Conversational Love

Develop True Outcome Independence And Become Irresistible

Conversational Love

Conversational Love

Conversational Love

Develop True Outcome Independence And Become Irresistible

Consider that the idea of outcome independence is really a myth.

That it is impossible to truly be outcome independent.

And the real distinction between the normal conversationalists riddled with social anxiety and the naturals is not being outcome independent.

The real difference is where this outcome lives, in their mind.

Most normal people live in the world of consciously held outcomes.

You want a number, so that's your outcome.

You want to sell something to somebody, that's your outcome.

Even if you see a pretty lady and all you want is to get her to smile, that's your outcome.

Even if it's your first time up on stage at open mic night, your outcome is to get people to laugh.

In fact, consider that every single time you open your mouth to speak, you have an outcome.

The difference is really where this outcome lives, and the importance you place on it.

If you are in the final interview for the job of a lifetime, it's really hard to be outcome independent.

If you are talking to the most gorgeous person you've ever seen, and they hit all your non-physical criteria, it's really, really hard to simply BE outcome independent.

This would be like sitting at the most delicious buffet you've ever seen or smelled, after a four day fast and just BE not hungry.

Once our instincts get involved, it is very, very hard to simply ignore them.

If ignoring our instincts was easy, everybody'd have a six pack.

What does that mean?

Is the idea of outcome independence another one of those impossible targets that gurus try and sell?

No, it is not.

It's kind of like how you can't get rid of a thought in your brain.

At least not how most people think.

You can get rid of a physical thing you don't want by tossing it into the trash can.

But you can't do that with thoughts.

Our brains MUST think of something.

So the only way to not think of something is to PURPOSELY focus our attention on something else.

Similarly, just like our brains MUST think of something, any time we speak we MUST have an outcome.

So we can't really have zero outcome, otherwise we wouldn't be talking.

The secret is to practice a specific outcome that will force all other outcomes out of your mind.

During any conversation.

With any person.

No matter how gorgeous or important they are.

And that outcome, that back pocket, ace up your sleeve, go-to outcome you can purposely create during ANY conversation, has two very, very powerful traits.

One is you can build it as strongly as you want.

And you can do this by yourself, by how you practice thinking about certain things.

Several different ways you'll learn in this course.

But the second aspect of this simple process is how THEY'LL perceive you.

You'll be talking to them, whoever they are, whatever the topic, whatever the reason.

You'll easily switch into this back-pocket, ace-in-the hole thinking process.

This will force all the outcome out of your brain.

This will force your attention on whatever they are saying.

However they are saying it.

Even if nobody is talking.

Even if you're sitting there silently looking into each other's eyes.

You can focus on this go-to thought process so it not only forces all anxiety and worry out of your brain.

But it will make whatever you are looking at seem like a profoundly wonderful mystery of the universe.

All through a pure calm inner state where you are perfectly content with what is happening right then and there.

So your outcome truly is to MAXIMIZE the pleasure of the now.

Without reference to the past.

Without reference to the future.

How will they interpret this?

They will interpret you as having the most profound charisma and frame they have ever experienced.

They will feel such a deep connection, in that moment, to you, it will be better than any experience they've ever had.

When describing this later to their friends, they might reference that one time they had a six hour love making session.

And were both exhausted.

Their blood flooded with post coital hormones and chemicals.

So wonderful that laying in each others arms, lazily gazing into each other's eyes was the only thing that existed in the entire universe.

This is the kind of interpersonal feeling you can give to anybody that you wish to.

For a second, or for an hour, your choice.

Slide into that mind state, relax and look into their eyes.

And amplify that inner state as much as you want, for a second or two, and then pull back.

They'll be stunned.

Whatever thoughts they were getting ready to turn into words will have vanished.

This inner mental "trick' can be flexed as little or as strongly as you like.

As often or as infrequently as you like.

To give them a reward for good behavior, or to simply find your own version of bliss in any pair of eyes that you happen to have access to.

Build this as strongly as you want.

Flex it whenever you want.

This will push out anything that does not belong in the now moment.

Get asked a tough question in a job interview?

Take a breath, flex your brain and send the answer through the most wonderful halo effect they'll ever feel.

Get asked a question by a gorgeous guy or lady that catches you off guard?

Breathe, flex, and then slowly answer however you want.

And you'll pass with flying colors.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions with the theoretical framework upon which to build your deeply and subconsciously mesmerizing conversational skills.

Each coaching sessions comes with three, one hour subliminal sessions on the same theme.

One for your higher mind.

One for your deeper mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious thought.

Coaching Sessions

Session One describes the deep natural communicator that lives in everybody.

The one beneath thought, beneath language, the one that, when accessed and strengthened, will make your personality become more attractive.

The scientific and biological reasons why this is the best and most wonderful part of you.

Session Two is basic, easy, step by step exercises to build in the powerfully attractive skill of outcome independence.

To push out all thoughts and ideas except the words and energy being exchanged.

Combine the exercises in this session with the meditations from the third session, and you'll be the charismatic lover they've been looking for.

Session Three is filled with powerful meditation sessions to find the beauty of your inner mind.

To build your inner muscle of pure, outcome independent appreciation.

Appreciation for your deeper, profound self, and appreciation for whomever you happen to be in a conversation with.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Instinctive Communicator

Program your mind to ditch all non-essential thoughts and vibe with whomever you want to.

See beyond surface level ideas and anxiety and quickly create deep connections with anybody.

Build in the deep belief that you are the most mesmerizing communicator on Earth.

Two - Outcome Independence

Blast away all worries of outcome forever.

Build up such a strong attraction the continuously evolving now you'll never feel the need for anything else.

Destroy all their fears and anxiety simply by your calm and relaxed demeanor.

Three - Love Generator

Find, build and share your inner peace with others.

Share this deep truth only enough to create the levels of love you want in others.

Give the gift of your emotionally wonderful eye contact and break hearts wherever you go.

Get this now and never feel social anxiety again.

Get this now and feel the secrets of pure self acceptance.

Get this now and live life on a higher plane of existence.

Get this now and never be concerned with what to say ever again.

Get this now and become the most beautiful presence to anybody you like.

Get this now and give the wonderful gift of you to the world.

Get this now and share conversational bliss with those you love.

Conversational Love