Never Be Outframed Again




Never Be Outframed Again

Most people today are reactive.

Waiting around for something to happen.

Something to react to.

Opportunities for money, romance and sex.

This presents a problem.

Few things that happen to you will be good.

Sure, everybody would love to get the good things without any of the bad things.

But if you expect the world to do that for you, you'll be waiting a while.

A precious few people are pro-active.

They don't wait for the world, and then figure out how to respond.

They act first, and then see how the world responds.

They operate on the world, instead of waiting for the world to operate on them.

But this alone won't cut it.

Acting on the world will invite two kinds of responses.

Good ones and bad ones.

Being proactive isn't quite enough.

You need something else.

Something to help you discount all the bad things, and keep the good things.

You act on the world.

The world responds however the world responds.

You ignore the bad stuff, and keep the good stuff.

This is the unshakeable frame.

To keep your inner balance no matter what happens.

To stay true to your inner self no matter what happens.

To dodge all the negativity and keep the positivity.

To ignore all the frame tests, and focus only on the benefits.

What frame tests?

The more successful you are, the more frame tests you'll get.

This is not bad.

This is a good sign.


Because on the other side of each and every frame test, is more good stuff.

Plenty of high quality companies conduct interviews this way.

They throw tough questions at you not because they are interested in your answers.

They are interested in how you maintain your calm inner sense of control in the face of the unknown.

Pretty ladies aren't really trying to cut you down when they test your frame.

That's her ancient instincts making sure your frame is as attractive as it seems.

This is both in the short frame, and the long frame.

The short game and the long game.

Short game unshakeability is increasing hiring desirability by overcoming interview frame tests.

Increasing romantic desire by overcoming conversational frame tests.

Long game unshakeability is staying true to your purpose.

To keep moving closer and closer to your empire no matter what happens.

To ignore the haters and saboteurs you'll inevitably meet along the way.

To always be on the lookout for qualified people to help you build your empire.

Build your unshakeable frame and feel a strong sense of control over your life.

Over your destiny.

Over your relationships and your income.

Build your unshakeable frame and leave behind uncertainty and worry.

Build your unshakeable frame and leave all your competition in the dust.

Build your unshakeable frame and never worry about random external nonsense again.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions to lead you through the ideas and exercises to build the most powerfully unshakeable frame possible.

Three subliminal themes to program unshakeability into your core sense of self and beliefs.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about the benefits of unshakeability.

Why we are naturally and irresistibly drawn to those with super human self belief.

Why it's been a recognized truth that those who are the most unshakeable in their beliefs and frames will be the ones who conquer the world.

Session Two is about building unshakeability on a small timeframe.

The secrets of interpersonal dominance and how to handle any unexpected questions or insults with confidence and grace.

Why people who test your frame are subconsciously desperate you'll pass their tests and lead them to better places.

Session Three is about the long term dominating game of an unshakeable ambition.

Why staying true to your purpose is the absolute best way to live your life.

Why most people have no purpose and will follow you to the ends of the earth just to be inside your unshakeable frame.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Proactive Mind

Dominate all social situations filled with reactive thinkers with your proactive mind.

Think before things happen and leverage them to your advantage.

Stop being tossed around like a rag doll and be the cause to the world's effect.

Two - Emotional Control

Use your emotions instead of being a slave to them.

Learn to take your instinctive responses and channel them much more appropriately.

Let all insults and disrespectful questions bounce off your frame without your acknowledgement.

Be the only one on Earth who is capable of changing your emotional state.

Three - Unshakeable Frame

Understand the truth of real, attractively compelling leadership.

Win every argument, out frame every opponent, increase your attractiveness with every frame test.

Glide gracefully through the world and enjoy everybody else as they desperately qualify themselves to you.

Get this now and chart your course to greatness.

Get this now and be rock solid in all your beliefs.

Get this now and create the most attractive sense of self possible.

Get this now and leave all pretenders behind you.

Get this now and become a qualifier for the best possible supporters.

Get this now and get better jobs, better relationship partners and a much more supportive social network.

Get this now and conquer the world and everybody in it.