Scarcity Generator

Radiate The Most Attractive Force Known To Humans

Scarcity Generator

Scarcity Generator

Scarcity Generator

Radiate The Most Attractive Force Known To Humans

Everybody knows about scarcity.

Buy now, before supplies run out!

This is the go-to sales method of even the most clueless marketers.


Because it works.

Scarcity is the oldest motivating factor in human history.

The law of scarcity is pretty simple.

All else equal, the more scarce something is, the more we'll want it.

This isn't quite true.

Sure, if you secretly snuck away and lived in a cave, you'd be scarce.

But this won't make you any more attractive.

Scarcity works best when it's combined with a few other ideas.

Namely human desire.

If we want something AND that thing is scarce, the scarcity will make us want it even more.

Even when we know this is a trick, that they've secretly got more widgets hidden in the back, it still works.

Why is this?

Things like scarcity are an instinct.

An ancient instinct that simply cannot be ignored by our relatively weak conscious minds.

We know consciously that we only need to eat a certain amount of food each day. 

We know consciously we should get a decent amount of sleep every night.

But there we are, staying up way past our bedtimes and eating WAY more than we need.

Our ancient instincts are like the Borg.

Resistance is futile.

This is why even though we KNOW we shouldn't call or text too often, we do anyway.

We KNOW that the best way to build attraction in somebody is to make ourselves scarce, but after we demonstrate value.

Show up, say hey, get them feeling good, get the number, and bounce.

Done in the right balance, they'll be wondering about you.

Thinking about you.

Convincing themselves WHY they are thinking about you.

This doesn't just work for dating.

This works for sales, job interviews or any other situation where you want to not only create desire, but to build desire.

Doing this from the outside in is very, very difficult.

Which is why most of us suck at it.

But doing it from the inside out?

Much, much easier.

To behave in a way so you ARE scarce in the minds of others.

Without having to engineer the process.

So the scarcity of you continues to grow.

How Is This Possible?

First, consider the Trifecta of Human Desire.

Perhaps the most motivational force of human nature.

So strong, it caused Sir Isaac Newton, the inventor of Calculus, to lose a fortune.

First, add a little bit of social proof.

This, in itself, creates value.

Then add in a few limitations.

Limitation of availability, time, information.

This creates the irresistible pull of scarcity.

It is socially proofed, so it MUST be valuable.

Valuable and wanted by everybody.

And if we don't act fast, we'll miss out.

These three forces of influence are the same three things that made Newton lose a fortune.

Fear Of Missing Out

What does FOMO imply?

Something is valuable.

That valuable thing is very scarce.

And if you don't get some now, you never will!

Normally, this happens spontaneously, like the market bubble that made Newton to lose his shirt.

But by first building up the right inner game, an inner game that will create a scarcity of YOU, it will be an automatic outcome.

An automatic outcome of your behavior.

An automatic outcome of your frame.

An automatic outcome of your conversational style.

You won't be the guy hanging on every word hoping for a happy ending.

You won't be the guy checking his phone every three minutes to see if they've texted.

You won't be the guy begging the interviewer to please give you a chance.

Your natural behaviors, frame and very subtly radiated criteria will be a filter.

A filter through which only the highest quality people will be allowed through.

Just seeing you from across the room will create FOMO.

In others, for you.

You will radiate the movements, the gestures, and the non-verbal energy of a scarce, and highly valued person.

A person who doesn't waste your two precious resources on just anytime.

Your time and your attention are only spent on high quality candidates.

If you decide to speak with them, they'll know they only have few precious moments to impress you.

Whether they are a potential friend, colleague, company or romantic interest.

They will feel the FOMO radiating off you and do ANYTHING to get some of you.


What's Included - Coaching Sessions

This program has three coaching sessions.

Session One is all about scarcity, its many forms and manifestations.

Why scarce people only need to do is show up and say hey, and everybody else will do all the work to qualify themselves to you.

Why the frame of scarcity is one of the best ways to see how you live your life now, and how to continue to increase your value for as long as you live.

Session Two is all about building an inner game of scarcity.

Not the scarcity mindset that leads to begging and hoping.

The inner game of scarcity that will help you build the most valuable inner core you possibly can, and guard it with your life.

The one thing to build from the inside that will always be more important than any human you could possibly meet.

Session Three is about outer game.

How to interact with people to imply massive scarcity even if you are desperate and trembling on the inside.

A insanely powerful practice skill you can learn that will significantly skyrocket the quality of people you allow in your life.

The simple phrase to say when making any request that will make everything easier.

What's Included - Subliminal Sessions

Each coaching session has associated subliminal sessions.

One theme with three variations, an hour each.

One hour for your higher mind, one for the boundary between conscious and unconscious, and one for your deeper mind.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Valuable Human

Build in the beliefs of your deep and ever increasing value.

Start with a rock solid core of self value to build upon your ever increasing scarcity.

Train your deeper mind to qualify everybody, and never beg or hope or wish for anything again.

Session Two - Ambition Generator

Build such a strong ambition so powerful every other human will pale in comparison.

Create such a strong subconscious desire for your own ambition, everybody, no matter how famous or wealthy or gorgeous will feel the need to compete for your attention.

Feel such a strong and compelling magnetic pull toward your own future that everybody you meet will beg to be included.

Session Three - Coveted

Combine inner and outer game to make anybody you meet be desperate to stay in your social circle.

Generate such a magnetically attractive subconscious energy that everybody will be on their best behavior.

Become the chooser, the qualifier, the one whose tests they will hope to pass.

Get this now and recalibrate how you think about yourself and how you live your life.

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Get this now and live the life of the virtuous cycle, so everything you do makes everything better.

Get this now and make others qualify themselves to you.

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Scarcity Generator