Linguistic Love Seeds

Plant Love Seeds In Their Mind And Grow Your Own Love Garden

Love Seeds

Love Seeds

Linguistic Love Seeds

Plant Love Seeds In Their Mind And Grow Your Own Love Garden

How do you make somebody fall in love with you?

Love is such a wonderful thing we'll do anything to create it.

Unfortunately, we humans are also pretty lazy and timid.

This makes us absolute suckers for magic spells and ideas about how to create love.

These magic courses and spells and underhanded trickery are based on two very dangerous misconceptions about love.

The first misconception is that love is under your control.

This is a function of the human ego.

Our irrational desire to control every possible thing we can.

The second misconception is that we can cause love.

Both are wrong, both are dangerous, and both can lead to a life of heartache, loneliness and misery.

Let's be honest.

Think of the last time you had fond feelings for somebody.

Not necessarily love.

Perhaps a crush or something similar.

Something that caused you to very much want to see them again.

So when you did, it was wonderful.

And when it was clear they enjoyed seeing you, it was heaven on Earth.

Imagine that feeling, that memory of them, associated with that deep longing.

How, specifically, was that feeling created?

Did they look at you, say something and BOOM, love happened?

Or did that happen slowly, over time, while you were apart from them?

When you didn't know when you'd see them again.

And you thought about them.

And the more you thought about them, the more you built up an image of them, in your mind.

The more you started to remember only the good things about them.

The times they smiled at you.

The times they laughed at your silly jokes.

How their eyes slightly changed when they gazed in your direction.

A look that could only mean they liked you as much as you liked them.

Love Is An Inside Game

Love was calibrated way back in the days of hunter-gatherers.

When love between men and women had to be strong enough to give the kids a chance to survive.

How did this ancient love develop?

When ancient lovers were apart, and only had their memories of each other to latch onto.

This is how love was meant to be.

An inner experience.

Based on your memories of them.

Based on your interpretations of those wonderful but fleeting moments you spent together.

Love is something that grows in your mind.

Like seeds grow in a garden.

In this program you will learn how to plant love seeds.

Not just in one mind, but in as many minds as you possibly can.

Conversationally planted love seeds that can sprout into gorgeous flowers of attraction and desire.

Not A Once And Done Trick

Ancient love happened very, very slowly because it had to last a life time.

But you can use this same process, reverse engineered for modern times.

The first step is to qualify them to see if their mind is fertile and can give your love seeds a chance.

The second step is to give those love seeds the time they need to sprout, and grow, driven by their fond memories of you.

The third step is to choose from the best of all your adoring potential lovers and choose according to your criteria.

Some may be friends.

Some may turn into business partners.

Some lucky ones may become your lovers.

This is the opposite of how most people operate.

Most people try to create attraction and desire immediately.

And if it doesn't work, they go on to the next target.

You will do the opposite.

You will learn how to plant love seeds in anybody you speak to.

Love seeds, on their own, have nothing to do with love, and everything to do with common human desires.

Desires everybody likes to talk about.

Friends, potential bosses and colleagues.

Even strangers you will never see again.

Once planted, the seeds will grow in their mind.

Once they grow into an attraction driven by their fond memories and interpretations of you, you'll only need to choose.

Choose who is qualified for friendship.

Choose who is qualified for a business relationship.

Choose who is qualified for love and romance.

As many or as few as you want.

What's Included

This program contains three detailed coaching sessions. 

Each coaching session is associated with a subliminal programming session.

Each subliminal programming session comes in three versions.

One hour each.

One for your higher mind.

Perfect for journaling or as a pre-game warmup before any social interactions.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

To take your daily experiences and bring them down into your conscious mind while being bathed in positive statements about your love potential.

One for your deep mind.

To transform your love beliefs on a deep and profound level.

Coaching Sessions

Session One describes the structural process of love.

How love is meant to happen, based on an instinctive understanding of our history.

How to best recalibrate that natural process to best fit into our modern chaotic world of dating.

Session Two explains the love seed planting process in detail.

How to plant happy seeds in their mind within a few minutes of meeting them.

The step by step conversational process that will allow you to do this with the most effectiveness.

And how to give them the time needed to see if your seeds grow into sufficient desire.

Session Three is all about the love cultivation process.

Advanced communication strategies to take somebody with even a slight hint of desire and cultivate that into an irresistible longing for you.

Linguistic techniques, storytelling techniques and behavioral techniques that will make them pursue you as their dream lover.

Advanced qualification techniques to ensure that they are not only interested enough to actively pursue you, but they have all the personality characteristics you need in a romantic partner.

Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Love Engineer

Train in the belief that love is something you can engineer, at will, in anybody.

That you no longer have to wait and hope that it happens.

That love is something that is under your control.

Session Two - Attraction Implantation

Build in the beliefs that, along with the conscious ideas from the training sessions, you can easily and effectively plant attraction in any mind you want.

Attraction that can turn into friendships or business relationships.

Attraction that can develop into the wonderful feelings of romantic love.

Session Three - Relationship Wizard

Train your deep mind that ideal relationships can be created, once you understand the process.

That just like deliberately planting and enjoying a gorgeous garden filled with beautiful flowers, you can deliberately create and enjoy a wonderful relationship filled with beautiful emotional and sexual intimacy.

That with your new understandings and the new beliefs programmed into your mind, you will be a true relationship wizard.

Get this now and master the ancient art of love.

Get this now and deliberately create what all others long for.

Get this now and become a modern master of the modern dating market.

Get this now and be a true player, a true operator, a true lover of those qualified to be with you.

Get this now and fill your social circle with admirers and desperate seekers of your affection.

Get this now and be a wizard of the most coveted emotion of all time.

Get this now and give the gift of your love to the most qualified candidates you can find.

Love Seeds