Verbal Flow

Maximize Thinking and Speaking Skills and Dominate

Skyrocket Elegance

Skyrocket Elegance

Verbal Flow

Maximize Thinking and Speaking Skills and Dominate Socially

How do people perceive us?

They can look at a picture of us.

If you're pretty, this may get your foot in the door.

Or they can look at our stats.

On a resume.

On a dating profile.

Or our reputation, delivered through a social circle.

But if you want to be appreciated beyond your reputation, or stats, or looks, you've got to make an impression.

Not a first impression.

But a lasting impression.

One beyond what you can do or have done.

One that goes much deeper than job skills or dating prowess.

One that is about who you are.

Let's face it, we don't have time for an unlimited social circle.

All humans have little precious space in their brains for the people they think highly of.

Not the famous goofs on TV or social media who are about as real as bacon flavored tofu.

But the people in their lives.

The people they think highly about.

The people they respect, the people whose advice they crave, and whose companionship they cherish.

And despite all the beautiful prose people have used since the beginning of time to describe these wonderful people, we can only find out about these people through words.

And unless you want to be a secret monk that isn't appreciated until long after you're gone, you need to be the one speaking those words.

So people can hear those words and appreciate those words.

And where do those words come from?

Those words are descriptions of your thoughts.

Your opinions, your memories, your insights, your expectations.

When you get right down to it, everything about us can only be delivered by words.

And words are the outer expression of thought.

Many of us have fantastic ideas.

You have fantastic ideas.

In fact, every night when you lay awake, and every morning when you are half asleep, your mind is brimming with fantastic, world changing ideas.

But if you're like most people, those ideas stay inside your head.

When you are standing on one side of the room, and you see an interesting person on the other, you know something.

You know that if they took the time to get to know you, the REAL you, they would be impressed.

Not just impressed, they would want to stay with the real you.

But for most people, those deep ideas and opinions and insights stay inside their head.

Or if you do manage to spit out a few words to try and describe those beautiful ideas you have inside you, they don't sound NEARLY as fantastic out loud as they do on the inside.

This is because it is very, very difficult to use simple words to describe those ideas.

Until now.

Because the good news is that this is a skill.

Speaking is a skill.

Articulation is a skill.

Persuasion and seduction is a skill.

Elegant communication is a skill.

But it is also a skill that you don't need to practice with others.

It is a skill you can practice on your own, at home, in your car, where nobody can hear you except for you.

And that is exactly what you will learn in this course.

To not only strengthen your speaking skills, but to significantly increase the quality of your thinking, and the thoughts you can create.

Increased complexity of thought much more articulately expressed.

Increased creativity of thought much more elegantly expressed.

Increased ingenuity of thought much more exquisitely expressed.

Make no mistake, this will take effort.

This isn't a once and done trick.

This isn't a secret hidden switch in your brain to open up the floodgates of gushing eloquence.

These are simple speaking and thinking exercises to build up your creativity of thought.

To build up the complexity of thought.

To build up the ingenuity of thought.

And to open up the metaphorical manifold that exists between thoughts and words.

To create a direct, seemingly magical yet scientific stream of ideas straight from the depths of your genius brain directly to the words flowing out of your mouth.

A beautifully transfixing stream of language cascading out of you, the real you, and holding every brain within earshot absolutely spellbound with mesmerizing focus.

Thinking exercises.

Speaking exercises.

And deep, eyes closed, meditative speaking exercises to focus on and open up the metaphorical manifold, between thought and speech.

What's Included

This course contains three coaching sessions, each with three, one hour associated subliminal programming sessions.

One for your higher mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

One for your deep unconscious.

Coaching Descriptions

The first coaching session will drill into you that beyond thinking skills and speaking skills, you are fairly limited in your success.

But the flip side of that coin is that the more you increase your thinking skills, the more you increase your speaking skills the more success, and in the more areas, you will absolutely dominate.

You'll learn why this is never taught in school, which will give you a huge advantage.

Why when you show up anywhere, socials situation, job interviews or up on the stage, you will absolutely dominate with presence they've never seen before.

Since most folks spit out half baked ideas with poorly chosen words, you will appear like a vision, an ancient orator of wisdom, a god-like presence who speaks wonderful prose that describes beautifully unique ideas.

The second coaching session is filled with several daily practice exercises.

Only a few minutes each day that you can do wherever you like.

They will require speaking out loud in strange ways when nobody's around, so you will feel like a bit of a goof.

But these exercises will quickly show you how much you can quickly improve any area of your life that requires thinking and speaking.

In the third coaching session, we dive deep into some very esoteric and brain bending speaking and thinking meditation.

A few ways to focus on your thinking and speaking while inside your own brain.

To switch back and forth between a couple of different brain operational models that will forever change how you view your self awareness.

And if you are so inclined, you'll learn a voice of God exercise.

A way to imagine your mind body system temporarily surrendered to any higher spiritual entity you like, so you can listen to your own voice delivering deep wisdom far beyond common thinking.

Subliminal Session Descriptions

Session One - Verbal Dominance

Program in the beliefs to speak with powerful dominance.

To speak with a voice so authoritative it generates pure acquiescence.

To be a pure projector of truth, a provider of comfort to worried minds.

Session Two - Verbal Intelligence

Program in the beliefs to deliver streams of articulated vocabulary they'll barely be able to catch up.

Deliver such intricate ideas they'll wonder how you got so much information into your brain.

Deliver such complex concepts with such simplicity they'll always remember you as being the easy solver of difficult problems.

Session Three - Verbal Elegance

Program in the beliefs to speak with such wonderfully pleasing prose that they won't even need to understand you to feel blessed by your presence.

Tell simple stories with such powerful elegance they'll feel like children at the feet of a master storyteller.

Be a mover of emotions, a saver of the human spirit and give them soothing sounds for their worried minds.

Get this now and never worry about what to say again.

Get this now and trust your better self to do all your talking for you.

Get this now and talk your way into any job, any situation or any heart.

Get this now and start doing the exercises that will set you head and shoulders above every other human you ever meet.

Get this now and uncover the ancient art of rhetoric and oration that built empires.

Get this now and find treasure inside your own mind and share it with others.

Get this now and turn your brain and mouth into a deliverer of peace and love to all you care about.

Skyrocket Elegance