Deep Structure

Easily Elicit Dream Desires

Deep Structure

Deep Structure

Deep Structure

Easily Elicit Dream Desires

What do I say?

This is the most common cause of anxiety.

When you need to talk to somebody and create a positive impression.

Selling requires you say the right words, right?

Convincing the hiring manager to choose you requires the right words, right?

If you've been flirting with a cutie across the room, that's pretty cool.

But taking it to the next level requires going over and talking to them.

And that means you need to choose the right words, right?

We aren't Vulcans, we aren't robots, we are humans.

Emotional humans.

And if you want to move anybody to action, you need the right words.

Words to create buying desire.

Words to create attraction.

Words to create hiring desire.

This is the general belief.

And it can work.

But it has a very low probability of success.

Selling requires you play the numbers game.

Dating requires you play the numbers game.

Getting a decent job requires you play the numbers game.

But what if there was a better way?

A more effective way?

An easier way?

This is precisely what you will learn in this program.

There are two types of communication.

Two kinds of thinking.

Two ways of translating thoughts into words.

There is the surface structure.

The words up on top.

The words that never do any idea any justice.

Sure, if you happen to be Shakespeare or Walt Whitman, and you wander the Earth flowing emotional bliss into happy ears, you don't have that problem.

But the rest of us mortals do.

We have complex ideas that are hard to express.

Those people we want to feel good have complex ideas that are hard to express.

That is why dating or any emotional relationships are so frustrating.

We try to express our deep structure with surface level words.

They try to express their deep structure with their surface level words.

And if we both suck at it, which is almost always the case, our words and there words miss the mark.

But what happens when you ignore the surface, and instead target their deep structure?

A lot of pretty cool things will happen.

One is since our deep structure is much simpler than any complex surface expressions, you'll never have to remember anything.

Just remember two categories of ideas.

One is the different deep structure components.

Of which there are only a handful.

The second is the five basic ways to think about each structure.

This is not only easy to wrap your mind around, but gives you tons of flexibility.

But even better is it leads to deep conversations about deep topics that few people ever think about, let alone talk about.

And because these will all be based on deep pleasures and future dreams, they will LOVE talking about these things.

But even better, since these are structural ideas, they won't remember much.

They'll only know that they had a conversation with you that was much more enjoyable, much more profound, much deeper than any conversation they've ever had.

This means they'll do ANYTHING to repeat the process.

To see you again.

To do anything they can to keep seeing you again.

To hire you and buy from you.

Again and again.

The process of deep structure communication is pretty easy.

Step one is roll up and say hey.

Talk about whatever people talk about.

The weather, the local sports team, their crappy boss.

Once you hit on any one of these deep structure categories, go deep.

Slide all the way down by asking them simple questions.

Questions they'll enjoy thinking about.

Questions they'll enjoy answering.

Questions that wake up their deep, child-like dreaming mind.

The one that wonders what if.

And because all humans have a built in, ancient cause-effect generator, something wonderful will happen.

The longer they speak and think in terms of fantasy, what-if futures, the more they'll automatically and subconsciously associate those fantasy, what-if future feelings with you.

Easy to remember, simple to practice, but profound in the feelings you will create.

In anybody you want to.

Strangers, friends, bosses, colleagues, parents, kids, anybody.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions, describing human thought, human desires and the most effective human communication.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind to become the most effective, most elegant, most charismatic communicator possible.

Coaching Sessions

Session One teaches you about the reasons behind the seemingly complex emotions that drive all our behaviors.

Why we love dramas that allow us to watch various characters play out these complex emotional interactions in the most pleasing ways possible.

A basic overview of the difference between surface structure language and deep structure desires.

Session Two covers the basic structure of deep desires.

How all our desires can be easily put in just a few, easy to remember categories.

The deep filters we can apply to each single structure to create endless permutations of bliss inducing conversations.

Session Three is all about how to shift easily from surface structure small talk to deep structural bliss.

How to start off any conversation with any stranger and get them feeling and expressing their most powerful fantasies they never knew they had.

How to not only build up their future dreams as brightly as possible, but why they'll subconsciously associate all their dreaming energy with you.

Subliminal Sessions

One - X-Ray Conversationalist

Build in the filters to see the fantasies in everybody.

Develop powerful interpersonal X-Ray vision to quickly find out the most penetrating questions to ask to bring out their most fantastic fantasies.

See far beyond and beneath the false outer shell most people protect themselves with.

Two - Fascination Generator

Build in the belief that you can take any random person and turn them into a fascination machine.

Fascinated with themselves, with life, with their future, and with you.

Quickly eliminate any fear, hesitation or anxiety within anybody you choose to speak with.

Three - Dream Hero

Become the archetypical hero to anybody.

Become the conversational savior and obliterate all their deepest fears and problems.

Get them quickly and naturally associating fantasies of all kinds with you.

Get this now and never worry about what to say again.

Get this now and build a network of life long admirers.

Get this now and be a passion generating conversational super hero.

Get this now and put passion back into any relationship.

Get this now and turn absolute strangers into your biggest fans.

Get this now and become a walking love wizard.

Get this now and create a fantasy social life only few can dream of.

Deep Structure