Leave Behind That Which Inhibits Your Destiny

Start Qualifying

Start Qualifying


Leave Behind That Which Inhibits Your Destiny

Michelangelo famously described his sculpting strategy.

That his job wasn't to create the sculpture from the stone.

His job was to set it free.

When he saw the large stone, he already knew the sculpture was inside.

And the job of creating the sculpture was removing the part that didn't belong.

There are three aspects of life.

The things you want.

The things that will help you get what you want.

And the things that won't.

Most humans cling to things that don't work.

Like the metaphorical crabs cling to the one who tries to escape the mediocrity of being an average crab in an average cage.

Another way to look at life is through the pleasures we choose.

There are short term pleasures and long term pleasures.

Short term pleasures feel good now, but can create agony.

Long term pleasure requires some hard thinking and choosing in the short term, but can create a magnificent life in the long term.

You may even say this is what separates the successful people from the rest.

Anybody can wish for more money.

Anybody can blame economy why it's not their fault.

Anybody can wish for better relationships.

Anybody can blame the dating market why it's not their fault.

It is comfortable on the sidelines of life.

There are a lot of people there.

A lot of gurus selling ideas why it's not your fault that you're on the sidelines.

This is comforting.

This is soothing.

This, unfortunately, is very popular.

But if you want to get what most don't, you're going to have to do what most won't.

Make hard decisions.

Those who are worthy of you, and those who aren't.

The people who will help you, and those who will hold you back.

Even the thoughts in your brain must be ruthlessly qualified.

Some thoughts feel good, but don't help much.

Nobody ever got mad success because they kept thinking lazy thoughts that made them feel good.

In order to get better than you are now, you must become a qualifier.

You must be willing to identify and leave behind that which does not help you move forward.

Ideas, behaviors, beliefs, and even people.

The ideal mindset of a conqueror of life looks at everything through a harsh frame.

Will this help me, or not?

In order to develop the continuous momentum forward to better finances, better relationships, better sex and better health, you must relentlessly and ruthlessly qualify everything.

Will this help me, or not?

You can wish and hope and pray and blame and fill your head with comfortable thoughts, like most everybody else today.

Or you can take control of your mind, your body, your relationships, and your choices and create a life worth living.

Create a life worth admiring.

Create a life that will attract people that will help you.

Even then, you must never cease asking this very harsh question.

The question those stuck in the scarcity mindset will never contemplate.

Will you help me, or not?

People that truly want to be in your life will welcome this question.

People that want you on their business team will welcome this question.

Live life as a qualifier and catapult yourself into the top category of earners, lovers, and operators.

Leave behind all the wishers and hopers and those too terrified to leave the safety of numbers.

Qualify yourself forward, and never look back.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions giving you ideas, inspiration and motivation why you need to start qualifying as soon as possible.

Three different subliminal themes, three versions each, to program your mind to be the most powerfully ambitious human you can be.

Coaching Sessions

Session One describes why you absolutely must qualify both what works and what doesn't in order to live a fulfilling life.

Why being fully adult requires that you qualify every possible thing.

How any kind of success is directly related to your ability to qualify life with extreme prejudice.

Session Two describes how to qualify your way to better and better relationships.

How getting rid of tempting but unhelpful people may be the one thing that separates those winning the love game and those riding on the train wreck of doom.

Why qualifying is the most attractive trait you can cultivate.

Session Three describes how qualifying from a financial standpoint will obliterate all desperation from your mind.

Why the ruthlessly qualifying of all financial decisions and actions is the root of all successful empires.

Why just this mind shift will seem to draw in more business opportunities and partners.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Adult Mindset

See and feel life as being completely under your control.

Be the decider, the actor, the qualifier who determines who is allowed in your life and who isn't.

Blast far beyond those waiting around for others to come in and do the difficult parts.

Two - Romantic Operator

Understand and own all your romantic and sexual decisions.

Program your mind to disqualify those who do not belong in your frame.

Qualify your way to better and better relationships and sexual intimacy.

Three - Financial Operator

Move way beyond the common strategies of waiting and hoping and blaming.

See opportunities few are capable of noticing and make them work for you.

Behave boldly and qualify your way to better and better financial situations.

Get this now and start building your life.

Get this now and catapult your mind to the full responsibility of adulthood.

Get this now and prosper in any economy, no matter how shattered.

Get this now and dominate in any dating marketing, no matter how ugly.

Get this now and leverage the same skill that has been creating empires for millennia.

Get this now and make rational and deliberate decisions for a better life.

Get this now and leave behind that which does not support you.

Start Qualifying