Three Step Seduction

Master The Three Core Skills To Get Girls Crazy For You

Easy As 1-2-3

Easy As 1-2-3

Three Step Seduction

Master The Three Core Skills To Get Girls Crazy For You

What do women want?

Nobody knows, not even women.

But that's not really fair.

Humans have a hard time choosing when there are so many choices.

Ever been to a restaurant where you take forever to choose?

And the second the waitress walks away with your order, you see another waiter bringing something super delicious to somebody else?

Wait, come back!

I've changed my mind!

You could arguably say that NOBODY knows what they want.

But let's reconfigure this silly metaphor.

Suppose you look over the menu, and all they have are lame sandwiches.

Bread and one filling, nothing else.

Peanut butter and nothing.

Ham and nothing.

Cheese and nothing.

In this situation you could STILL make the same argument.

That nobody knows what they want.

Let's continue this silly metaphor.

Suppose you decide on cheese and nothing.

Between two pieces of bread.

The waitress leaves with your order, but then you see something spectacular.

Something makes you ASSUME they must have a secret menu at this plain sandwich restaurant.

Because you see the most DELICIOUS looking cheeseburger you've ever seen.

Surrounded by equally delicious fries!

And a mouth watering chocolate shake!

What the heck?

After you learn and internalize the ideas in this course, YOU will be the cheeseburger.

Everybody else will be plain cheese.

Or plain peanut butter.

Or plain whatever.

Let's take a moment and take pity for the sorry state of women today.

They are like hungry dudes in a sandwich restaurant who are DESPERATE for something more tantalizing than plain sandwiches.

YOU are the delicious mouth watering cheeseburger and fries and chocolate shake.

They'll look at you and say:

Yeah, I'm gonna have THAT.

No more indecision for these poor helpless women swimming in a world of beta simps begging for attention!

They'll be the ones begging YOU for attention!

This isn't based on magic, or trickery, or memorized game.

This goes WAY beyond wealth and looks.

This is based on an inner transformation.

So the way you simply behave will trigger all her deep and ancient attraction triggers.

Here's another food metaphor to try andĀ imagine what HER experience will be once YOU show up.

Let's imagine you're on a diet for some reason.

And you're only allowed 1500 calories per day.

And you're the one chewing on your bread sandwich.

The last few calories you are allowed that day.

Now imagine seeing that delicious burger, fries and shake paraded right before your desperately starving eyes!

Just like you CANNOT not be attracted to that cheeseburger, she CANNOT not be attracted to you.

That is, if you learn the three basic steps in this program.

Step One - Outcome Independence

The first step is to master the skill of outcome independence.

This is definitely a skill, and it's one you can practice.

It's not something you can understand intellectually and then go out and do.

It's something that must be understood first, and practiced second.

And it's not something you can "try" once or twice and call it good.

It's something you'll need to practice just like pushups.

Consistently, daily, and yes, pretty boring.

But the flip side is since most guys are too lazy to practice things like this, you'll already be ahead of the game.

Step Two - Setting The Hook

Once you've built in the feeling and memories of abundance that will naturally grow along with your outcome independence practice, now you're ready to set some hooks.

And this is based on a very simple, seemingly random, chit chat fluff level conversational process.

Incredibly easy and simple.

Incredibly enjoyable to practice on anybody.

But particularly enjoyable is to practice this on gorgeous women.

You speak to gorgeous women like this, combined with your super powers of outcome independence?

She'll see you in a completely different category.

Now we're ready for step three.

Step Three - Girls Seduce You

When you start to build your own private qualifying system, a lady sales funnel, they'll know you are a man who is desired by many women.

You'll never need to say this.

You won't even need to imply this.

But the way you behave AFTER you get her number, (or she begs you to take it) she can ONLY conclude one thing.

Well, two things.

One is that she is desperate for you.

Two is that plenty of other women MUST be as well.

This will kick in her competition instinct.

After all, once she gets to this point, what's the alternative?

Go back to beta land where every single guy she gives her info to texts her seven thousand times per week?

Once you set the hook in step two, and pull back, she WILL chase you.

And what happens when many girls are chasing you?

You'd better have a safe place to hide, that's what!

What's Included

Each step comes with two parts.

A coaching session, to teach you the basics, why it works and how to practice.

And a one hour, four voice subliminal session, along with suggested visualizations.

With the coaching, the exercises, and the listening, and you will be a lady slayer in no time.

Three Coaching Sessions

One to teach you how to build in outcome independence.

One to teach you how to set the hook.

One to teach you how to pull back so they chase you.

Three Subliminal Sessions

One to program in the powers of outcome independence.

One to program in your hook setting conversational skills.

One to build in the rock solid belief that girls are desperate for you.

Get this now, and never worry about the ladies again.

Get this now, and choose from among the prettiest, sexiest, smartest and highest quality ladies you want.

Get this now, and live life off the secret love menu of pleasure.

Get this now, and be the in-demand man that every woman dreams of.

Easy As 1-2-3