Never Worry About Social Anxiety Or Rejection Again

Rejection Proof

Rejection Proof


Never Worry About Social Anxiety Or Rejection Again

There are two frames from which to operate.

In social situations.

In sales or money making situations.

In life.

From one frame of mind, everything is difficult.


Riddled with scarcity and lack.

Everything you need, you need to ask for.

Put on a show, demonstrate value, and hope somebody gives it to you.

Which, most of the time, they won't.

This is the commonly described numbers game.

For every one you get, there are nine you don't.

Get what?

Jobs, friendly conversations, phone numbers, dates, whatever it is we want.

Most people accept that this as part of life.

The inescapable numbers game that requires we get rejected a couple dozen times for every success.

Unless you have ultra thick skin, this sucks.

Sure, you might get some short term confidence and even charisma by going out one night and powering through all kinds of rejections, building up short term momentum.

And if you are the type that likes this, it is a fantastic hobby.

Kind of like skydiving or rock climbing.

That adrenalin rush is like no other.

But it wears off rather quickly.

What's the other mindset?

The Unrejectable Mindset.

Now, don't get me wrong.

If you hide in your closet you'll never get rejected.

This is the truth behind the common myth of, "I don't care what other people think about me."

If you really did, not care about what other people thought, you'd be a world class salesperson with plenty of gorgeous people hanging on your every word.

But the truth is slightly different.

We very much do not like negative social attention.

We very much do not like any kind of rejection, particularly public rejection.

Sure, we can carefully calibrate our lives to never be around people who might reject us, and truly believe we don't care what people think.

But this really is a cope.

And this is not the only way.

There is another mindset beyond asking and hoping.

This second mindset, the one you'll learn to cultivate in this program, does not invite rejection.

This mindset, once cultivated, will inoculate you from not only rejection, but from any social anxiety as well.


Some people are pure naturals.

They are naturals because their experiences are mostly positive.

If you grow up in a happy home, around happy people, and happily make happy friends all through school, this will continue into your adulthood.

The rest of us normal folks didn't have such a lucky childhood.

But as they say, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

To retrain your thinking so the idea of rejection is as foreign as speaking Martian.

To enjoy social situations.

To actively seek social situations to enjoy their natural benefits.

Positive social validation is instinctively pleasing just like food and sex and romance.

And once you re-train your mind, you'll enjoy it like it was meant to be.

You'll talk to people who are interesting without worrying about anything else.

You'll notice the refreshingly wonderful feeling that others want you just as much as you want them.

When you walk up to start a conversation, they'll be pleased to see you.

Just like a food stall operator will be glad to see a customer roll up and buy something to eat.

You'll feel on a deep level, that trading words and feelings with anybody is just as natural and enjoyable as trading money for burgers.

What you may think of as possible now is likely subconsciously constrained by social fears.

But after the reframes and exercises and deep mind re-programming in this program, social fears and even the idea of rejection will be a thing of the past.

You'll dream much bigger than now.

You'll imagine a much brighter future than now.

You'll naturally start collecting friendlier people in your social network.

And with a continuously growing social network, the mathematics of what's possible will increase exponentially.

Dates, jobs, projects, referrals will be easy.

Become a true natural, a true social operator, and get more benefits that you can possibly imagine.

Understand the various models of human behavior and maximize your social skills.

Retrain your thinking and realize that social fears and worries of rejection are simply impossible within this new way of thinking.

Become a social entrepreneur and live without constraint.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions to not only explain the deep reasons for social anxiety, but to destroy it and any hint of rejection. 

This will help you become much more naturally and comfortably relaxed and outgoing around all strangers.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, designed to remove the reasons for social anxiety and program in instead a deep feeling of subconscious confidence around other people.

Coaching Descriptions

Session One explains the reasons for fear of rejection and social anxiety.

Why unless you treat the pre-conscious reasons, nothing you do will permanently eradicate it.

How understanding the pre-conscious energy of naturals can help us to re-engineer this so you can be a natural in no time.

Session Two describes why naturals are the way they are.

The simple steps to reprogram your own referential memories to build up that as easily as possible.

How this will create a tipping point where all social fears vanish.

Session Three describes the ideal model to hold when operating socially.

Why this will make you significantly more attractive and outgoing than even naturals.

Why reverse engineering the best mindset possible will get you the best of all worlds.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Social Fear Killer

Reach deep into your mind and obliterate all unconscious fears.

Train your mind to quickly put all social fears and feelings of rejection in your past.

Learn why forgetting social fears and leaving them in the past will give you the quickest relief.

Session Two - Spontaneous Pleasure

Build in a deep belief that simply your presence creates great feelings of pleasure in others.

Recapture that natural, outgoing state all humans are born with.

Program in the deep belief that all you need to do is move closer to anybody and they will unconsciously feel better because of you.

Session Three - Social Exchange Generator

Forever leave behind the model of asking and hoping.

Build up the natural tendency to create automatic social exchanges.

Words for words, smiles for smiles, increasingly pleasurable reciprocal social bliss.

Get this now and put fear of rejection behind you.

Get this now and re-build your social feelings and behaviors from scratch.

Get this now and make rejection impossible.

Get this now and actively seek conversations with strangers.

Get this now and enjoy more brain power by releasing the malware of social anxiety.

Get this now and enjoy others like you were meant to.

Get this now and easily, naturally and spontaneously create lifelong mutually enjoyable relationships.

Rejection Proof