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Slippery Slope Language

Easily Slide Ideas Into Any Mind

Reality is based on laws.

Not randomness.

You don't put chocolate cake batter into the oven and expect it to turn into anything other than chocolate cake.

The laws of science are why we can invent things like pogo sticks and microwavable burritos.

Einstein famously said God does not play dice with the universe.

Things do happen for a reason.

And those reasons fall under a causal system.

The entirety of science is based on understanding what causes what and in which order.

If science didn't hold up, you might put a frozen pizza in your microwave and get out a pair of shoes.

That would be just crazy!

But when it comes to logic, there are two basic kinds.

The logic of science and mathematics.

The kind that is really hard to understand and study.

Then there's the logic that exists inside our brains.

The kind that drives our thinking.

The kind that often times, doesn't seem to make any sense whatsoever.

This is the kind that allows us to lecture each other about how causation and correlation are two different things.

It's the kind of slippery logic that allows us to connect two things together than don't have anything to do with one another.

But this same kind of pseudo logic can be used to create wonderful slippery slopes.

This is what makes stories and movies so interesting.

A great movie or story grabs our interest and won't let go.

One thing leads to another, and pretty soon we're hanging on for dear life.

This is the same emotional flow that makes music so compelling.

A hook, a melody, a few emotionally moving chord progressions and when it finishes we feel fantastic.

This slippery slope of emotions is also what's used to write million dollar sales pages.

It's no secret why the best sales pages are written like stories.

They leverage the emotional-pseudo-logic chain in our brain.

That makes sliding from one idea to the next feel so natural.

This is also the same structure of those free flowing conversations.

Even though they don't go anywhere, with the right person under the right context, they feel fantastic.

You say something, and it makes them feel a certain emotion.

They feel something, they are reminded of something, and they say something.

The longer this natural back and forth goes, the better you feel.

Ideas swirling around in a wonderful rhythm like birds in a flock.

Absolutely chaotic and unpredictable, yet beautiful to watch and experience at the same time.

Here's the good part.

With just a little bit of understanding of our basic human emotions, the things we want, and the things we don't want, you can take those randomly flowing conversations and turn them into beautiful symphonies of wonderful ideas.

And you won't have to wait to get the ball rolling.

With the slippery slope language skills you'll learn in this program, any human with a brain, a mouth and a couple of hears can be a source of pleasure.

Since our brains are natural idea sliders to begin with, it's just a matter of adding just a little bit of intention here a bit of attention there, and you'll be happily sliding all over the place.

Most of us talk with way too much conscious brain.

Like an uptight scientist trying to create the perfect resonance by measuring every single variable he can.

But the same outcome can be created WITHOUT knowing anything about science.

Put a little kid on a swing, or if you're brave enough, get on a swing yourself.

The mind-body-swing system suddenly starts creating some FANTASTIC oscillations.

Those beautiful birds in a flock have no idea what they are doing, yet it is magnificent to watch none the less.

The person you choose to use your newfound slippery slope language with won't have any idea what's going on either.

But they will feel magnificent none the less.

The more you carefully calibrate the process, the more you can lead them to happier and happier places.

And their own brain will start to naturally make connections.

The naturally flowing positive ideas in the conversation and you.

They won't likely notice this consciously, they'll just notice that there is something about you.

Or something about your product or service.

The more you naturally point your slippery slope skills towards better and better feelings, the more they'll be sliding their brains closer and closer to your ideas.

What's Included

In the coaching session, you'll learn the nuts and bolts of the slippery slope communication process.

The three things you need to practice to become fluent in slippery slope language.

So all you'll need to do is have an intention, conscious or unconscious, and let loose with your lovely language.

Friends, lovers and strangers will have their brains happily resonating with whatever ideas you'd like to slide on in there.

Pseudo logic, logical linguistic changes, assumptions of cause and effect, and the powerful yet incredibly simple idea of verbally pacing and leading.

To start from wherever they are, and lead them to wherever you want them to be.

As enjoyable as a little kid will naturally maximize his or her fun on the swing set.

You'll also have a wonderful, two part hypnosis session.

The first half starts with you contemplating a few open ended questions.

Then you'll be guided all the way down to a deep state for learning.

Learning about slippery slopes and how it is a natural and enjoyable part of thinking and speaking.

The more you tune your mind to this kind of language and persuasion, the more you'll see opportunities everywhere.

Leave silly objections behind for good and slide them into any decision you'd like.

Get this now and make any conversation with anybody a pleasant ride into deeper and deeper pleasure.

Get this now and leave rational arguments behind and leverage the emotional flow of bliss to better conversations and better times.

Get this now and enjoy every conversational opportunity like kids enjoy every playground.

Get this now and become a leader of thought, a creator of pleasure and speak the naturally slippery slope language of love.

Get this now and leave a resonating note of delight in any happy brain you come across.

Get this now and leave a trail of happy memories and longing hearts wherever you go.

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