don't need social proof to survive.

You can create your own income, move to any city in the world and start fresh.

You can create your own crew online and run your own company and make millions.

You can even pretend to have a group of friends online.

As much as social media has created the illusion of more friends, in real life, it's harder than ever.

In the real world of people and bodies, it's as if our brains are still living in the stone age.

Today more than ever, if you don't have a loyal group of friends who'll have your back in real social life, not online pretend social life, it's easier than ever to feel alone.

Luckily, we didn't survive due only to our instincts.

Humans are clever animals.

We've invented tons of stuff, and we keep creating more.

Surely there's a way to think our way around this ancient social proof instinct, right?

Well yes, yes there is!

This is exactly what you'll learn in this program.

A non-intuitive but very powerful three step process.

A three step process that will create real social proof.

Real people, real friends, that will back you in real ways in real social situations.

Now, these three steps aren't three magic words, or three magic amulets you wear around your neck.

They are three separate processes.

To slowly build your social proof memory.

The more you build a real social proof memory, the more you'll radiate positive non-verbal social proof communication.

Sounds kind of goofy, so consider this example.

Imagine you're JUST ABOUT to walk into a party, all by yourself.

You know a couple of associates inside that can introduce you around, but beyond that, you're on your own.

Consider situation number one.

Just as you're about to turn the knob, you see a couple of cuties down the hallway coming right at you.

They are so gorgeous you can't take your eyes off them.

As they walk up to you, you mutter out a "hi."

And they respond with the most vicious put down you can imagine.

How would you behave, in that party, with this sudden memory you've got to bring in with you?

But what about a different scenario.

Suppose the girls are staring at YOU with a sexual hunger so strong you have to adjust your pants.

And suppose one of them just CANNOT take their eyes off you?

And she continues to openly lust for you as her friends drags her away?

How do you feel with carrying THAT memory into the party?

The ideas in our mind drive our non-verbal behavior.

That non-verbal behavior delivers TONS of information to everybody around.

Whether we like ourselves.

How confident we feel.

How much social proof party experience we have in our past.

But don't worry, this is just the first step.

The first step of priming your social proof pump.

The second step is kind of a metaphorical transition point between your inner, mental world and your outer, real world.

This second step is a linguistic step.

To carefully, covertly, and hypnotically, deliver short bursts of EVIDENCE of social proof.

Not fake evidence.

Real evidence.

So when they hear this linguistically delivered evidence of social proof, combined with your irresistibly attractive social proof body language, what will happen?

They'll suddenly start demonstrating attractive body language.

And everybody will notice this.

Even better, everybody will notice everybody noticing.

That's the third step.

To enjoy real social proof.

That will happen even if you walk into any place alone.

Mental social proof to drive your body language.

Linguistically and hypnotically delivered social proof to quickly and significantly increase your attraction to anybody you talk to.

And with a sufficient buildup of mental social proof in step one, talking to ANYBODY will be easy.

Then once you are socially proofed by that first person, who likely won't want to let you go, you're in like Flynn.

And the best part?

You'll only need to actually apply these three steps a couple of times.

Because, as mentioned before, the more social proof you have, the more social proof you get.

Even if you haven't spoken face to face to a soul in years, these three simple steps will prime your social proof pump in no time.

What's Included

The first part is a coaching session, describing exactly how, specifically, to kick off these three steps.

Step one is a journaling, memory retrieving and anchoring process.

An anchor that when built and fired, will flood your brain with positive social proof self love.

Step two is the linguistic structure to hypnotically deliver social proof to anybody you speak to.

Step three is the best part.

When real social proof pops up in your real environment, and away you go.

The second part is a two-part hypnosis session.

The first part a guided visualization.

To create real feelings and memories of social proof as you are slowly guided down to a deep level.

Once you are at this deep level, the second half of the hypnosis kicks in.

Filling your subconscious with powerful social proof ideas, metaphors and strategies to significantly accelerate your social proof process.

Even if you consider yourself a socially terrified wallflower, go through this three step process slowly enough, and you'll be a social butterfly in no time.

This requires ZERO excursions outside your comfort zone.

Do the journaling, memory retrieval and anchor setting until it is STRONG enough.

When it is, you'll suddenly notice yourself striking up conversations with attractive strangers.

Collecting evidence of and demonstrating proof of your social magnetism without even realizing it.

Get this now and never feel lonely again.

Get this now and build yourself a social army in no time.

Get this now and take conscious control of your ancient social instincts and always be in demand.

Get this now and create and calibrate your own personal level of social proof for any situation.

Get this now, feel familiar in any crowd and always be the center of attention.

Get this now and show up anywhere alone, and leave with however many new friends and lovers you want.

Skyrocket Popularity