Conversational Brilliance

Leverage Words For Interpersonal Love

Conversational Brilliance

Conversational Brilliance

Conversational Brilliance

Conversational Brilliance

Leverage Words For Interpersonal Love

Everything we want comes from other people.

Unless of course, you have your own island and you're OK with living off coconuts.

Money, love, respect, admiration, all of these come from other people.

Which means how you interact with those people will determine how much of the good stuff you'll get.

And unless you happen to be telepathic, we need words.

You need words.

Not just randomly chosen words, but effective words.

Elegant words.

Words designed to elicit a specific response from others.

Positive and wonderful emotions in others.

On one hand, this is the easiest thing you'll do.

Stroll up, say hey, and start talking.

Use the right words in the right order and they'll be eating out of the palm of your hands.

On the other hand, if you use the wrong words in the wrong order, you might get kicked in the nuts.

This is the main cause of social anxiety.

Social frustration.

Say the right thing and you'll get some sweet love.

Say the wrong thing and you'll sleep alone forever.

But by getting out of your head just long enough to learn how to do this, you'll soon become a conversational super star.

Conversational Brilliance is really only three basic steps.

Three basic steps you'll learn in this program.

And once you get these three basic steps down, you'll learn to forever increase your conversational brilliance using many advanced techniques that you'll also learn in this program.

Step One - Break The Ice

This is when you shift from not having a conversation to having a conversation.

An easy and natural process that is programmed into everybody's DNA.

Step Two - Relax and Vibe

This is when you talk about whatever pops into your brain.

Without worry, without outcome, without anxiety.

Step Three - Build Pleasure

This is when you use some advanced skills to make them feel better than they ever have before.

Which is the easiest part. 

A strange paradox that you'll learn in this program.

Now, how can you use this simple process?

What will you be able to do?

Once you learn how absolutely easy it is to walk up to anybody, anywhere, anytime and get them feeling like a million bucks?

Because of you?

Who will you use this on?

How will you leverage the wonderful feelings you'll be creating in others?

How quickly will you build your social circle?

How many connections will you make?

For friendships?

For business?

For love?

What's Included

Full Manual - Tons Of Conversational Strategies

Brainwave Driven Rapid Learning - Book To Brain Transfer

All information from the book to your brain in minutes.

Guided Imaginations

Relax and let the light level hypnosis shift your brain to that of a conversational genius.

Session One is all about breaking the ice.

How to shift into the lovely land of words.

Find out why everybody wants to talk to you.

Session Two is about creating a wonderful conversational vibe.

Why this is easy once you stop making the most common mistake.

Turn off this part of your brain and vibe like a boss.

Session Three is how to make them feel better than ever.

The easy conversational direction to go in they'll love.

Why this doesn't require any outcomes or so called "impressive" behaviors.

Subliminal Programming

Relax and let the subliminal sessions fill your mind with conversational love strategies and benefits.

One - Ice Breaker

Start conversations with anybody.

Ditch goofy openers and be yourself.

Make starting conversations second nature.

Two - Conversational Flow

Easily open the flood gates of love.

Gain instant and deep levels of rapport with anybody.

Vibe like a genius with nearly everybody.

Three - Pleasure Maker

Easily lead conversations in happier and happier directions.

Make anybody desperate to see you again.

Increase sales and number acquisitions like a master.

Get this now and turbo charge your social life.

Get this now and increase earnings.

Get this now and make anybody fall in love with you.

Get this now and turn any situation into a party.

Get this now and become a walking love wizard.

Get this now and talk your way into anything.

Get this now and make new friends everywhere.