Watching Mind

Use Your Mysterious Self Awareness For Love And Profit

Watching Mind

Watching Mind

Watching Mind

Use Your Mysterious Self Awareness For Love And Profit

Nobody knows what self awareness is.

Scientists, philosophers, evolutionary psychologists have been trying to crack this nut since as long as this nut has existed.

We, however, are not interested in why, but how.

Nobody knows why a girl falls for a certain guy.

All anybody wants to know how to make that happen.

Nobody really cares why some people make money and some don't.

Everybody only wants to know how.

So in this course, we'll ditch all philosophical meanderings about why.

And only focus on the how.

How what?

How to use your watching mind to create the things you want.

Love, money, health, and everything else.

There are three ways we'll learn this.

The basic model of our watching mind is simple.

For most people, data comes in.

The watching mind watches all this data coming in.

Then our mind-body system responds to this data.

And our watching mind watches that happen.

Researchers have found that up to 95% of our behaviors are completely independent from our conscious awareness.

That our conscious self awareness serves as a kind of after-the-fact storyteller.

To come up with stories, with us as the heroes, of why we did what we just did.

This, as you can guess, is very limiting.

We want more control.

And this control will come in three ways.

First, to learn how to use our self aware minds to give meaning to that data that is always flowing in.

So we can decide what it means, instead of our ancient instincts doing the deciding for us.

Second, to create an overall plan for your life.

A direction to go.

And use your conscious mind to pre-frame life as you move through it.

Third, to continue to train in new skills.

Train them into the level of unconscious competence.

Or, newly programmed instincts.

You'll see the data coming, and decide what it means.

You'll be operating through a frame toward your ambitions, so you can preframe all that data.

And you'll respond with newer and more efficient instincts.

This will give you much more control over your life.

A much better and positive frame of mind regardless of the situation.

You'll be one of the few rare individuals NOT sleepwalking through life.

You'll become of the rare few MAKING things happen.

Not one of the sleepwalking majority who watch things happen.

Or are always wondering what just happened.

You'll be the shaper of your reality.

The creator of your future.

The master of your world.

What's Included

Full Manual - Over 150 Pages Of Never Before Seen Ideas

Rapid Learning System - Accelerated Book To Brain Data Transfer

Transfer all information from the book to your brain in minutes.

Three Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax, listen and slide the most critical components of self awareness, reality and skills, into your brain.

Session One is all about the nature of self awareness.

Why this extremely valuable tool is useless if you don't understand it.

How this ancient system can be applied for magnificent results in the modern world.

Session Two is all about preframing reality.

So you can set a course and only find data that helps you get there more quickly and easily.

How to set an intention before you go into any situation.

Session Three is all about continuous skill building.

To create a deep understanding that more skills equals more money, more love, and more of anything that you want.

The secret of easy yet relentless skill building.

Subliminal Sessions

Install the most critical understandings at a deep subconscious level.

One - Proactive Thinker

Give reality whatever meaning you like, even before it happens.

Gain power of choice over unexpected events.

Decide how you'd like to respond before things happen.

Two - Preframing Operator

Choose your life and let your desires frame reality.

Generate such a rock solid frame, reality conforms to you.

Create a sense of control over the uncontrollable.

Three - Continuous Improvement

Create a never ending growth of skills.

Always do better than yesterday.

Feel your true purpose come alive with compelling ambition.

Get this now and maximize your brain.

Get this now and succeed in any economy.

Get this now and dominate within any relationship.

Get this now and leave the wishers and hopers behind.

Get this now and master the game of life.

Get this now and turn your self awareness into your best ally.

Get this now and enlighten yourself a fortune.

Watching Mind