Authority Amplifier

Build The Most Coveted Personal Trait

Learn To Dominate

Learn To Dominate

Authority Amplifier

Build The Most Coveted Personal Trait

I'm George Hutton with Mind Persuasion.

If you've got authority, you don't need much else.

When it comes to getting people to take action, having authority carries far more weight than the halo effect.

For the halo effect to work, you've got to see it.

But for authority to work, you only need to reference it.

In fact, advanced academic research has indicated that referencing authority figures works well in delivering believable information.

See what I did there?

NASA scientists agree that leveraging authority will help you get that hot girls number.

And as long as we're playing around with referencing authority figures to slide ideas into your brain, nine out of ten doctors prefer chunky peanut butter to creamy peanut butter.

OK, now we're getting silly.

But that often used, linguistically slippery "authority leveraging" is so ubiquitous we don't even notice.

The Milgram study showed that 2/3's of people will shock a guy, even when he's begging them to stop, only because some goof in a lab coat said it was OK.

That's how much our brains turn off when we hear an authority figure.

Even if it's referenced.

If you're in advertising, leveraging authority is easy.

If you're writing sales pages, leveraging authority is easy.

But what if you want to BE that authority?

The reason even goofy references to authority work is that authority has been around LONG before our conscious brains.

Humans are self-organizing, hierarchical primates.

The higher up you are, the better everything gets.

But since most people aren't overly ambitious, most people are happy to follow authority figures.

This goes way beyond consciously expressed authority.

Sure, if you're going to give an important presentation, it's good to have somebody introduce you and list all your authoritative accomplishments.

But what if you want to radiate authority?

So people will just know, on a deep and unconscious level, that you are somebody they want to be around?

That you are somebody they want to follow?

That when you speak, their ancient monkey brains want very much to obey?

For most people, the answer is simple.

Wear authority-like clothes.

Drop some authority-like references.

Talk about your authority-type job.

But this is only an external representation of modern authority.

And not a genuine representation.

A weak attempt to fake authority.

What we want is real, genuine, ancient authority.

The kind that radiates from your body language, your walk, your gaze, and the confidence with which you choose your words.

Yes, authority chooses words.

Fake authority spits out random words and hope they stick.

Real, ancient authority doesn't need bling, fancy clothes, or fake descriptions of fake jobs.

Real, ancient, primitive authority just shows up, and radiates authority.

Your authority.

The kind you'll be building with this course.

The kind that must exist on the inside first.

And once it is built strongly on the inside, the outer behavior will be much, much easier.

Think of some of your favorite authority archetypes.

Perhaps James Bond, or somebody else.

Maybe somebody from history.

Do they speak quickly and haphazardly?

Or slowly and deliberately?

When something unexpected happens, do they run around looking for somebody to tell them what to do?

Or do they calmly read the situation, and then simply act.

Not quickly or apprehensively.

Slowly and confidently.

That will be you.

After the coaching sessions and the subliminal programming sessions you'll have access to in this course.

The first coaching session will drill into your brain the absolute importance of having real authority.

You'll know exactly why, the more authority you carry, the better your life will be.

This is the singularly most important variable in all areas of life.

Whatever and however you define success, that success will be much easier the more authority you have.

The second session will teach you a very powerful authority anchoring process.

To create an internal trigger to flood your mind-body system with real feelings of authority.

Fire this trigger before you speak, and people will listen.

Fire this trigger before you make suggestions or recommendations, and people will obey.


Yes, remember Milgram.

People shocked others simply because the authority said so.

Hopefully, you won't be telling people to shock others.

Hopefully, you'll be commanding them to do safer and more enjoyable things.

Like come home with you, buy your product, make you breakfast, or whatever else you want them to do.

In the third coaching session, you'll take a much deeper dive into your self awareness.

To connect your very sense of self to the ancient idea of powerfully irresistible authority.

To build a real, experiential based authority over the most important thing in the world.

Your life, your future, your ambitions.

And through some simple meditative practices, you will be so compelled and drawn to your huge future, absolutely nothing that happens in the day to day will even cause you to blink.

You will learn to accept every single thing, good or bad, as background noise on your way to greatness.

And since most folks are absolutely clueless today, you can choose whomever you want to be lucky enough to go forward in time with you.

Each coaching session is associated with three, one hour, subliminal sessions.

4 voice gamma for your higher mind.

4 voice theta for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

256 voice theta for your deep unconscious.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Authority Generator

To reach back all the way from your earliest memories and collect all instances of authority.

To build your powerful authority instinct, to feel in complete control of every situation.

To program your deep mind to associate authority with every aspect of your self image.

Session Two - Authority Expression

To help bridge the gap between the inner world of power and your outer expressions.

So you speak your words, your expressions of your intentions and desires, as powerfully as possible.

To easily and utterly destroy any authority pretenders with a few simple questions.

Session Three - God Frame

To combine your deep sense of self, your growing sense of authority with a total feeling of command of everything.

Your life, your future, your ambitions.

So when you think about every single day leading up to your greatest dreams, you will see them as mere building blocks.

A sense of total control over relationships, health, and all your financial ambitions.

Three coaching sessions to build and express your dominion over your own life, and all those lucky enough to be included.

Nine hours of powerful subliminal programming to build your authority from the inside out.

The inner foundation of your mind body system that will drive your behaviors.

That will drive the creation of your magnificent life.

Get this now and claim for your life what so many are terrified to.

Get this now and be the leader they've been hoping and praying for.

Get this now and create an ambitious future so compelling it will drown out all the noise and nonsense.

Get this now and feel the ancient power of your ancestors coursing through your veins and driving your subconscious magnetism.

Get this now and tap the most powerful persuasive and seductive power in the universe.

Get this now and create a deep and loving relationship with your most powerful self.

Get this now and become a creator, a builder, a leader and a savior to all you come across.

Learn To Dominate