Supernatural Rapport

Quickly Create Deep Connections

Supernatural Rapport

Supernatural Rapport

Supernatural Rapport

Quickly Create Deep Connections

If you want to persuade or seduce somebody, you need rapport.

That feeling of connection.


A mutual openness that blurs boundaries and enhances communication.

The more rapport you have, the easier the conversation flows.

But rapport, as powerful as it is, is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of any kind of game.

Any kind of persuasion between friends or colleagues.

Any kind of persuasion between sellers and customers.

Any kind of deep communication between lovers.

Any kind of seduction between any kind of people.

Often it's taught as a simple thing you need to "do" before you move on to the next step.

And as it's generally taught, you just need to mirror and match body language, right?

Or if you want to go even deeper, you match their rate of speech or perhaps something like their rep system.

But there are many things about rapport that are rarely talked about.

The things that can either make all persuasion easy and automatic.

Or make nearly all communication limited.

One of those things is rapport is not binary.

It isn't something that either exists or it doesn't exist.

It is something that can always be improved.

Something that can be made so incredibly deep and powerful, words aren't even needed.

In fact, you might say the biggest sticking point of sellers and seducers is not creating enough rapport.

Instead of building rapport as one thing to do on your checklist of success, think of it as the most important variable.

That if all you did was continue to improve rapport, you wouldn't have to worry about anything else.

That if all you did was deepen rapport, the outcome would take care of itself.

If you only focus on creating rapport with seduction targets, and you created enough, you wouldn't need anything else.

If you only focused on creating rapport with potential customers, they would buy everything you had.

This requires you expand your ideas about what rapport really is.

Beyond the basics that sellers, therapists and seducers think they know.

Beyond the simple chit chat combined with mirroring and matching.

Because there are two much more powerful aspects of rapport.

Two powerful aspects that can always be strengthened.

And creating this kind of rapport in any conversation with anybody about anything, they will feel the most powerful connection of their lifetime.

A powerful connection with you.

This isn't as simple as mirroring and matching.

Anybody can do that.

In fact, that kind of rapport is so simple it pretty much happens on its own.

These extra two layers need to be engineered.

Practiced and enhanced.

And that is what you will learn in this program.

The first is based on an idea.

An idea that rapport must be a feeling of connection.

A connection between two people who feel a deep sense of similarity.

This is the same idea as mirroring and matching.

Mirroring and matching creates a feeling of similarity.

But only on the surface.

The real rapport comes from feeling a sense of similarity deep inside.

Based on complex inner emotional structures.

This presents a problem.

And that problem is you can only create these deep connections if you are willing to share those deep emotional structures.

If you can feel and radiate them without shame or anxiety.

Most of us can't.

Which means most of us are limited to the levels of rapport you can create.

But after some practice with the deep, inner acceptance meditations you'll learn in this course, you'll be a deep rapport wizard.

That's the deep, unspoken emotional part.

The other is the mutually shared experience part.

The deep complexities that are a function of our nature.

When you learn to speak about your own, normal, every day experiences, but through a simple model you'll learn, what happens?

They'll feel a deep sense of structural similarity.

You'll be talking about an experience, and they will feel a very deep, and very profound closeness.

As if the two of you are the only two people in the world.

You'll create such a deep connection with them, they'll completely forget about everything else.

And when you create this deep and profound rapport with anybody, your outcome is only a suggestion away.

Within this feeling of rare connection, whatever you suggest, it will feel like it is coming from their own mind.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions with ideas and exercises you can use to create the deepest rapport possible.

Three subliminal themes to build in the subconscious beliefs that make supernatural rapport part of your natural personality.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is about the common ideas about rapport and why they are unhelpful.

Why rapport doesn't belong on a checklist on your way to seduction and sales.

Why rapport is really the only thing you need to focus on to create any sales or seduction outcome.

Session Two is about an unacknowledged barrier to deep rapport, and how to fix it.

A powerful meditation technique that will make deeper rapport easier and easier.

Why this meditation can and should be seen as a rapport building exercise, and why the more you do this exercise the more rapport will naturally happen.

Session Three is all about creating conversational rapport.

Not around basic surface level chit chat, but on deep ideas we all have but rarely express.

The connection between powerful cold reading skills and irresistibly deep rapport you can create in minutes.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Emotional Connections

Build in the skill of mirroring and matching all their emotions.

Whatever you feel, they'll feel.

Whatever they feel, you'll feel.

Two - Mental Connections

How to pace the thoughts and ideas in their mind.

Remove any anxiety and become an emotional and mental resonance chamber.

Learn to read anybody with stunning accuracy in only a few moments.

Three - Supernatural Connections

Feel a deep connection to all there is.

Feel the supernatural, infinite intelligence, superconscious through your connection to them.

Experience this metaphorically or literally, based on biological truths beyond human understandings.

Get this now and create connections in moments.

Get this now and never worry about closing again.

Get this now and commune with anybody you want on the deepest level possible.

Get this now and feel the deep peace of total self acceptance.

Get this now and conversationally create lifelong connections in minutes.

Get this now and understand and express the human experience.

Get this now and embrace the totality of humanity.

Supernatural Rapport