Weaponized Hypnosis

Your Mind Is Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Shot!

Defend Your Mind

Weaponized Hypnosis

Subliminal Programming

Defend Your Mind

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Defend Your Mind

Weaponized Hypnosis

Your Mind Is Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Shot!

You know the feeling.     

You're sitting in your office at work, or hanging out with your friends.     

Everything's going fine until.    

Somebody shows up and says something.     

Maybe they make a very subtle comment.     

Maybe they ask a favor.     

Maybe out slips a remark about something you said or did earlier.     

You don't know why, but you feel under attack.    

You Can't Say Anything

No matter what you say, they just look at you as if you're crazy.     

"What are you talking about?" 

Your friends all look at you as if you're imagining things.     

Maybe you've even been told once or twice:

"You're just too sensitive!"

The Surface Level Myth

Humans have been around for a long, long time.     

Only recently have we developed spoken language.     

Studies show that the verbal part of our language, the actual words we say, only make up about ten percent of our communication.    

What's Everything Else?

Everything else is the energy.     

The total of all our non-verbal communication.     

The same collection of non-verbal communication used by lower primates.     

Lower primates that use that energy to take care of one another, and to send deadly messages to one another.    

You're Reading Way Too Much Into What I Said!

Have you ever heard that? 

It's a very clever, and up to now, a seemingly perfect tactic.     

The reason is it works beautifully.     

And very deadly.     

It's a way to insult somebody, and not get caught insulting somebody.    

Deceptive Humans

A curve ball is a deceptive tactic by a skilled pitcher.     

The batter sees the pitch coming, and it looks like it's going to be inside.     

Out of the strike zone.     

A ball.     

So he doesn't swing.     

Enter The Curve

But then the ball curves just at the last nano-second, touching the corner of the plate.     

The umpire calls a strike.     

The batter stands there, looking and feeling like an idiot.     

Most of the fans watching wonder why he didn't swing at such a fat pitch.     

Only experienced batters know what it feels like.    

But some curve balls are much deadlier.     

Much more wicked.     

Instead of curving back toward the plate, the curve toward the batter.     

These are very rare, and they are the kind of pitches that clear both benches and end up with physical violence.     

The trick is to convince the batter that the ball is just going to brush by him, so he just stands there.     

But at the last nano-second, the ball curves not toward the plate, but toward the batter.    

The Structure Of Covert Insults

This is what happens when you get a subtle insult.     

The insult energy is there, but on the surface, it seems just like a regular statement.     

So when you get upset, and try and call them on it, they can believably say:

"Dude, I didn't mean anything by it, chill out!"

Not only did they insult you, but they tricked you into making yourself look ever worse.     

Just like tricking a batter into leaning into a pitch.     

Malicious, vicious and evil.    

No Defense

Some people do this very, very well.     

They know how to use their words with extreme viciousness, but at the same time appear to be normal and even friendly.     

They are so skilled with their subtle insults they are only felt by their target.     

It's like they have a way of freezing time, punching you in the face, and then stepping back as if nothing happened.    

This Is Sparta!

A much more important line from the movie, "300," was, "Come and take." 

This is what King Leonidas said to the Immortals when they told him to lay down their weapons.     

They said if they surrendered peacefully, they wouldn't be killed.     

But they would not only have to surrender their weapons, they would have to surrender their property as well.     

Their farms.     

Their homes.     

Their way of life.    

Molon Labe

This is Greek for, "Come and take." 

It is what is written on the statue which stands today at Thermopylae, where the historical battle took place.     

This simple statement represents a deep and instinctive feeling of territoriality that exists in all mammals.     

One that says this area belongs to me.     

You are not getting it without a fight.    

It means to your enemies that this property is your property.     

This land belongs to you, and you not simply going to hand it over to whoever comes asking.     

If they want it from you, they are going to have to take it from you.     

When it comes to mental invasions, some are very skilled in this black art.    

Easy Invasions

The people that are gifted in subtle insults are doing nothing less than invading the sanctity of your mind.     

They are reaching in, causing a slight amount of emotional and psychic pain, and then stepping back with a smile on their face.     

And nobody knows but you and them.    

Defend Your Mental Sovereignty

This course will teach you three levels of deadly defense.     

Three ways to calmly identify your attacker.     

To look between the words for the hidden insults wrapped carefully in the surface structure pleasantries.     

Three levels to stop them dead in their tracks.     

First Level Warning

This is the most subtle level of defense.     

This when you instantly pull out the embedded insult, even if it isn't spoken (which it rarely is) and calmly ask them why they believe it's true.     

You'll learn to do so in a way that is totally open and neutral.    

Energy Killing Questions

No matter how skilled they are in hiding their insults or embedding the negative ideas, you will remain neutral, in your mind, and in the mind of all the observers.     

To the people watching, it will seem like an honest and simple question on your part.     

They won't even know what's happening.     

But your enemy will.    

Instant Retreat

These simple questions will take whatever vicious energy they've hidden inside their pleasant sounding sentences and slam it right back at them, like a skilled Aikido Practitioner.     

They will know that you know.     

And they will be terrified.     

What they've been doing their whole life without a second thought will be laid open for all to see.    

Negative Energy Destruction

Just like one punch to the nose of a school yard bully will send him crying in the other direction, these simple questions will make your enemies think twice before treating you with anything but absolute respect.     

Secondary Effects

Just asking these simple questions will give you a powerful reputation.     

Somebody who is strong and intelligent.     

Somebody who has a powerful frame.     

Somebody who does not take anything from anybody.     

And it will all happen unconsciously.    

Second Level Defense

Ninety percent of the time, these simple and very neutral questions will work wonders.     

You'll quickly get a reputation that sends any potential enemy running.     

It will make them fear speaking to you.     

Your enemies will be terrified of you, and your friends will love you a thousand times more.     

But let's be realistic.     

There are some folks who enjoy hurting others, and they try very hard to do so.     

For these, we have a second level.     

And they are not defensive.     

They are offensive.     

They are deadly.    

One Liners Of Death

These simple phrases and sentences will absolutely and instantly destroy the confidence and self-assuredness of even your most vicious enemies.     

It's recommended you don't say these in front of others.     

The danger of collateral damage is too great.     

Get them alone, look them in the eye, and say just one of these.     

And they will tremble in fear.    

Absolute Plausible Deniability

These short sentences of emotional destruction are so powerful, so deadly, that even if they run around and tell everybody what you just said, they will look like they've gone insane.     

They are both deadly and vague, so even if they run to your boss, by the time they get there, they will have forgotten the words.     

But the deep fears will remain.    

Self Defense Tactics

If you study martial arts, you may study it for many reasons.     

Self growth.     


Mental focus.     

But if you study self defense just for self defense, you want to know what works and you want to know it quick.     

Vulnerable Parts

All humans are very vulnerable in certain areas.     

That's why pure self-defense teaches things like eye gouges, groin kicks and elbows to the throat.     

There are no points for sportsmanship or style.     

There is only fight or flight.     

Or in the case of self-defense, there is fight (kick the guy in the nuts) and then there is flight (run!).    

Weaponized Language

These one liners are exactly the same.     


Deadly because they hit the most vulnerable parts of their ego.     

Only use these in extreme emergencies, when you positively, absolutely need your enemy to be mentally incapacitated.    

Level Three

These are best only to be used as practice.     

Only to know them so you can use them if you need to.     

These are the equivalent of using deadly force to protect your home and loved ones from attack.     

Three hollow-points to the chest of a home invader.     

They are based on very powerful hypnotic technology.     

The same hypnotic technology you can use to sell $50,000 items to people who are just looking.     

The same hypnotic technology you can use to get people to forget the number three.     

The same hypnotic technology you can use to create intense sexual fantasies in the minds of your soon-to-be lovers.    

Hypnotic Nightmare Installation

You will learn the basic delivery techniques.     

How to use your voice tone and gestures.     

How to use your pauses effectively.     

You'll be given seven fully written hypnotic nested loops that will install absolute terror in the minds of your enemies.    

Life Ruining Technology

Just like ramming your keys into the eyeball of a would-be-rapist will forever damage his physical health, these hypnotic horror patterns will forever damage their mental health.     

Ideally, you will never, ever have to even think about using these.     

Insanity Generation

These patterns will create a deep and lingering horror in the mind of your enemies.     

And by using the powerful hypnotic technology, you will be attaching that horror to everything they hold dear.     

Their homes.     

Their friends.     

Their idea of themselves.    

Insane Self Confidence

Once you practice these well enough to deliver them, you will have amazing confidence.     

No human will ever cause you fear again.     

Nothing anything that anybody can ever say will cause you any amount of emotional discomfort.     

With these deadly skills of weaponized hypnosis, your mind will belong to you, and only you.    

Biker Bar Example

Imagine, now, if you walked unarmed into a bar filled with angry bikers.     

You might feel a little less than comfortable.     

The equivalent of learning these hypnotic patterns of death would be like strolling into a biker bar with a shotgun.     

Nobody would even want to look at you wrong.    

Trespassers Will Be Shot!

You will have complete control over the sovereignty of your mind.     

No one will ever think twice about invading your mental space again.     

Three levels of defense to keep any enemies far away from your most precious resource.    

What's Included

Step by step coaching sessions, filled with the powerful language patterns.     

The drills you need to do in order to recognize their hidden insults, so you can lay them bare and calmly demand they explain themselves.     

The one liners of destruction that will make them want to never to see you again.     

Seven fully written hypnotic loops of mental destruction to vaporize their sanity.    

Why Learn Weaponized Hypnosis

The Necessity of Defensive Language

Why Assertive Communication Isn't Enough

The Ancient Strategy of Dominance

Where To Use

Never Be Insulted Again

End Relationships Cold

Send Stalkers Fleeing In Panic

Destroy Subtle Slams

Jack Up Confidence

Non-Verbal Domination

Powerful Communication Energy

Step By Step Explanations

Know Exactly Why They Work

Understanding Faulty Human Memory

Leveraging Improper Maps Of Reality

Taking Advantage Of Shaky Attack Strength

Ancient Social Status Instincts

Why Might Makes Right

How To Defeat Might Makes Right

How To Knock Even The Mightiest Off Balance

How To Notice Implied Domination

How To Defeat Implied Domination

Simple Questions That Send Them Packing

The Undefeatable Neutral Gaze

The Unbeatable Neutral Stance

The Unanswerable Neutral Response

Subtle Dominance Games

How To Instantly Evaporate Negative Energy

Rapidly Vaporize Their Power

Digging Beneath the Surface

The Most Vicious Language Pattern

Uncovering Embedded Insults

Defending Against Embedded Insults

Disarming Embedded Insults

Leveraging Common Human Fears

Deadly Ego Attacks

Generate Instant Fear

Create Deepening Worry

Install Unending Anxiety

How To Install Positive Beliefs

Develop X-Ray Understanding

Read Everybody's Mind

See Their True Intentions

When To Go Beyond Defensive

How To Effectively Hit Back

Leverage Common Human Fears

One Liner Ego Destruction Patterns

One Liner Anxiety Installation Patterns

One Liner Worry Amplification Patterns

How To Identify and Manage Enemies

Make Your Enemies Behave The Way You Want

Slowly Turn Your Enemies Into Friends

Collect Their Most Sensitive Areas

Powerful Verbal Assaults

Stories That Install Deep Horror

How To Make Them Wish They'd Never Met You

Absolute Plausible Deniability

Never Be Found Out

Get Everybody On Your Side

Secret Strategies Of Mental Destruction

Destroy Their Happiness

Wipe Their Memory

Give Them Nightmares

Create Havoc In Their Mind

Embedded Terror In Their Dreams

Hypnotic Horror Stories

Collective Mental Destruction Techniques

Serial Killer Pattern

They'll Think Everybody Is A Killer

They'll Fear Their Friends

Deep Mistrust For Neighbors

The Closet Pattern

They'll Be Terrified At Home

They'll Never Sleep Again

Their Life Will Unravel

Cannibal Rats Pattern

Terrified Of Sounds

Natural Beauty Becomes Terrifying

Deep Mistrust Of Everybody

Satanic Murders Pattern

They'll Fear The Thought Of You

They'll Be Horrified Of Your Voice

They'll Tremble At Your Name

Memory Wipe Pattern

They'll Forget Their Identity

They'll Collapse Professionally

Instant Outcast 

Public Torture Pattern

They'll Believe Everybody Is A Killer

Instant Self Destruction

Sucker Punch Pattern

They'll Fear You Completely

They'll Avoid You Forever

They'll Wish They Never Met You

Easy Practice Tips

Just Knowing Gives You Massive Confidence

Get this now and never be insulted again.

Get this now and sharpen your linguistic skills.

Get this now and become a verbal assassin

Get this now and explode your confidence.

Get this now and dominate all social situations.

Defend Your Mind

Weaponized Hypnosis

Subliminal Programming

The main course gives you the surface level linguistic skills to destroy your enemies.      

As mentioned before, ninety percent of our communication is the energy underneath the words.      

The words themselves are powerful enough.      

If you practice the patterns in the course, just in front of a mirror, you will gain an incredible amount of confidence.      

But when you combine the deep belief in yourself and the deadly confidence these subliminal sessions will install, you will be an unstoppable weapon of linguistic death.     

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.      

Higher mind, where you know what's happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.     

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.      

Listen to these sessions when studying or practicing the techniques.      

Any one of them will make you feel like a shark swimming in a sea of tasty seals.      

These are perfect when you are on your way to any social situation where you'll be meeting people, or before situation where you might meet a potential enemy.      

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds.      

Theta is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.      

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.      

Choose an appropriate visualizing and let the sounds do the rest.     

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.      

A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about the your powers of mental obliteration.      

Create the visualization based on the instructions in the listening guide, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blends of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you in a deep sleep, where your mind will be resonated on a deep level.     

Session Descriptions

Belief Obliteration

Absolutely and instantly crush anybody who comes at you with a half-baked idea.      

Silently reach in and vaporize the minds of religious zealots, unwanted salespeople and those with oppressive political ideas.      

Keep your mind free from clutter and maintain your mental sovereignty.     

Destroy Imposing Beliefs

Keep Your Mind Clean

Immediately Eradicate Falsehoods

Never Accept Lies Again

Devastate Illogical Suggestions

Extinguish Invalid Requests

Never Be A Sucker Again

Win Any Argument With Ease

Develop Unshakeable Conviction

Force Others To Use Facts

Realize Infinite Emotional Stability

Deadly Energy

Project an unstoppable sense of power and self control.      

Take in a slow, deep breath and watch them crumble in fear.      

Radiate micro-non-verbal communication that projects your confidence and energy.     

Develop The Gaze Of Death

Look At Them Passively And Watch Them Crumble

Control Others With Body Language

Eradicate Arguments With Ease

Destroy The Most Belligerent Opponents

Deadly Subconscious Power

Hit Them With Vicious Pauses

Unleash Terrifying Tonality

Sit Back While They Destroy Themselves

Others Nervous Around You

Unshakeable Sense of Self

Dominating Presence

Be the center of attention in any room.      

Prepare to speak and feel the hush of silence as they wait.      

Destroy any attacks before they begin with a stare of unstoppable domination.     

Command Entire Rooms With Body Language

Persuade With Few Words

Stun Them With A Smile

Use Gestures That Make Them Weep

Make Powerful People Submit

Always Alpha In Every Situation

Others Beg For Your Approval

Infinite Confidence

Eradicate All Self Doubt

Always Own Your Space

Powerful Concentration

Imposition Elimination

Smash unwanted requests and suggestions.      

Obliterate attempted manipulations before they begin.      

Never agree to anything unless they've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt why it's in your best interest.     

Destroy Unwanted Approaches

Liquidate Unwanted Requests

Never Be On The Hook Again

Make Silly Questions Self Destruct

Pre-Manipulation Destruction

Become Impervious To Insults

Own Every Second Of Your Time

Demand They Justify Your Attention

Require They Demonstrate The Value To You

Be A Salesperson's Worst Nightmare

Back Them Down With A Glance

Neutral Responder

Remain calm and collected no matter how emotional they get.      

Maintain your center and intellect to respond with strategic power and intelligence.      

Never be put off balance again.      

Be the adult to their child.     

Always Remain Calm

Never Let Them Get To You

Maintain Total Evenness

Always Control Your Emotions

Maintain Relaxed Assertiveness

Save Your Energy For Important Matters

Make Any Imposer Feel Foolish

Always Maintain Presence Of Mind

Powerfully Persuasive

Irresistibly Seductive

Easily Destroy The Strongest Frames

Unbreakable Frame

Make your view of the world the dominant one wherever you are.      

Get them to voluntarily ditch their beliefs just to speak with you.      

Create a reputation of deep respect and admiration.     

Never Lose An Argument

Always Be In Control

Others Beg To Enter

Win The Most Complex Arguments

Ever Present Social Domination

Always Ruler Of Your World

Talk Your Way In Or Out Of Any Situation

Be Treated With Utmost Respect

Radiate Royal Energy

Instantly Capture Their Attention

Speak Words That Alter History

Verbal Assassin

Obliterate any targets with ease.      

Crush their belief systems, their memories, or even their identity with deadly precision.      

If they come at you with insults intended to harm you or your reputation, return fire with deadly and obliterating force.     

Quickly Destroy Their Minds

Obliterate Their Confidence

Crush Their Beliefs

Generate Deep Fear In Their Heart

Abolish Any Ill Intentions

Instantly Make Them An Outcast

Exterminate Any Desire To Harm

Freeze Their Brains Mid-Sentence

Demolish Their Self Respect

Instant Elimination From Your Life

Permanent Mental Erasure

Master Mix

Use to balance your destructive powers or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once.      

Use to resonate your inner assassin throughout your entire being.      

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Pre-Game Confrontations

4V Theta Master - Quick Reprogramming

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Steady Growth In All Areas

Extreme Self Confidence

Make A Mental Stand

Never be taken advantage of again.      

Send imposers packing, never to come back.

Take control of your mind and your time.      

Get this now and free your valuable mental resources.     

Line In The Sand

Let them know that you will no longer passively take any attacks, no matter how subtle or vicious.      

Let everybody know that your mental space is private property, and you will defend it with extreme prejudice.     

Get this now and develop a rock solid frame of unstoppable power.

There Are No Rules

If somebody hits you, you can call the cops.      

But if somebody delivers a deadly emotional blow, there is only you and them.      

Take control back from the world and maintain your dominance and authority.      

Let the world know who's in charge of your thoughts.     

Get this now protect your most precious resource.

Defend Your Mind