Forgiveness Generator

Let Go Of The Past And Live Life With Emotional Ferocity

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Forgiveness Generator

Let Go Of The Past And Live Life With Emotional Ferocity

There are two problems with holding onto grudges.

Well, a lot more than two.

One is by blaming others, we give them power over us.

A silly thing to do.

Why would we give power to those we hate the most?

What's the second problem?

When we ourselves are the ones that need to be forgiven.

By us.

These kinds of events, in our past, are so painful we don't even acknowledge them.

It's like having one of those super evil malware on your computer that burrows itself so deeply it can never be found.

Unfortunately, we can't get rid of it by rebooting our mind body system.

Now, before we go on, we need to be clear.

In order to forgive others, in order to forgive ourselves, we don't need to tell anybody what we are doing.

This is something that you can do privately in your own brain.

And keep secret forever.

The actual people involved don't matter.


Because it's not the people that harmed us, or the people we've harmed.

It's the memory of these events that messes us up.

It's the meaning we give to those events that mess us up.

Sure, if you're feeling confident and you want to reach out, feel free.

But you absolutely don't need to.

This will be an inner game process of rooting out the false ideas and emotional junk that is holding you back.

That emotional junk that we subconsciously project out onto the world that keeps us stuck.

This is not a course on freeing yourself emotionally so you can get in touch with your higher self or finally get into heaven.

Yes, those things are important.

But guess what's also important?

Making money, creating happy relationships, having happy sex, and not being afraid of taking a trip through your mind.

To clear out the hidden land mines that may cause your brain to suddenly blow up when your otherwise friendly conversations lead into those hidden triggers.

Sure, you can spend your life avoiding triggers, and telling anybody you meet that some topics are safe while others aren't.

That is an absolutely perfect and absolutely recommended strategy if you are allergic to peanuts or something.

But expecting others to tiptoe around your emotional issues is kind of a stretch.

It's much better, much easier, much more attractive to get in there and eradicate all your emotional issues.

To become a much more open and emotionally attractive person.

Yes, some people are crappy.

And they purposely crap on us just because that's the only thing that makes them feel good.

In this program, you'll learn how to absolutely neutralize your memory of those all-to-common A-holes.

Now you may remember them and feel emotionally frozen.

But once you go through a few of these deep mind reprogramming techniques, their memories will have a much, much different effect.

A funny memory of some really weird guy or gal you used to know.

You'll go on a search and destroy mission and flip around all your negative memories involving all the negative people from your past.

There are three ways to think about revenge.

One is before taking revenge, dig two graves.

That is for those who take revenge passionately and reactively.

The next one is that revenge is a dish best served cold.

This means to take your time, plan it out so their are no witnesses and no evidence.

But the third kind is the kind you'll learn in this program.

The best revenge is to live a successful life.

Which you will be able to do once you murder their memory that's taking up way to much brain processing power.

To become a stone cold assassin of guilt and fear.

To reach into your mind, eradicate those malware bots living deep within your root directory, and reclaim your brain power.

To get more money, more love, and more social admiration.

To turn all those buried land mines into harmless manhole covers.

You'll learn both kinds of necessary forgiveness.

To forgive all the morons who did you harm.

And to forgive yourself for whatever harm you think you did to others or to yourself.

Both of which, as you'll learn in this course, are false meanings, given in the heat of the moment, that absolutely are not true.

Free yourself, leave unnecessary pain and guilt behind, and unshackle yourself from useless burdens that does nobody any good.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions to not only understand why, specifically, it is so hard to let go of guilt and grudges but how specifically to do so.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program your deep mind to create the most emotionally resourceful state of mind possible.

Coaching Descriptions

Session One describes why clinging to both guilt and grudges has strong evolutionary origins.

Why simply letting go of grudges is nearly impossible without understanding their structure.

The ancient reasons we carry around guilt that no longer exist in the modern world, and how to eject it for good.

Session Two is all about grudges, why we refuse to let them go.

The step by step method of destroying and reframing harmful memories so any held grudges and need for revenge simply vanish.

Why forgiveness is an absolute selfish and inside game that is best kept absolutely secret.

Session Three is how to forgive yourself, and forever remove shame and guilt.

The time travel communication technique that will completely change how you remember things.

The memory rewriting and re-imagining technique so you can remember the event without any associated feelings of negativity or guilt.

Subliminal Descriptions

Session One - Emotional Ownership

Program in the deep belief that all of your emotions are under your control.

Forever eject any ideas that other people have any control over your emotional state.

Create a clean slate and build up any emotions you want around any situation or memory.

Session Two - Forgive Others

Learn to rewrite any memory to remove any negative intentions of others.

Take even the most clearly vicious intentions and rewrite them so you remember those actors as cartoonishly silly villains.

Train your brain to remember any villains from your past with laughter instead of fear, hurt or anger.

Session Three - Forgive Self

Go on a search and destroy mission in your brain and remove any guilt from any past actions.

Rewrite those memories to eradicate any negative intentions you may have accidentally associated with your past actions.

Learn to see even your most vicious actions of the past how they really happened, to forever relieve yourself from self-punishment.

Get this now and release both guilt and grudges and look to your future.

Get this now and learn to appreciate all your past actions and leverage them for the best future possible.

Get this now and learn how to live the advice of success as the best revenge.

Get this now and eradicate all hidden memory land mines and move freely through your imagination.

Get this now and create yourself a clean slate over your entire past.

Get this now and feel the future free from subconscious projections of fear, guilt or trauma.

Get this now and reclaim your emotional power.

Free Yourself