Sigma Game

Master The Most Attractive Masculine Traits

Sigma Game

Sigma Game

Sigma Game

Master The Most Attractive Masculine Traits

Most people do what most people do.

This has been, unfortunately, proven again and again.

We are, after all, self organizing, hierarchical monkey people.

Most everybody chases status.

No matter how fake or temporary it is.

In the dating game, guys chase status.

And girls chase guys that chase status.

At least most people.

But some people are different.

Because you understand this, you are different.

Because you've experienced this, you are different.

You don't feel quite right chasing fake status for fake reasons.

You don't feel quite the same pull of endless frame battles about topics nobody really cares about.

You know this about yourself.

And guess what?

The ladies know this about you as well.

They feel that something is not quite the same with you.

That you aren't like all the others.

The frame battling status chasers hoping desperately to impress people.

And up until now, you may not have understood why you are the way you are.

In this course, you'll understand why.

Not only why, but how to leverage this in ways most men can't even dream about.

You see, women see you.

They know you are different.

They know you don't chase fake status like other men do.

They can sense that you are chasing something far more important.

Even more important than them.

And this creates an unsolved puzzle in their brain.

That is, to them, both maddening and intriguing.

Because they can't figure you out.

They don't know why you don't slobber all over the place desperate for their attention.

That you really don't care of she likes you or not.

And this makes them even more desperate for you.

But this presents a problem.

Both for them and the unenlightened sigma male.

Women rarely approach.

Women rarely get the ball rolling.

The best they can do is send signals.

So while they are desperately attracted to you, they feel stuck.

Unable to act on that desire.

Enter Sigma Game

In this course, you'll learn how to leverage their desire.

For you, normal game techniques don't work.

For you, you need much less.

For you, it's a matter of getting them to qualify themselves to you.

Not just once, but at every step of the process.

From the first hello to wherever you want to lead them.

One mistake on their part, and they're gone.

You don't need to say this, but they'll feel this.

They'll feel that you are far to busy to chase girls who play games.

You are valuable.

Your life is valuable.

You are going places, driven by your ancient male ambition few possess today.

This is what you'll learn in this course.

What's Included

Coaching Sessions

Seven themes describing the traits of a true sigma male.

Two sessions per theme.

The first session describes the trait itself.

The second session explains how to strengthen the most attractive aspects of each trait.

One - Non Conformity

The true sigma male doesn't blindly follow the crowd.

He makes his own decisions for his own reasons.

Two - Resistant To Hierarchies

The sigma male doesn't waste time on useless and inconsequential frame battles.

Sigma males do not chase status just for the sake of status.

Three - Adaptability

Sigma males can adapt to any situation.

Sigma males understand that true adaptability is the path to success in all areas.

Four - Self Priority

The sigma male would never put himself and his needs lower than others.

Sure, sometimes this can be strategic and beneficial, but sigma males know that they are the most important person.


Five - Self Sufficiency

The sigma male knows how to get it done.

When things go sideways, sigma males know they have nothing to worry about.

Six - Love Being Alone

Sigma males don't fret when they don't find themselves at the center of attention.

A sigma male would rather spend time working on his master plan for life, rather than waste time on random conversations about random things with random people.

Seven - Not Moved By Attention

Sigma males don't chase validation for the sake of validation.

They know this is a game that never ends.

If a sigma male gets any attention, it's for their valuable contributions to society.

Subliminal Blasts

Associated with each theme is a powerful anchoring process.

First you'll be guided to remember a time in the past when you fully felt and leveraged any one of these traits.

Then you'll be instructed to build a specific anchor.

Then the feeling, the anchor and the positive sigma male trait will be combined with a brief blast of positive subliminal statements.

Then later, when you need any anchor to any of these powerful sigma male traits, fire your anchor and away you go.

The combinations and permutations of these anchors are essentially infinite.

Attach as many anchors to one trait as you like.

The more of these tools you'll build into your sigma male toolbox, the easier it will be to master the art of love and master the game of life.

Get this now and master social interactions.

Get this now and understand who you really are.

Get this now and become a heroic hacker of love.

Get this now and operate freely within the world.

Get this now and get X-ray vision into social behavior.

Get this now and never feel confused again.

Get this now and dominate life and everything in it.

Sigma Game