Verbal Assassin

Send Attackers Fleeing

Verbal Assassin

Verbal Assassin

Verbal Assassin

Send Attackers Fleeing

The world can be a wonderful place.

The world, of course, is the people in the world.

If you have a decent job, a decent relationship, a decent set of friends, it doesn't get much better.

The way your friends laugh at your jokes.

The way your boss shakes your hand with genuine appreciation for a job well done and says you're getting a promotion and a raise.

The way your lover looks at you.

The way you look at them.

Of course, this is not guaranteed.

This isn't even easy.

Creating this life is a struggle.

One that never ends.

Because let's face it, people aren't the nicest animals on Earth.

In fact, people can be downright mean.

Even while smiling at you and even convincing you they've got your best interests at heart.

All the while sharpening the knife they'll use to stab you in the back when you are most vulnerable.

If somebody is coming at you with a weapon, everything is clear.

You can, with some forethought, and practice, anticipate things like this.

There's a reason over a billion people practice some kind of martial art.

There's a reason you shouldn't walk into bad neighborhoods without at least a little bit of situational awareness.

But what about verbal attacks?

What about those sleazy folks who pretend to be your friend while secretly scheming to ruin everything you've got?

Or take it away from you?

What do you do then?

You learn the art of verbal defense, that's what.

In this program, you'll learn three levels.

To change your inner core, so the insults and attempts of manipulation don't have any effect.

That would be like martial arts based on redirecting energy.

The next level is to destroy the actual insults and attempts.

To put them out in the open for all to see.

This would be the equivalent of viciously blocking their attempted blows.

Then there's level three.

When you absolutely, positively want to damage your attacker so viciously they'll never want to share the same zip code with you again.

The deadly art of linguistic assassination.

These techniques are a last ditch, back against the wall, financial and love life at stake techniques.

And they are deadly.

And very, very permanent.

Hopefully, you'll never, ever use these.

But just knowing you could obliterate their sense of self will give you more confidence most will ever feel.

What's Included

Full Manual - Dozens Of Linguistic Patterns Explained

Rapid Learning System

Unconscious book to brain transfer system.

Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax and let the low level hypnotic sessions slide the beliefs and ideas into your mind.

Session One is all about how to maintain a calm, inner frame.

How to predict insults before they happen.

The simple daily practice to become insult proof.

Session Two is all about dismantling the linguistic structure of insults.

How to flip the insult energy back on your insulter.

Why you only need to do this once and they'll never insult you again.

Session Three is about absolute and permanent enemy destruction.

The one simple collection of patterns to eliminate any enemy.

The back pocket, linguistic nuclear option that makes you unstoppable.

Subliminal Sessions

Drill the inner frame of an assassin deep into your being.

One - Peaceful Center

Never be knocked off balance again.

Never lose your frame again.

Smile at all insults and frame tests as if they come from harmless children.

Two - Negativity Destruction

Obliterate their linguistic structure and leave them stunned.

Develop an undefeatable reputation.

Easily obliterate any idea or suggestion you don't like.

Three - Deadly Blows

Deliver mental death in seconds.

Create deep fear and agony in the minds of your enemies.

Radiate a frame of terrifying power to your adversaries.

Get this now and own your brain.

Get this now and never be hurt again.

Get this now and radiate irresistibly attractive confidence.

Get this now and be a righteous destroyer of evil.

Get this now and maintain a constant sense of peace.

Get this now and live and love life to the fullest.

Get this now and be everybody's hero.

Verbal Assassin